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Chapter 8:

Bulma and Chi-Chi had no choice but to watch. It was like a train wreck to them, it was horrible but they couldn't help but watch in agony.

Chi-Chi's knees collapsed as she fainted, Bulma quickly caught her when she suddenly stepped on a twig. Sora's ears perked up as she quickly turned around seeking out the sound. She began to growl in the direction Bulma was in.

"Sora its ok! It's probably just another animal or something…" Goku said firmly gripping her arms.

"I… I suppose you're right…"

"Come on… let's go back"

Sora blushed as she nodded. Goku held her hand once more as they headed back to Sora's hidden dwelling.

When the two fighters were out of sight, Bulma quickly took Chi-Chi's arm over her shoulders and dragged her in the other direction. When she knew it was finally safe she called out for Gohan.

"Gohan! Gohan where are you! GOHAN!"

Luckily the young boy was flying around the area and saw the two females. He landed down in front of them.

"W-What happened to my mother?!"

"S-She just passed out from walking too much that's all, she's going to me fine, she just needs to rest"

"Oh, Did you spot out my father anywhere?"

"…" Bulma took a moment then finally shook her head.

"…" Gohan sighed in disappointment.

"Come on, cheer up! I know we'll find him one day"

" ….I hope you're right Bulma…"

"Now let's get back to my place and put Chi-Chi to bed"

Gohan nodded with a slight smile on his face. The young saiyan lifted Bulma and Chi-Chi off the ground and headed towards the ship.

Meanwhile, Goku and Sora were sitting in front on the river in her abode with their feet soaking in it. Neither spoke a word to each other.


"Sora" They said simultaneously.

"Oh! Um… you can proceed…" Sora blushed.

"No you go ahead Sora"

"… Goku…"


"What I was saying back there before… if you stay… maybe we could… never mind"

"What is it? You can tell me"

"It's nothing, it's silly anyway…"

"Come on Sora, it can't be that bad "

"…. Maybe … we could actually live together…"

Goku looked at her with his head tilted to the side and started to chuckle.

"I-I told it was foolish"

"No it's not, I think that it'll be great living with you like I am now but… My friends… My son… They'll wonder where I am… and I just can't leave my son forever like that… Plus, I think that all the villagers wouldn't be too happy about that hehe"

"Hehe… well that's true… So, are you deciding to go back? …"

"I'm… not exactly sure… I don't want to see my wif-… I mean, I don't want to see Chi-Chi upset with me if I come back"

"I understand… but… You know I'll always be here if you reconsider"

"…. Sora"


"I… I don't know what came over me back there… it's just that… I've never felt this way about anyone before… I'm sorry I promise it won't happen again…"



They both sat in silence amongst themselves. The ambiance was awkward and tense. Until the half-breed scooted over closer to him, wrapping her arms around his muscular limb, rubbing her face against it, and finally she kissed him on the cheek.

"Don't be sorry Goku" She smiled up at him.

"Besides, I think you cured my sickness" Sora giggled.

"Hehe I think I'm not sick anymore either"

*So… is this what love is mother? ... Are the stories you told me about emotions like this… true? …*

Sora then stood up. She slowly began to take off her clothing until she was bare.

"… M-My brother and I… we use to take baths together and play around until our mother called us inside to go to bed…"

"…" Goku stared up at her.

"I… I trust you…I trust you… Goku… So… would you like to bathe with me?" She inquired with her soft shaken voice.

Goku smiled.

"Sure" He replied softly as he got up and stripped of all his clothing. He gently took her hand and held it as they both strolled into the river until they were waist deep.

Sora took the honor of washing his back first with her tail. Her tail traveled down lower towards his torso then swerved to the side of his waist where is suddenly jumped up, raising his power level to the point where the water consumed the half-breed.

"Haha! S-Sora! I'm sorry! It's just that I-I'm ticklish hehe " Goku said turning around and scratching his head. Sora was completely soaked.

"I hope you're not mad hehe…"


"… S-Sora? ..."

She then flicked her tail out of the water and splashed him with a wave.

Goku laughed, as he got soaked. Sora gave him a soft smile.

"So it's like that huh" The saiyan smirked and splashed her back. Then the water war began between them. It was like watching two children having the time of their lives. They didn't even experience the sickness they felt between each other before as they chased each other around the perimeter, through the river, and out again. It was the most purest sight one could see, even though the young half-breed and the powerful saiyan were bare, not one scandalous or erotic thought came across their minds, the two genders were too innocent to think of such things, even if one of them thought about it, they wouldn't dare to act on it unless the other approved of it. Besides, Sora hasn't had this much fun and excitement in years; she would like nothing more than for the moment not to end.

As Goku was chasing her, he then vanished from behind and reappeared in front of her and gently held her body. Sora's face started to turn beet red.

"… I'm glad I met you Sora…" Goku pulled her in closely. He noticed how warm and soft her body was but thought nothing more than that. She held him back, wanting nothing more than to stay in his arms… and only his.

" The feeling is mutual… Goku…" She replied back as her face melted onto his shoulder. When the two separated from each other, Sora held Goku's hand and they both walk towards they tree they usual slept under. Goku sat down first up against the bark; he then reached his arms for her to come to him. Her ears perked up as she felt his warmth aiming towards her. Chills were sent down her spine and even through her tail that made it quiver. Finally, she bent down, crawling towards him, and sat in his lap with her legs wrapped around his waist as he embraced her. Her face was just as red as her tears. She knew if they were caught, her people would most likely try to kill the saiyan, and she would be banished from her village, yet the warmth of his body around her consoled her spirits. If they were caught, at least her last days were with him.

"I-Is this uncomfortable?" Goku inquired.

"N-No… I… I've actually never been held like this before… well, besides my mother…"

"… How did she die?"


"I'm sorry, if you don't want to talk about it, I-"

"She was killed… by a group of outsiders…"


"All I could remember was hearing a loud bang in the middle of the night… then my father called for his fighters and the last thing a heard was a male voice screaming in the distance…"

"… Sora…"


"I know you're a strong… but even though you are… I'm still willing to protect you, besides, it's the least I can do since you let me stay with you hehe"

Sora chuckled.

"… You could of told me to leave like you did in the first place but you still kept me here where I really didn't have nowhere else to go"

Sora blushed.

Goku placed the back of his hand on her forehead. "Do you have a fever or something? Your face is really red"

"I-I'm fine! Hehe…"

Sora then laid her head back down on Goku's shoulder and finally they were both sound asleep.

As the next day began, the orbs from the flowers began to glow bright yellow, indicating that it was morning. Sora perked up her ears and steadily released herself from the sleeping saiyan. She scratched her ears with her foot (like a dog), and stretching out her arms and legs as she gave out a big yawn, then finally she put on her clothes from the night before. She faced towards Goku and heard that he was still sleeping by the sound of his snoring; she gave a small smile to him. She decided to head out the cavern to walk around. Then she heard faint footsteps in the distance coming towards her. She sniffed the air and realized that the figure coming towards her had a familiar scent, when she knew who it was she growled under her breath. Finally a tall male half-breed who was as tall as her brother came from the forest bushes. He had a long black tail and big black ears. It was her "fiancé".

"Leon… what are you doing here? You know you are forbidden to see me until after the tournament has passed"

"I know my love but I just had to see you again, its been far too long for me to stay away from you at such a length of time like this-"

"Father would be most displeased…"


"Y-You should leave immediately!"

"S-Sora please! You can't tell me that you haven't missed me too…"

Sora took a moment to face away from him.

"… Even though we rarely spend time with each other… I-I love you… besides, you are my wife-"

"Hush now! ... I beg of you, please leave before someone sees us-"

"Sora, *yawn* what's all the racket out here?" A sleepy voice called out from behind her.

She gasped as she quickly turned around to the bare, half-asleep saiyan, rubbing his eyes like a child who has just woken up under the waterfall.

"I-It's you!" Leon shouted.

"L-Leon it's not what you think!" Sora scurried towards Goku, throwing him over her shoulder. Goku looked up towards Leon and gave him a friendly smile and wave.

"Hey, I remember you, you're Sora's fiancé aren't you?"

Leon started to growl at him as he continued his sentence.

"Well I didn't introduce myself before, my name Gok-" He was suddenly cut off by Sora's tail covering his mouth and muffling his words.

"How DARE you present yourself in such a manner vermin! I am Prince Leon! Ruler of this village along with Lord Kiba! And I will-"

"Silence! Don't you raise your voice at him! He is MY responsibility, so if you're going to blame and scold someone for his actions, blame me"

"S-Sora… what are you doing with this… outsider?"

"… Think what you wish… but… I beg of you, PLEASE do not tell anyone else about this-"

"So you choose this insect over me-"

"Hey, That's not very nice!" Goku blurted out.

"Goku hush" Sora whispered to him.

"Answer me Sora!"


"As stating you as a lower class breed I command you to tell me what is the meaning of all this!" Leon shouted.


"Tell me wench! -"

"Hey!" Goku got out Sora's grip and stood up in front of him, wide-awake.

"If you love her so much then why are you treating her like this" Goku tested Leon in a stern tone of voice.

Leon gave a shocked look.

"Yeah, I may have been half-asleep but I definitely heard what you said about you loving her"

"That's none of your concern vermin, besides you have no "say so" in this discussion!"

"If it deals with Sora then it is, you have no right to treat her like this, no matter what the laws of this village say"

"Goku…" Sora started to blush.

"If I were you, I would cherish her like she was the only being left on this earth"

"SILENCE FOOL! You can't tell me what I can and cannot do!"

"I know I can't, but I do know what's right and what's wrong"

"I will kill you right where you stand if you continue to use such a tone with me!"

"… Heheh You remind me a lot of someone I know from my home" Goku smirked.

"Leon please just leave-"

"NO! Why is this fool here with you?! TELL ME NOW!"

"You sure do switch emotions a lot" Goku said tilting his head.

"Leon! I swear if you don't leave at once I will tell father that you've exposed yourself to me when you know it is forbidden!"

Leon grunted in annoyance. "… Fine…"

As he started to walk away he stated to Goku "Just you wait until the tournament begins, then you will bow down before me vermin, and you will pay for what you have done to my wife"

Sora stood in silence while Goku watched him walk away with his piercing dark eyes.

She grabbed the saiyans wrist and dragged him back into the cavern.

"Goku, you could have been killed back there! If I didn't threaten him to leave that would have been your head"

"If it's a fight he wants then a fight he'll get! Now I'm super excited about this tournament more than ever" He chuckled.

"Y-You're not at the least worried about these battles? Goku you are a strong fighter but there are much more stronger opponents in this tournament"

"That's great! I can't wait!" He laughed.

*…. His enthusiasm in fighting is remarkable yet strange… * Sora thought.

"Let's get to training! I'm ready-" Then a loud growling sound came from his stomach as he clutched it.

"Oh! Heheh I guess I'm hungry, how about we go to your brothers place!" Goku grinned.

"Um, of course, but… you must put some clothes on first"

"Oh… right" He scratched his head and laughed.

As the finally month went on, Goku and Sora trained their hardest for the tournament, but when the nights would come along their affections for each other would slowly but surely continue to raise. Sora even made a move to kiss Goku on the cheek on a few occasions. She's never been so nervous yet anxious to be around a person like him before. However, even though Sora cannot participate in the tournament, she was going to be there to support him no matter what. While Goku and Dante had their share of battles they still felt like the other was hiding something from him, but neither of them exposed it. In Goku's case he thinks that would be ruining the fun of the upcoming tournament. Meanwhile, Fiori suddenly became distant from her Mistress ever since she knew about her "sickness". Sora had no choice but to take such treatment from Fiori, besides, Sora couldn't force Fiori to tell her what made her so upset. When the final countdown for then tournament arrived, it was only 12 hours until the battle will begin. When Sora and Goku finished their last fight they rested in each other's arms.



"Are you sure you're ready for this tournament?"

"I'm more than ready! Thanks to you"

Sora blushed a little.

"If I didn't have this extra training I would been clueless of what's in store for me"

*…. I just hope you don't get too injured… I wonder… what if you did defeat my brother… and my… "Fiancé"… I wonder will my father accept that…* Sora thought.

"Man, I'm not even sure if can sleep tonight, I just can't wait!"

Sora laid her head down on his shoulder, thoughts kept racing through her mind, and yet she had a strange feeling that something bad was going to happen. Suddenly an outlining of a woman's smiling face appeared in her mind, it was her mother.

*… Why are you showing yourself to me mother? ... What's going to happen to us? ...*

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