The Labrador barked at Bobby and jumped off the chair, running past him to the bathroom.

When he reached it he began scratching at the door and another dog on the other side started barking in alarm.

Bobby quickly approached Sam. "Stop it! I'll get 'im out. Quiet before the other guests call in complaints."

Sam stopped clawing at the door and gave Bobby room to reach the door handle. When he had it in his grasp, Bobby turned it and pushed in, releasing the door.

A black German Shepherd with a splash of white on his chest shot out of the bathroom and bumped into Sam, nipping at one of his floppy ears before turning to face Bobby and giving him a happy woof.

Sam snapped at his shoulder, reprimanding him, and the shepherd took it, but did not back off. He wasn't about to let Sam play boss.

Bobby stared at the shepherd. "Dean?"

The black dog barked again, confirming what Bobby had already deduced, and seemingly glared at Sam, daring him with his now dark brown eyes to scold him again.

Sam ignored Dean and kept his eyes on Bobby.

Bobby shook his head at the two dogs. "Dammit boys. Can't ya ever stay out of trouble?"

Sam whined and it almost sounded apologetic.

Bobby sighed. "At least your new shapes now make it obvious what's in this town."

Dean and Sam cocked their heads, curious.

"It's a witch," Bobby told them. "Now stop that. Things are strange enough without you two giving me that look."

Dean glanced at Sam and Sam's shoulders moved slightly in what could be called a doggie shrug, that is, if real dogs actually shrugged.

Bobby shook his head again and made his way back over to the table to sit in front of Sam's laptop.

"Hope ya don't mind me using this," Bobby said. "I need to figure out how powerful a witch would have to be to put you under this kind of spell."

Sam woofed and tugged on Dean's right ear, making him follow him to the other side of the room.

Taking that as a yes, Bobby got to work.

Night had fallen by the time Bobby glanced up from his research to look at Sam and Dean.

When they noticed, Sam, who was lying down with his head on his paws raised it and Dean, who was lying beside him but already had his head up, turned it to look at Bobby directly.

"The witch we're after has to at least be two hundred years old to do transformations," Bobby began. "A witch turning people into dogs is uncommon, but it's likely the witch that changed you two is also making all the dogs in town attack people. I have a few theories who it might be, but the reason why they're doing it is unclear. I figure the reason you two got turned though is because they realized we were on their tail, sort to speak, and she or he followed you two back here."

Dean woofed.

"I know what you're thinking," Bobby said. "Not important. But it sure would help narrow things down farther; don't ya think?"

Dean woofed again, standing up and shaking his entire body before going to scratch at the door.

"Hey, stop that!" Bobby hissed. "Do you want us kicked out?"

Sam stood and whined before joining Dean at the door.

Then it dawned on Bobby.

"You want out?"

They both stared back at him.

Bobby shook his head. "Alright, but you two wait here 'til I give the clear."

Dean and Sam nodded their heads once and Bobby slipped out the door to look around. Seemed safe enough. Nobody was outside and it was dark enough that Bobby was sure nobody would see the dogs if they went to their vehicles.

Bobby turned and opened the motel room door wide.

"Stay away from the cars and other people and make it quick," Bobby ordered the Winchesters.

They bolted outside and disappeared into the night, leaving Bobby to nervously wait at the door, though this wouldn't be evident on his face to anyone if they walked by him.

A couple minutes later Sam and Dean appeared again as quickly as they had disappeared and sat in front of him.

"What the hell happened to you two?" Bobby coughed, covering his mouth and nose with a hand.

Sam smelled horrible and both he and Dean were covered with mud.

Sam pawed at his nose.

"Don't tell me you got skunked," Bobby groaned.

Sam whined and bowed his head.


Bobby opened the door to their room resignedly and the two dogs ran in.

"You are taking a bath right away Sam," Bobby yelled.

Sam stared at him.

"Right, no hands," Bobby grumbled. "I'll fill it for ya and soap up your back, but you're on your own afterwards."

Sam whined again and Dean released what was probably the equivalent of a doggie laugh.

Bobby faced him. "And afterwards you're going to sit in the shower 'til all that mud is off."

Dean immediately stopped.

Bobby walked into the bathroom with Sam and as he turned on the water, shook his head. "Damn witch is going to pay greatly for this."

N/A: Sorry for such a long wait. Holidays.

I based what breeds Sam and Dean got turned into on breed characteristics- I tried picking breeds that I thought fit them best. Labradors are kind and good-natured, but can also be stubborn and independent. German Shepherds meanwhile are alert, loyal, and courageous, but can also be aloof to strangers. Both are family dogs.