"Sometimes I'm terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants. The way it stops and starts." - Edgar Allan Poe

This had happened before.

Though he wasn't the same man, and she wasn't the same woman.

This had happened before, but their lives had changed so much since then.

They had grown older, been beaten down and beaten up. They had learned to be tougher…

But being there together, maybe they hadn't become smarter.

"God, you're amazing, Olivia you feel so amazing… Fuck!" Brian said as his hands gripped her ass as he pushed further inside of her.

Her breaths short, and her vocals let him know she was right there with him.

She was more voluptuous than she was before, and the way she moved her body was much more confident, and much more animalistic. She had lost her hesitancy and her tendencies to over think, or at least over think when she was bed with Brian Cassidy.

He was stronger, harder, more in control.

Hasty sex more than a decade ago was now more hungry and purposeful.

Lust becomes need when this much time passes.

He wasn't the same man and she wasn't the same woman.

His thumb slid across her clit as he continued to fuck her.

"Come with me Olivia, I'm so close, come with me." He said almost pleading.

Olivia gripped his broad shoulders, trying to brace herself before she lost control.

Brian slowed, locking eyes with Olivia, he ran his fingers back and forth methodically over her clit, bring her to the edge with him.

Her back arched, and the words escaped her, "fuck, oh please, fuck."



Brian pushed inside her a few more times before his body convulsed inside of her.

Their bodies crashed together, both trying to catch their next breath.

Brian rolled over beside Olivia.

"I've missed you" he said a smug grin appearing on his face.

"I'm sure you have." Olivia said now giving Brian her own smug grin.

That made him laugh.

He had missed her.

Everything about her.

Brian kissed her shoulder and noticed the chills bumps splayed down her arms.

He set up searching for the discarded sheet.

He found it puddled at the bottom of the bed and pulled it over he and Olivia, but not before making sure she saw him take her body in one more time before he covered her.

"You're beautiful."

"Cassidy." She protested.

"And you still can't take a compliment."

She shook her head, blushing, giving a slight smile.

Brian reached for her pulling her against him and Olivia snaked her arms across his chest, letting him wrap his arms around her.

"You'll stay the night?"

It was a question.

Maybe she wasn't the same woman.

The one that wanted to run.

The one that hoped the phone would ring and her job would take her away from anything that might be deeper or go further…

She was lying there in Brian Cassidy's arms and it was ok.

She let it be ok.

Olivia shook her head agreeing.

She would stay the night.