Park City, Utah

Lacey Danson sniffled as she unlocked her apartment door. She'd just been fired from her job at the bank, and couldn't remember the last time she'd ever been so humiliated. She had totally screwed up that old lady's account, and she felt terrible about it. She had begged her boss to give her a second chance but he wouldn't have it.

Now she was jobless during the time of a sucky economy, and would probably be homeless within the month.

Lacey sighed and entered her apartment. She didn't have time to hang up her coat before the love of her life came bounding down the hall to see her.

"Maxie!" Lacey exclaimed, scooping up the little tan and white longhaired Chihuahua.

Maxie licked Lacey's cheek as she shook with excitement in her arms and Lacey laughed.

"I can always count on you to brighten my day," Lacey said, hugging the dog close to her neck.

Maxie yapped once and Lacey carried her into the kitchen. "You hungry? I'm going to pour some food for you right now."

Once in the kitchen, Lacey placed Maxie next to her food bowl mat and told her to sit. The dog, for once, stayed put and watched as Lacey poured her food into her pink dog bowl.

"There you go." Lacey smiled as she placed the bowl down in front of Maxie.

The dog just stared up at her. There was a strange look in Maxie's eye, and Lacey suddenly got an eerie feeling looking down at her beloved pet.

Ignoring it, she got down on her hands and knees and scooped a few pieces of kibble into her hand.

"Maxie," she cooed, "Look, it's your favorite. The chicken flavored kibble. Come on. You must be hungry- you're always hungry."

Without warning, the little dog jumped at Lacey's jugular and tore through it.

Thirty seconds later she was chewing on kibble lying next to her dead owner's head.

"When did Bobby say he was meeting us here?" Dean asked his brother Sam Winchester.

"He should be here soon," Sam replied.

Bobby Singer had called them the day before about a hunt he was on. He hadn't given them many details, only that he thought there was more than one of whatever he was hunting and that he could us their help. Since Sam and Dean had finished the ghost hunt they'd been on in Arizona, they agreed to meet him at the Summer Motel on the eastside of town the next afternoon.

Right on time, for once, Bobby pulled up in the parking spot next to the Impala in one of his rusty salvaged cars.

Dean and Sam slid out of the front seat of the Impala at the same time Bobby got out of his.

"Hey, Bobby," Sam and Dean greeted their close friend.

Bobby nodded. "Sam, Dean."

Dean and Sam smiled.

"So what's going on in this town?" Dean inquired.

"I've been out interviewing a couple witnesses," Bobby began. "At first I thought there were werewolves in town, but the hearts weren't missing. The victims were mauled, so I thought maybe a black dog. After interviewing witnesses though, and after this morning's recent news, I think we may be dealing with skin walkers."

"Great," Dean sighed. "What is the skin walker community planning now?"

"I don't know if they're planning anything," Bobby said. "What I think I know is a whole pack of them have been living here for years and started killing people all of a sudden."

"What was the morning news?" Sam quizzed.

"A bunch of them have been captured by Animal Control," Bobby answered.

"How many?" Sam asked.

Bobby shrugged. "A half dozen- street dogs that were attacking people."

"That's strange," Dean mused. "Skin walkers usually aren't easy to catch."

"Which is why I'm not one hundred percent sure that is what they are," Bobby told him. "And why I was on my way to the local shelter. They're quarantining the dogs at the back- the street dogs and ones that attacked their owners. The dogs all tested negative for rabies, so they're stumped and trying to figure out what could have caused so many dogs to go vicious. It'll give us time to check the dogs out. We can use a silver knife to test them, see if they really are skin walkers."

"Great idea," Dean said. "Why don't you lead the way?"

Bobby agreed to do so, and he and the Winchesters got into their cars and took off to the shelter.

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