Chapter Eight

One months, three weeks, one day and ten hours previously

Caine's POV

'Could you please stop that,' Caine snapped shooting an annoyed look at Drake and Jenny from across the room.

The four of them where sitting in Jenny and Diana's room. Diana was lying on her bed, Jenny was sitting on Drakes lap and Caine was pacing while chewing his thumb.

It had been a month since Drake and Jenny had gotten together

'Stop what,' Jenny asked raising her eye at Caine's exasperated look.

'Sitting on his lap,' Caine said like it was obvious. 'It's annoying.'

'Why? It's not affecting you.' Drake said tightening his grip around Jenny's waste. Caine though he saw Jenny jump when he touched her like maybe she didn't want him to.

'No it's ok Drake,' Jenny slid of his lap. 'Caine's just annoyed because he has to go home for the holidays tomorrow.'

Drake looked supremely annoyed for a moment and Jenny steadily ignored his gaze.

'Shut up Jenny.' Caine glared at her and continued pacing. It was true. Caine's parents were insisting he went home during the half term. He was livid. They said they wanted to talk to him about something.

Something important.

He never when home for the half term holidays. The only time he went at home was during the summer and he hated it. He had huge family problems. He wasn't going to admit it to anyone but he considered Coates as his home.

'It's only five days Caine,' Diana said. 'It can't be that bad.'

'Easy for you to say,' Caine snapped. 'You're not going home.'

'Yeah you're right,' Diana smirked. 'It's going to be hell.'

'My thoughts exactly,' Caine said in his head.

Drakes POV

Jenny was laying in Drakes arms. It was the last night Caine was away. The last night they had Drakes room to themselves. They had taken full advantage of Caine being away staying up until one most evenings talking before Drake had walked Jenny back to her room. Tonight was no different.

'Well, I'd better go,' Jenny said to Drake and got up. 'Coming?'

'Don't go yet,' Drake said pulling her back down.

'I have to,' she said laughing it off. 'I need sleep.'

'Sleep here.'

Jenny studied Drake. 'Why are you so keen for me to stay?'

'I don't know.' Drake shrugged. 'Guess I like your company.'

Jenny looked at him for a few tense seconds with an awe look on her face.

'We should… I…' Jenny trailed of.

What?' Drake pushed. 'We should what?'

'I don't know,' she almost stuttered

Drake regarded her for a second. She bit her lip and turned away blushing in a very un-Jennyish manner.

'Do what?'

Jenny shook her head and then said. 'Do you think you love me Drake?'

Drake almost choked. 'Sorry?'

'You know what I said, don't make me repeat it,' Jenny snapped.

'I don't know,' Drake said, 'How would I know… I just…' he broke of and looked at her closely. 'I care about you,' he concluded. 'I mean, yeah… maybe I do.'

'Is that a yes or a no, Drake,' Jenny asked sounding annoyed.

'Why're you even asking me this?' Drake snapped.

'Yes or no?'

'Yes!' Drake yelled and then he almost wanted to clap his hands over his mouth. 'I mean, I've never felt what I feel for you for any other girl so yes, I guess I do.'

Jenny took his hand and led him towards the bed. She undid the first button on her blouse.

'What are you doing?' Drake asked knowing exactly what she was doing but wanted her to confirm it for him.

'I realised it today. We've spent the whole of this week's holiday together and it's been really great… really, really great. Fun as well. I've been properly happy which hasn't happened in, well, ever and that's down to you. I don't love you yet, but I will… and I think one day you'll grow to care about me,' she laughed slightly. 'I mean… I know we have problems.' Drake knew too. Though the hand prints had faded the slaps were still fresh in his memories. Jenny continued, 'I'm not naive enough to think you love me but why not just let go for now.'

Drake lost himself in Jenny that night. She was right. He didn't love her. He cared though… a little.

Diana's POV

Diana woke up early the next morning. She looked at Jenny's bed to see that it was still empty. She frowned. Had Jenny had stayed at Drakes all night?

She closed her eyes again as the door opened. She heard someone sneak into the bathroom and close the door. The shower started running. Diana jumped out of bed and lent against the wall just outside the bathroom ready to ambush Jenny. Ten minutes later Jenny walked out towel drying her wet hair.

'Where have you been?' Diana asked in a rather shrill voice.

'Drakes room.' She answered simply.

'The whole night?' Diana said disbelievingly.


'You slept there?' She asked.

'In a sense,' Jenny smirked.

'What do you mean?'

'I mean,' Jenny said as she brushed her hair. 'I did stay there all night, but we didn't get round to doing much sleeping.'

Diana blinked once. 'You didn't...'

'We did.'

'No way.' Diana's jaw dropped. Then she said the first thing that came to mind. 'It's not fair.'

Jenny laughed. 'If you like Caine just tell-'

At that moment Caine burst into the room.

Diana jumped. 'Privacy, Caine, privacy.' She yelled.

'Sorry,' He gasped panting, 'just got back. Have to tell you something, get Drake.'

Ten minutes later they were all gathered in Jenny and Diana's room. Diana found it awkward sitting in a room with two people who had just had sex. Caine was however oblivious to this.

'So last night my Mum and Dad, if I can call them that anymore, said they wanted to tell me something. I'm adopted-'

'You're adopted?' Drake grinned

Caine nodded not even caring that Drake found it funny. 'Yeah but that isn't the half of it. I got angry because they had lied to me and I lifted my Dad up and chucked him down the stairs. He's in hospital.'

They stared.

'So?' Jenny said

'I did it with the power of my mind.' Caine replied.

The whole room burst into laughter.

'That's funny,' Diana said as tears of laughter rolled down her face. 'That's really, really funny.'

Then she rose three feet in the air.

Everyone stopped laughing immediately.

'I have super powers.' Caine said simply.

Diana saw a furious expression cross Jenny's face and vanish before anyone had seen.