"He had failed" she said once again, blood was falling from her face while she washed it and the truth was that she just loved the feeling of blood on her face, it was warm and tasty, colorful and light. It was an awesome feeling.

Her name is Sarah Willow, an eighteen year old girl who went to a mental hospital at the age of sixteen after she was raped by her classmate Tim, she was suffering of visions and had no control of her own body, before she went to the mental hospital, she harmed more than ten students with knifes or her own body. She was psycho.

She loved being in Chicago's mental hospital, she felt it was more like a home than just another place. She felt loved and everyone gave her attention, even the other patients. But the thing, or person she loved the most, was that men that always came to visit her. His name was John, he was an elderly man that looked somehow smart –or that's what she always thought-. He was different from the others, as she was, that is maybe the reason why she liked him. He was like the father she never had.

He teached her stuff, and ways to live, he told her how the world was full of people who doesn't deserve life. Oh, and let's not mention the stories he always came up with, those stories where he would play games with people, Sarah always thought this stories were awesome and that someday she would play with the people as he did…

So we have her now.

"I cannot believe it Billy, I mean, why did he lose so easily?" She said to the puppet that was seated on the floor facing her.

"I don't know, why don't you go ask him?" The pupped said with a sarcastic voice, his voice was the same as John's, Sarah really liked that, it reminded her she wasn't alone, since John died a year ago.

"I did, but you know, he didn't respond at all" Sarah said thinking, she was a bit off reality as you can see, even though she was eighteen, her mind still had difficulties to think of how world operated, let's say she didn't have a good life, her mother died and her father was a drug dealer who didn't even know had a daughter. When Sarah went out of the mental hospital, some strange men told her that a man named John left her a house near the woods, Elizabeth was happy to hear she didn't have to live with her father again.

"He was death you know" The puppet said without moving, Sarah laughed hard and continued washing her face.

"I know, but that doesn't mean I cannot ask him, I mean, just look at you" She said as the poppet sighed.

"I am your imagination, you know you are crazy" The puppet said with sarcasm on its tone. Elizabeth knew she was crazy, I mean, she has been on therapies since she was sixteen, the doctors told her she was crazy, but that she was human like all of them. So now you can ask yourselves, how did the doctors let her out, if she is still not on earth? Two words

Acting crazy

Once she knew her best friend John died, she wanted to continue his games, and she knew all of them, and how they operated. All the traps, the cassettes, his poppet and most importantly, his purpose.

"I know, I know" She said drying her face, even though she wasn't mentally fine, she was beautiful, his skin white and her hazel eyes that could drive a man crazy. She was super thin and lets not mention her light brown hair. She was a pretty being.

"But who would be the next one?" The puppet said.

"John told me who" The girl said.

"John? Before he died?" It said surprised.

"Yes, I have a trap for them"

She stared at the puppet, and then took a small mask that she bought for Halloween, it was the same one as Billi. Then rising her arms, she smiled.

"His family Billi! His family!"

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