Amber: Hello fellow Demigods! Okay, some of you know my OC's.

Bella Litle: Daughter of Athena.

Sam Robinson: Daughter of Aphrodite.

Miranda Cloud: Daughter of Poseidon.

Alexa Morgan: Daughter of Hades.

Victoria Green: Daughter of Iris.

Erin Glint: Daughter of Zeus.

Isabelle MiKinnon: Daughter of Hermes.

Hannah Smith: Daughter of Demeter.

Emily Hunter: Daughter of Apollo.

Sherman the Lint Roller: Sherman the Lint Roller.

Okay? Well, I decided since I'm gonna wait till the MoA for my next story, I might as well post some mini story. Do every Friday until MoA stay tunned for a mini story featuring Bella and friends!

Percy: She don't own the Percy Jackson world. She does own the OC's though.


The girls all sat on the floor of Victoria's bedroom, being absolutely bored out of their minds.

Bella sat in a plush chair, her back against an armrest and her feet dangling over the side of another. Erin sat in the middle of the room twiddling her thumbs while Sam braided her hair. Miranda and Victoria sat on the bed, occasionally attempting to start up a conversation, but failing miserably. Hannah layed sprawled out on the ground while Emily and Alexa paced around, careful—more or less—not to step on any of their friends.
"I'm absolutely bored out of my mind!" Alexa yelled in frustration, falling dramatically over onto the ground.
"I have an idea!" Emily said suddenly, looking up at the rest of us. The girl's eyed her suspiciously, as she had been cross eyes moments before. They sat there for several moment of silence, waiting for her to say something.
"Well?" Bella asks, raising her eyebrows.
"Oh, right," Emily laughs. "Who wants to go to my place?"
"I do!" Miranda shouts instantly, standing up. We all stare at her. "What? Don't you want to see where this lunatic lives?"

"Miranda!" Bella scolded.
"Good point," Alexa chuckles, ignoring Bella.
Bella sighed, from the immaturity of her friends. "Okay, Emily," Bella nods, after hesitating. "We're in."

Bella's POV
My mouth drops open as Emily throws open the door and scurries inside. From the outside it looks like a normal home, painted tan and coral, but on the inside… well, anyone who calls this place normal has to be completely insane.
"Home sweet home," Emily sighs, pausing to smile at us proudly before trotting off into another room.

I am seriously having second thoughts.

Thousands of lint rollers hang from the ceiling by all sorts of different colored strings of yarn. The furniture is all different colors: a neon blue couch, a lime green rocking chair, a blood red loveseat…

Sam…she looks like she's going to barf from the mismatch of colors assaulting her eyeballs. Tons of sketches and posters hang on the wall, but one of them in particular seems to catch Miranda's eye. Red tape is connecting pictures to others, making the entire thing look like a web of scarlet strands.

I stare at it a while before, Miranda came over and squinted at the particular picture.
"Wow…" Miranda breathes. "I didn't know the girl scouts are responsible for the crop circles."

I rolled my eyes at her; but was actually relieved that she didn't point out some ridiculous Doctor Who story.
Suddenly, I hear Erin scream and I whirl around, eyes wide. I instantly pull out Melody, and Payphone by Maroon 5 comes on. Don't worry it was the clean version.

I was surprised to see a hyena has Erin pinned to the floor, his jaws snapping barely inches away from her face. Another has Alexa backed up against a wall, his front paws on either side of her head and his narrowed amber eyes glaring into her terrified ones.

"You really need a breath mint…" She murmurs as the canine lets out a deep-throated growl.

I was about to say something, but Emily actually did something useful for once.
"Jaime! Conner!" Emily exclaims, racing back into the room. "Down. I told you, no attacking anyone else unless I say you can!"
The two hyenas look disappointed for a second but run over to Emily who crouches down to meet them, scratching them behind their ears and laughing as they lick her face with their rough pink tongues.

My jaw dropped as they rubbed Sherman affectionately with their noses.
"I missed you, too!" She giggles.
"You named your dogs, what?!" I ask, folding my arms.
"Why do you even have pet hyenas?!" Miranda yells, throwing her hands up in the air exasperatedly.
Emily sighed and said, "Jaime and Connor, they're named after they're godparents on And no it's not Jamie! It's pronounced Hay-mee. Okay?" She adds, waving her arms like a spastic starfish.

"Plus, Ryan has a pet Crumple Horned Snorkack named Princess Butterflykiss." She says, glaring at Miranda.
"Fair enough," Miranda sniffed, in defeat.
"Um, why do you have lint rollers hanging from the ceiling?" Victoria asks, tilting her head to the side, and poking one with her finger.
"Why don't YOU have lint rollers hanging from the ceiling?" Emily shot at Victoria.

"Um," Victoria stutters. "Cause, I…don't?"

"Emily!" Someone exclaims, rushing into the room; Interrupting the awkward silence.

It's a woman, about thirty-five I'd guess, who looks just like Emily, the same blonde hair, the same height, the same nose, the same lips… even the same slightly-insane smile. The only thing that differs between the two is eye color, Emily having blue eyes the color of the sky and her mother having glittering green orbs instead. It was kind of creepy. I mean, the slightly-insane smile; Plus they both had their heads tilted at the same angle.

"You must be Emily's mother." I say, stepping forward to shake her hand.
"Yes," She nods. She's dressed in brown cargo pants, grey flip flops and a blue tie-die Superman T-shirt. Kinda like the Batman and Hunger Games shirt's Emily always wore. "You can call me Miss Andrea, though. Andrea stands for 'Awesome'."
"Um, Nice to meet you, Miss Andrea." I smile, raising my eyebrows slightly.

"Oh, Emily," She says, turning to her daughter, completely ignoring us.

"I have a sample of my DNA in the kitchen under the microscope, you want to see it? I collected it from my cheek cells this morning! They're even crazier than Sherman's DNA!"
"Oh my Sherman, yes!" Emily squeals and the two of them race off to what I assume is the kitchen; Whilst singing "Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na BATMAN!"

"That explains so much…" Miranda breathes and I elbow her in the ribs. "Ow!"

We glance at each other before following them into the kitchen. It's just as insane as the living room, though quite different. The walls are a forest green and the ceiling is covered entirely in posters of things like telescopes and dinosaur skeletons. It's relatively spotless on the counters with an empty stainless steel sink and a fancy dishwasher.

There are two desks on opposite sides of the room. One of them, which appears to belong to Miss Andrea, is covered in papers and textbooks. The other, obviously Emily's, is covered in notebooks, loose papers with words scribbled on them in different covered inks, and sketchbooks.
"Wow," Sam says, fingering through one of them. "These are really good."
Thank you, Sammy." Emily says, quickly snatching the drawing book out of Sam's hands and tossing it back on the table.

Sam glared at Emily. "Don't. Call me 'Sammy'."

Miranda leaps backwards in surprise as a cat with short black fur and yellowish green eyes jumps up onto the counter right next to where she was standing and let out a mighty meow that must have been heard all the way in China.

"What the heck?!" Miranda exclaims, still surprised, but a little angry now. She makes a move to grab her Trident necklace, but Erin stopped her just in time.

"Hello, Megan," Emily says, face palming.
"My name's not Megan…" Miranda mutters.
"I forgot to introduce you to my cat." She cackled, pointing at the black cat. "This is Tyra."
"Shermanette is her middle name," Miss Andrea cackles, sitting down at her desk and adjusting the microscope.

"I always knew you were a witch." Miranda smirked, enough to earn a hiss from the cat, which she hastily took another step away from.
"She's kidding." Emily scowls, folding her arms.
"And last time I checked, Miranda, you had also gone to a school for witchcraft just like Emily." I say, folding my arms. I gave her the famous Athena glares for a good measure.
"That's not what I meant…" She grumbles, wondering off.

"Oh my Sherman, you guys need to see the pool! But change into your bathing suits first!"

My friends and I exchanged looks, and silently grabbed our bags we had brought with us. Several minutes later standing in our bikini's Emily comes out wearing a Lint Roller printed one.

Emily squeals suddenly, grabbing my wrist and dragging my out a sliding glass door. The pool is huge and crystal clear, with a little waterfall at one end and a screen cage around it. It would be pretty normal if there wasn't a giant orange and brown statue of a guy with a trident and a handful of sugar cubes at one end.

"What. Is. That?" Victoria gapes, her hands coming to her rainbow striped bikini.
"That's Finnick Odair!" Emily exclaims happily. "I built him myself, he's made entirely of recycled Reese's Cup wrappers that I melted down and used to sculpt Finnick, the sexiest man alive."

"But he doesn't have black hair." Sam said a little confused. "You love black hair."
"You're so shallow!" Emily yelps, causing us to raise our eyebrows. "It's what's inside that count! Cubes of sugary goodness, Sammy! That's what's inside!"

Alexa rolled her eyes and put her hands on her black tankini. "Says the girl who stalks every black, blonde, and Ginger haired boy at camp."

"SHALLOW!" Emily screamed, covering her ears.

"Okay then…" Sam muttered, eyes wide, taking a step away from the crazy girl with a lint roller.

"Well?" Emily asked, her mood turning three sixty. "You guys swimming or not?"

Miranda shrugged, and brushed her TARDIS blue bikini. "Yeah. By the way…." She smirked. "The tenth Doctor is the sexiest man alive."

Emily's jaw dropped. Then she turned a furious red and pointed her finger at Miranda. "YOU TAKE THAT BACK!"

Miranda rolled her eyes, and crossed her arms. "Please. Does your man have gorgeous brown eyes? At least mine didn't die."

Emily scoffed. "Finnick didn't die; he just was lost in battle!"

I sighed. "Emily…Finnick unfortunately died in battle."

"LIES!" She screamed. Then she turned towards Miranda. "And your man did die. As I recall there has been eleven Doctors so far?"

Miranda paled. Then without warning she leapt at Emily. The two crashed into the pool screaming at each other.

"Well," Alexa said. "Who wants to go swimming?"

We all groaned and jumped into the pool, trying to separate them from killing each other.


"Do we even want to know what you have in your room if this is what is out here?" I asked, drying myself off, and pulling on a Nike tee.

"Of course!" Emily beams, grabbing mine and Sam's wrists and pulling us inside again. When she touched our wrists, whatever was still wet smoked and dried instantly.

"CHEEK DNA!" Andrea screams pulling Miranda aside. Miranda looks as though she's going to flip her, but when she pears into her microspore she stops thinking.

"Wow," Miranda says in awe, talking to Andrea. "I never knew that cheek DNA looked like that. It's so…..eww."

We turn right when we reach the end of the kitchen and stand before a door covered in sketches and posters. I could barely even see the door itself. Even the doorknob had rainbow unicorn stickers on it.

"I'm not sure we should go in there," Alexa says as Emily rests her hand on the handle. "It looks dangerous.
"Don't be silly, Lexi," Emily laughs. "Nothing was died in here in weeks!"

We all exchange nervous glances as she throws open the door. Surprisingly, it's clean… but still. The entire place is designed to look like a forest, with a huge painting of trees with light filtering in through the leaves on the wall, and vines draped over the bed posts and curtain rods.

Her bed itself has a giant leaf hanging over it and fake flowers are sticking up from behind the dressers and any other possible space they could have been stuck. An entire wall is being taken up by a massive bookshelf like the one you would see in a library, covered entirely in books of all sizes and colors.

"Oh my gods," I say taking a step up to the bookshelf. "You have everything!" I practically drool at the sight of Shakespeare's Much ado about Nothing.

"Yep," She says proudly.

"Gaea to Bella!" Izzy hisses, bringing me out of my stupor.

"What'd I miss?" Miranda asks, walking in and frowning at the book collection. "You have a book on Chemistry?"

"No, Mirmaid, don't-" Emily begins, but gets cut off as Miranda pulls the book off the shelf and suddenly a section of wall slides back to reveal a secret room. Alexa grins and is inside it before Emily could even say 'Sherman.'

"Wow, guys, check this out!" Alexa yells back. We all walk inside the room and find in surprise that it's bigger than her room, with dark grey walls and a matching floor and ceiling. She has two of those giant bookshelves in here, but instant of being covered with regular books, they're covered in comic books and graphic novels. One wall is titled 'Wall of Fame' and has pictures of characters like Batman and the Flash. I can tell because they're names are underneath they're portraits.

"Why?" I facepalm. How many times have I faceplamed today? Too much to count.

"Who is this?" Sam asks, pointing to a boy on the wall with dark eyes black like coal, black hair styled into devil horns, and a ginger tabby cat perched on his shoulders.

"Le gasp!" Emily yelps. "You don't know who that is?"

"None of us do." Miranda shakes her head, looking rather bored.

"That's Klarion!" Emily explains. "In Young Justice he's a lord of chaos, but most of the time he's just Klarion bum bum bum the witch boy."

"Bum bum bum?" Hannah asks, tilting her head to the side.
"Is the bum bum bum really necessary?" Miranda asks, raising an eyebrow.
"It's totally necessary!" Emily snaps, like it's obvious. "It adds dramatic effect! Besides, if Bella could get sucked into Danny Phantom, we could also get sucked into Young Justice one day, where I plan to stay, become immortal, and marry Klarion so we can live forever with his cat familiar, Teekl, and my lint roller!"

"You're messed up." Miranda scowls.
"I know!" She says happily.
"Why is there a dart board with Tim Burton's picture on it?" Victoria asks, motioning to said dart board. Emily's expression darkens.

"Because," She hisses through gritted teeth, grabbing Victoria by the shoulders and shaking her exaggeratedly. "He ruined Batman! Ruined it! I mean, he put nipples on the costume! NO MORE BATNIPPLES!"

Miranda pouted. "But Johnny Depp is in most of his movies! You gotta love him! He's hot for an old guy!"

She begins shaking with rage so I suggest that we go to the kitchen and get something to eat, which she agrees to. After watching her rummaging through the cabins she finally comes back with a box of Oreo cookies.

"They haunt my dreams." She whispers in my ear, handing me the box.

"Emily," I sigh. "Have you ever considered getting a therapist?"
"Oh," She laughs. "We've decided that I shouldn't have one, not after what happened with the last few."

"That's encouraging." Miranda says sarcastically.
"Hey, Emily," Andrea says, joining us in the living room and waving a DVD in the air. "I bought a new Batman movie."

"OH MY GOSH!" Emily screams, practically flying out of the chair and snatching the box out of her mother's grasp. She turns to us and puts on a puppy-dog face. "Pwease?"

"No!" Miranda snaps before anyone else can say anything. Emily narrows her eyes and I swear the room becomes ten degrees colder. Thunder rumbles outside and one of her hyenas, who lay on dog beds in the corner of the room, howls.

"MIRANDA!" Sam, Erin, Izzy, Hannah, Alexa, Victoria, and I screamed.


So that's how we spend the next few hours, watching an animated Batman movie featuring some villain that I've never even heard of (who the heck is The Red Hood, anyway?) and listening to Emily commentate on things like how hot Robin is and how in the comic books blah, blah, blah. I'm going to be honest and say that I may have tuned half of that movie out with my ADHD powers, but it doesn't really matter because I doubt I would have got it anyway. This whole place doesn't make any sense.

The only thing I can completely understand, actually, is the fact that Emily really needs professional help.