Alex said he was perfectly comfortable on the floor, and was thrilled to even have a pillow, so Sam and Dean let it be. They went to bed, and the room fell quiet. Sam could hear Dean snoring, and was almost asleep himself when he heard movement. He tensed, but relaxed again when he realized it was coming from the floor. Alex shifted and sat up. Sam looked over to see his frowning face, and wondered if he would need some sort of sleep aid. Alex climbed up onto his bed, and Sam just gave him a questioning look. When the man slipped under the covers to snuggle close, Sam had a fight with himself in his head. How could he explain that, while it was fine if Alex wanted to sleep with men, Sam wasn't into it? The man saw everything in such stark black and white… He felt a hand drift down to the waistband of his pants, and grasped it. He opened his mouth, ready to say no, but Alex turned pleading eyes on him. "You said if I want to." Sam gaped at him for a moment, and it caught him by surprise when a hand wrapped around his flaccid length. A shaking hand gently pushed Alex's away, and he looked into Sam's eyes again.

"But Alex, I don't want to." Alex started to slide further under the covers and gave Sam a wicked grin.

"I can make you want to." A stream of swear words and protests jumbled around in Sam's head, but not one of them made it to his mouth. His still shaking hand went into Alex's soft hair, and he briefly wondered if Dean had given the man Sam's good shampoo. Then there was warm, wet heat around him, and he didn't care anymore.