Authors Note: This story takes place in the Xros Wars universe. The characters from Xros Wars are featured in here, but as side characters. This story is gonna be darker than Xros Wars was. Locations that were destroyed have either been rebuilt back, or rebuilt as something new. That aside, enjoy the story. All digimon and characters that are from Xros Wars belong to Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei.

Prologue: The End Of A Sentence

Two years have passed since the Xros War that occurred when the world was split into zones, and thanks to the king and his legendary human partner, all was peaceful for the citizens residing in the world. However, it was not peaceful for the ones who had conspired against it. Those who had died of an evil and malice heart had to pay dearly for their actions, whether or not they were blind to the truth. The king of the Digital World was completely unaware however, that an old location that was the literal hell in the Digital World, which was destroyed in the Xros War, had come together and rebuilt itself as something worse. While the King and his group of friends were investigating the enigma that was known to be called DigiQuartz, the five evil Death Generals that were under the command of the evil empire that tried to plunge the Digital World into chaos were sent to suffer for their cruel crimes. They were sent to this hell and one by one, they were subjected to cruel torment for grueling months. It was not until their data rebuilt itself and was ready to be sent back to the Seven Kingdoms did they escape their punishment. With the fall of Quartzmon, the creator of DigiQuartz, the Digital World was returned to a time of peace between the Seven Kingdoms. However the five Death Generals had suffered for that entire time. One of them, the Fire-Fury General, was brutally beaten by his tormenters.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! Hit him again!" a voice yelled out maniacally. The being who laughed was covered by a dark cloak that covered his identity.

"This time with even more force!" he told his partner, who was also hidden in a similar cloak, only in bigger size. The one standing next to him followed the order without relent, and struck another blow to the general they were attacking.

"Gah!" the victim yelled in pain as the blow crushed his stomach in. He was a red dragon, his arms and legs were tied in chains to a steel wall, that no matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't break free. His entire being was beaten up brutally, his arms slashed at and bloody, his upper body scarred all around and burned, his face nearly swollen.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Look at him! His face is priceless!" one of his torturers laughed as the dragon's pain continued. The other torturer continued to beat him senseless. The dragon tried to fight back, but no avail, the chains had him completely unable to land a blow, not even his other attacks would come out.

"Hang on!" the smaller torturer told his fellow partner.

".what?" his bigger partner asked.

"Enough with the beating, lets get down to the serious stuff!" he replied, and went over to pick up a nearby blade they had.

"Hmph…alright" his partner smirked as he backed away to let his comrade have his turn. The latter walked towards the dragon and stopped when he noticed something, much to his pleasure.

"Heh, so you've finally stopped fighting, eh? Good, now the real fun can begin!" he sharpened the blade, then readied himself and went in for a stab to the dragons' heart. He stopped abruptly before the impact when he heard the sound of a bell ringing in the distance. He turned to the dragon, who has started to vanish into small bits of yellow light, much to his torturer's discontent.

"Aw, he's going back already? We were just starting!" he whined, as his partner took the blade away, "Has it really been a year and a half already?"

His partner rolled his eyes and turned around, "Our work here is done, we must move on to the next."

"Oh alright…" he whined, but then smirked at the dragon, "Count yourself lucky this time. I have a feeling we'll be seeing you sometime soon, and then we'll continue our little game!"

The dragon took one last look at the blood-red sky illuminating this completely desolate wasteland before vanishing away completely.

"See ya next time you drop into Hells Field, Dorbickmon! Maybe next time your sentence will last longer!" his torturer shouted as he and his partner moved on to find their next victim.