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So, prompt no. 7…


Blaine and Kurt grasped hands and wandered down the crowded Dalton corridors, slowly making their way down to the lunch hall, neither of them eager to rush, just content to spend time together.
"So how was the History exam?" Kurt's voice drifted over to Blaine, who tilted his head to the side and smiled at his boyfriend.
"Pretty sure I aced it, Your…Tutoring… however, didn't help…" A small blush made its way up both boys cheeks as they recalled said 'tutoring' session.

"Okay Blaine… Get a question right, get a kiss. Easy!" The boy in question gulped and nodded, his eyes focussed on Kurt's face.
Kurt glanced down and skim read some of the European History Book, before looking back up at Blaine and fixing him with a long stare.
"Who was the first King who got decapitated in France?"
Blaine's eyes widened and he looked at Kurt who was shaking with suppressed laughter.
"That's not what I'm studying!"
Kurt let out a small giggle and dropped the textbook to the side and dragged his hand slowly up Blaine's chest.
"Well I sure I can come up with something more interesting than this…" his voice had taken a husky tone and his eyes had darkened.
Blaine's breathing hitched as he took in the sight of his undeniably sexy boyfriend hovering above him.

Kurt ducked his head and pulled Blaine along the Dalton corridor, heading towards the kitchens.
"Kurt? Are we even allowed this way?"
Blaine's voice broke the comfortable silence that had surrounded the two since Kurt had met him outside his classroom.
"Sure, come on!" Kurt started running, dragging Blaine along the corridor. "I always do this after a particularly difficult exam!"

When the two reached the kitchens, Blaine was hanging back, almost hiding behind Kurt when Cook came into view.
"Kurt! It's been too long dearie!" Blaine's eyes widened almost comically when Kurt embraced the Cook like they were long-lost friends.
"Same here! How are you doing?" Kurt pulled back with a beaming smile planted on his face.
"Good thanks; ever since you've started visiting, things have gotten a LOT more interesting down here!" Cook chuckled to herself and smiled gently at Blaine.
"Wait…You come here often?" Blaine turned to his boyfriend in a state of shock. Surely he would have heard of his visits here if they were a regular occurrence?

Kurt blushed a delicate shade of pink and looked away from Blaine almost shy.
"I…I bake when I get stressed…and with the movement to Dalton, the increased workload…I just…" He trailed off with a slight shrug.
Blaine smiled in response and tightened his grip on Kurt's hand.
"It's not something to be ashamed of, Kurt. I personally find it really adorable" Kurt squeaked at Blaine's wide smirk "And honestly, if Cook here thinks that you're interesting, then you must be a good baker"

Blaine hadn't been wrong.
2 hours and 3 batches of cupcakes later, found the two boys debating on frosting choices.

"But chocolate is just… Amazing, Kurt!" Blaine's flour covered hands waved around enthusiastically while he made his point, scattering more on the countertop that was already caked in flour, sugar and remnants of eggshells.
"Buuuuuut Vanilla frosting is delicious, elegant and THE go to frosting on cupcakes!" Kurt's smirk took up his face at the look of shock crossing Blaine's face.
"Does this mean that you… You don't like Chocolate frosted cupcakes?" His lower lip trembled and the puppy dog eyes were unleashed with full force. Kurt just chuckled.
"Nope! Never really saw the point of it really… It always tasted too artificial for me" His nose crinkled up at the mere thought of the time Finn had forced him to eat a chocolate frosted cupcake, claiming 'It's only natural, Kurt!'

Blaine took this as a great opportunity to lean forward and wipe some of the flour from his hands onto his boyfriend's face.
Kurt reared back and exclaimed in surprise, his hand quickly coming up, rubbing of the flour and fixing Blaine with a fierce yet playful glare.

"Oh it is ON Blaine Warbler!"

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