I woke at about 8 in the morning and Mikey was still asleep. I checked to make sure he didn't do it again (which he didn't) and walked to his room. I knew mom hadn't waked up yet or she would have notice this big yellow spot in Mikey's bed or see he was sleeping with me. I took the sheets off his bed and put them in the washing machine, I also put his dirty PJ's in there as well. I checked my mom and dad's room and yeah, they were both asleep. I had some what forgot it was Saturday cause I was expected my dad to be at work. Oh, well. I walked back upstairs and took a shower. I stunk really badly. I put a towel over my junk and headed to my room. Mikey was still asleep. I was shocked but yet, happy because he always tries to pull my towel off. Ugh, 6 year olds. I got my boxers on and then my blue jeans. My hair was soaked but, I didn't care. I put my favorite ACDC shirt on and sat on the floor letting Mikey sleep. My Mom walked to my room and sees Mikey sleeping my room while I'm reading. "Gerard, where are Mikey's bed sheets and why is he in your room?" She said quietly not waking Mikey. I whispered "I'll tell you later. Shhhh" She walked out of my room and I suddenly see Mikey's eyes popping open. "Morning, Little Brother. You Sleep Better?" He sat up and nodded. I thought he wanted to get up but, his crutches were in his room. "You need help Mikey?" He nodded again, too tired to talk.

I got up and went to his room and grabbed his crutches. "Here let's try these out." I said. I think he was too tired to care so I helped him up and he finally started using them. He limped all the way to the bathroom and back. I was in the hallway to make sure he didn't fall, which he didn't. "Good job, Mikey!" He held his head down, probably still embarrassed about what happened or just because I said 'good job'. He 'walked' back to my room and sat my bed. "Gerard, what you gonna tell mommy?" Now, I knew he was still embarrassed. "I don't have to tell her anything, just between you and me." He looked up looked up surprised. "Really, you promise?" I nodded my head and he put his arms out and pretty much fell off my bed hugging me. "Woo there, you alright, little bro?" He was still hugging me, so I took that as a yes. I turned my TV on to something Mikes likes and let him zoon out as I went to check if the washing machine was done. I walked in and…crap! It had finished and my mom had the sheets in her hand. She knew what had happened I saw it in her eyes. "Gerard, explain…now!" I looked down, I had promised Mikey. I couldn't tell her. "I can't, I promised Mikey I wouldn't tell." "Gerard, I don't care what happened just please, state what happened." I sighed. "I never show Mikey how to use the crutches so, when he woke up in the middle of the night and I guess didn't know how to get up so, he peed in bed... I cleaned him changed his sheets and everything. I even let him sleep with me…"

My mom sighed. "You did the right thing honey. Now, go have some fun." I she walked away and I went upstairs to my room. Mikey, wasn't in there? "Mikey? Where'd you go?" I walked to his room he saw me and turned his back. "Mikey, what's up?" He didn't talk to me. I walked up to him and tapped his shoulder then, out of nowhere he slapped my hand. I was surprised! "Go away!" He said softly. "Mikey are you…" "GO AWAY!" He snapped. I walked out of his room. What did I do? Then, it hit me! I told mom and he got mad! He must have heard! I walked back into his room. "Listen Mike's I'm sorry…" I said off in his doorway. "GO AWAY!" He threw his pillow at me. "No, need to throw things…I'm sorry Mike's." "YOU PROMISED, GERARD!" He threw his other pillow at me. "I know I promised but, mom had to know. She isn't gonna tell anyone. I promise! It's mom she isn't going to talk about it and I'm not either!" He finally turns around and grabbed his crutches. He limped over to me and hugged me. He liked a hug that was a fact. "Gee, can you come watch TV with me?" "Sure thing!" Yeah, I hated his shows, yeah; I already loved more adult shows but, what the heck it's for him. I walked in front of him and sat down his bed. I picked him up and sat him on my lap like usual. I watched his show for hours until finally my mom said to come downstairs. Mikey walked to the top of the stairs but, couldn't go down them so I picked him up and went downstairs with him. I sat him down on the couch. I sat down next him but, then he got in my lap letting my mom have some room. "I and Father are leaving for a whole week tomorrow; Grandma Elena will be here tonight and will watch you. Is that okay?" I nodded as Mikey hurt my ear as screaming "GRANDMA, YAY!" "When, is she…" as soon as I get the words out I hear the doorbell ring! "YAY! GRANDMA!"