Post season 7. With the minor change that Rory accepted Logan's proposal. It's set the night before their wedding when Rory receives a package containing a letter and a book. Oneshot.

Rory sinks down into an armchair at the The Dragonfly. She has been on her feet all day; last minute approval of center pieces, going over their choices of music, for the hundredth time assuring her grandmother that the inn is a wonderful place to have a wedding. She's beat. Logan gave up about an hour ago and went home. She's sleeping at her mother's tonight, so they can have the morning together, she will really need her mother there tomorrow to calm her nerves.

"Rory." Michel is coming down the stairs, walking up to her, holding a package of some kind. "This came for you earlier."
She takes the package as he holds it out towards her.
"What is it?"
"How should I know? I'm merely the messenger, the errand boy you might say." He looks offended.
"Thanks Michel."
"Yes. You're welcome. Any other errands you want me to do before I leave? Dry cleaning maybe? Take out the garbage?"
She smiles.
"No, thanks again."
"My pleasure." Michel puts on his coat and gets ready to leave. "See you tomorrow Rory."
"See you tomorrow Michel."

Rory starts unwrapping the package. It has no address tag on it, so whoever left it must have done it in person. If it's from someone she knows, why didn't they just come find her? She's been here all day.

When she's unwrapped enough to see what the package contains she immediately drops it and gets up, running after Michel.
She catches him at the parking lot.
"Michel!" She runs up to him.
"Ah, goody, you came up with errand?" He smiles, but it's a superficial smile.
"Who left you this package?"
"Some man. He said to give it to Rory Gilmore, I told him Rory Gilmore is inside, you can give it to her yourself. But he insisted. Very stubborn man."
"When, when was he here?"
"Yes, but earlier like hours ago, or earlier like moments ago?"
"Earlier in the day."
"Why didn't you give it to me until now?"
"Well, I guess I'm rather new to these errand boy duties. You might want to tell your friend that, so next time he can deliver things to you himself."

Without replying Rory walks back to the inn, picks up the package and sits down in the armchair again. Inside the package is a book, "Endless" by Jess Mariano. He wrote another book! She looks at the cover, turns the book to look at the back cover, and then back to the front cover again. A letter falls out from between the pages of the book. She picks it up and starts reading.


I wanted to send you a copy of my latest book, so you would get a chance to read it before it came out in any bookstores. You're a smart girl so there's no use in denying what you'll probably figure out after just a few pages: it's about us. You and me. Our love. Something for you to look back on when you're old and grey.

I know tomorrow is your wedding day, and don't worry, this is not some last minute attempt from my side to try and win you back. That's not why I'm writing this letter.

I've moved on. That last bit of hope that I so eagerly held on to all these years, I have finally let go of it. Although I will always cherish you in my heart, although I will always love you more than any words could ever describe, I felt this great sense of freedom the moment I let go.

Don't search me up. You and I, we were just not meant to be. We were a fairytale without a happy ending. Now you're embarking on the next chapter in this new fairytale. From the bottom of my heart I hope that this fairytale will give you the happy ending you deserve.

To you and your prince: May love always live in your hearts.


She sits for a long time, holding the letter in front of her. She reads it again, and again, silent tears falling from her eyes. After reading the letter for the fourth time she picks up the book and starts reading.

She sits for hours doing nothing but reading. When daylight starts shining through the windows she puts the book down. Tears are streaming down her face. It was not explicit in the book, but Jess was right, she would have figured out it was about the love they shared. It was a 403 page-long love letter.

She packs the book and the letter in her handbag and gets up. Like a robot, without thinking, without feeling she walks towards her car. She's empty inside, as if the pages of the book had absorbed all of her feelings.

She pulls up in front of her mother's house, shuts off the engine and takes a deep breath. Tears are still running down her face. She gave up long ago trying to wipe them away. New tears would just take their place, so what was the use? Why bother with the effort of wiping them away?

She walks into the house and finds her mother asleep on the couch. She had probably waited up for her and then fallen asleep. The TV is still on, although there is only a swarm of black and white dots all over the screen. She stands still looking at it. In a way it's kind of soothing, hypnotizing almost. The sound of Lorelai stirring in her sleep brings her back to reality.

"Mom." She says in a soft voice.
Lorelai, who is otherwise a pretty deep sleeper, wakes up in an instant.
"Honey?" She says in a confused tone, as she senses from that single word that something is wrong. She turns towards Rory, and at the sight of her tear-drenched face she gets up.
"Honey, what's wrong?" She puts her arm around Rory's shoulders, leading her towards the kitchen and placing her in a chair. Rory doesn't say a word. She just stares in front of her with an empty look on her face.
"You got cold feet?" Lorelai tries to smile. "It'll pass. You'll feel better once you get some coffee and start getting ready." She says, assuming that Rory has just woken up.
Rory still doesn't answer. Lorelai starts getting worried, this is so unlike Rory. This emptiness, it's almost as if she is not there. Lorelai sits down next to her, putting her arm around her shoulders.
"Rory? Honey? Speak to me, please. Tell me what's wrong."
Rory looks up at her mother, as if she has just realized that she's there.
"I can't marry Logan." She says, still so uncannily calm.