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Ch. 20

"I'm giving you all of my love… God knows we're worth it." – "I Won't Give Up"/J. Mraz

Alex had left her asleep in bed this morning.

Olivia had worked late the night before; she had come home tired, worn down from the day and all if had to offer.

Alex helped Olivia undress, messaged her shoulders, and kissed all over her skin until she drifted off to sleep.

She needed the rest.

Alex was up early this morning.

She could hardly sleep and she figured what was the use in forcing herself any longer, so she left Olivia in bed.

She skimmed over the newspaper trying desperately to keep her mind occupied with the headlines while the coffee finished brewing.

Olivia now stood quietly at the entryway of the kitchen watching Alex.

Her bare legs, her t-shirt short, revealing the little red lace panties…

Thos woman was everything to her.

"Good morning," Olivia said after a moment of surveying her love reading the paper.

"Coffee's about rea…" Alex said as she turned to see Olivia standing there in the kitchen completely naked.

A sly grin on Olivia's lips.

"You… you're…"

"Naked?" Olivia said confidently.

Alex grinned.

"Yes you are and sexy, so sexy." Alex said walking towards Olivia leaving the forgotten coffee and newspaper on the counter.

Alex ran her hands down the sides of Olivia's body curving at her waist down to her hips.

Olivia pulled Alex's glasses from face, discarding them on the counter.

Alex tugged Olivia's hips towards her, then cupping Olivia's bare ass in to her hands.

"So sexy," Alex repeated as she held her against her.

Their mouths instantly crashed in to each other's.

Tongues tangling and twisting.

Alex backed Olivia in to the living room, searching for any place to fall.

You didn't show up in the kitchen naked and not know what was going to happen next.

She guided Olivia towards the couch, as it seemed to be the first viable place to land.

Instead, when their feet hit the plush rug on the way to the couch, Olivia had already shoved her hands under Alex's t-shirt, pushing it over her head and they were falling to the living room floor.

The plush rug now against Alex's bare back as Olivia crawled on top of her, and continued their relentless kisses.

Olivia sent chills down Alex's skin as she took each of her hardened nipples in to her mouth, slow, one by one, tongue swirling.

"Oh God…" slipped from Alex's lips as her body arched towards Olivia's mouth.

Olivia couldn't taste enough of her skin, as Alex's hands couldn't touch enough of Olivia's body.

Alex moaned as Olivia slid her hand beneath Alex's panties.

The red lace ones.

Olivia drug her fingers in to Alex's folds feeling just how wet she was.

"Alex…" Olivia said as if it had escaped her lips.

Alex looked down to see Olivia's hand beneath panties, buried inside of her.

Alex moved, against her fingers, burying Olivia's finger deeper.

"So wet." Was all Olivia could say, mesmerized by how it felt to run her fingers up and down Alex's sex, coating her with her own juices.

Olivia then pulled her hand from her and Alex.

She let out a slight whimper at the absence of Olivia's fingers, but Olivia only removed her hand to pull Alex's panties off of her.

Olivia drug Alex's panties down her long legs.

Slowly down her thighs, her knees, her calves…

Passed her wine colored toes.

Olivia sat on her knees admiring her porcelain skin.

"Alex… you're so beautiful." She said sincerely.

Alex reached for Olivia, trying desperately to touch her.

Olivia took one last moment looking at her love then gently pushed Alex 's legs further apart.

Olivia gave a grin to the glistening sex between Alex's legs.

She ran her hands up Alex's thighs, up her belly to her pert nipples and back down again.

Knowing how much Alex loved her abundant breasts, she leaned over Alex dragging them up and down her body until her breast met Alex's core.

Alex instantly reacted feeling Olivia against her, feeling her tease her breast against her opening.

Olivia glared at Alex, giving her a grin, before she began to place kisses on her inner thighs.

Olivia then thrust her right breast into Alex's wet center.

A throaty breath left Alex's mouth.

Alex rocked her core against Olivia's breast.

Their eyes fixed on the others, their actions deliberate.

Olivia pushed herself in to Alex as she rode against her breast, pleasuring herself from the friction of skin on skin.

"Fuck," Alex breathed. "God, you're so..." Alex managed as her rhythm picked up.

The look of determination on her love's face to make her come only made her wetter against Olivia's breast.

She couldn't believe how hot it was to fuck her this way, to come this way.

After Alex came, Olivia drug her body between Alex's legs letting Alex's remaining wetness trail down her stomach.

Alex's body hitched from the feel of Olivia's body against her, still sensitive from her orgasm.

She settled in between Alex legs.

Alex wrapped her long legs protectively around Olivia, holding her against her naked body as she tried to regain her senses.

"I love you," Olivia whispered against Alex's neck.

A smile spread across Alex's face.

Alex reached for Olivia, placing her hand at her cheek, her eyes focused on her love.

"I love you so much." Alex said kissing Olivia passionately.

Alex nudged Olivia to the side, pushing her back to the floor. Alex crawled on top of Olivia now hungry to make Olivia come.

Alex hovered over Olivia, kissing her, kissing her neck, down her chest, tasting herself on Olivia's nipples.

Alex looked up at Olivia and grinned.

Olivia let out a slight sexy laugh knowing what she just done to her fiancé.

Alex continued her kisses.

The curves of Olivia's body made her crazy.

They had always made her crazy.

Every inch of her body was so feminine, so curvaceous, so perfect.

"I want to spend the rest of my life with my lips on your skin, my mouth between your legs, my heart in your hands… forever Olivia." Alex said before she tugged at the lobe of Olivia's ear between her teeth.

Olivia couldn't help but be swept up with the emotion of Alex's words.

Alex drug her mouth further down Olivia's body.

"Perfect, you're so perfect," Alex said in between nips of Olivia's skin.

Alex took no time to test the water, she quickly plunged her mouth in to Olivia's center.

Olivia let out a loud moan as Alex took her clit between her lips and quickly letting her tongue taste.

It was no secret that Alex loved and admittedly craved the taste of her.

Olivia's hands buried in Alex's long blond hair, Alex's mouth buried in Olivia.

Olivia's body writhed and twisted below Alex's talented mouth.

Alex didn't stop until Olivia's body shuttered against her, until she begged her to stop.

Both coming down, both of their bodies buzzing from making each other come, they lay beside each other on their living room rug.

"You were naked." Alex said amused.

"It was all for you." Olivia teased.

"Oh really?" Alex laughed.

"We should shower… We do have somewhere to be today."

Alex rolled over, kissing down Olivia's neck at her sex-ridden skin. "I can't believe you're going to be my wife in a few hours."

Olivia smiled. "And you'll be mine."

"Aren't we not suppose to see each other before the wedding?"

Olivia stopped applying her eyeliner and looked over at Alex.


Alex only laughed.

"Well it is a tradition."

"What part of our wedding day has been traditional thus far?"

"Finish getting ready in here, I'm going to go put on my dress, then I'll leave the bedroom to you."

"Alex, we've been together all morning!"

"Would you just humor me? I want to see you… I want to be surprised."

Olivia smiled.

"Let me know when you're dressed. I'll stay in here until you're done."

Alex smiled, "Thank you, " she said giving Olivia a quick kiss.

Alex was right, no matter how non-traditional this wedding was the simple anticipation of seeing Alex in the dress she had chosen to wear to marry her was exciting.

Olivia slipped on her heels and took one last look in the mirror knowing Alex was waiting to see her.

She made her way in to the living room.


She was pacing, her heels clicking back and forth as if she were making her closing arguments.

Tears started to well up in Olivia's eyes at the sight of her.

The moment Alex saw her standing there; Olivia couldn't stop the tears from falling down her cheeks.

"You're so beautiful," Olivia said wiping her face, trying not to mess up her make-up.

"I can honestly say the same for you." Alex said taking her in.

"You really do look incredible," Olivia said looking Alex up and down in her champagne colored lace dress that was above her knee, her blonde hair flowing past her shoulders.

Olivia wore a short winter white three quarter length sleeve dress that hugged her body. The dress was an amazing contrast against her skin, but so classically Olivia in fit. Her hair swept up loosely…

"Stunning," Alex whispered before kissing Olivia intently.

"Did you call Don, he will be there right?"

Olivia smiled.

"He'll be there."


Olivia could tell, Alex was checking off her list.

"You're nervous."

"I'm not, I'm just, I'm anxious." Alex said making a face.

"A shot of whiskey?" Olivia offered.

"It's 10:45 in the morning."

"We're getting married, I think it's ok."

"Ok then yes, a shot… just to calm my nerves."

"I thought you weren't nervous?"

"Really Liv? This is the rest of my life? These kind of conversations for the rest of my life?"

Olivia's eyes widened, trying to hold off her laughter.

"How long do you think it will take?" Olivia asked pouring their shots of whiskey.

"I guess depending on what the wait in line is…"

Olivia shook her head, handing Alex the shot glass.

Olivia held up her own shot glass.

"To us!" Olivia said grinning.

"Yes! To us!" Alex said her glass clinking against Olivia's.

Both took the shoot.

"Ok, are you ready?" Alex asked taking the glasses and sitting them on the counter.

"Yeah, I mean we have a few minutes before we have to leave."

"Oh ok."


"You're not going to throw up are you?" Olivia teased.

"No." Alex said adamantly.

"I mean really… did you see my shoes? They're amazing and I don't want you throwing up on these shoes."

"Yes those are amazing shoes, and I will do my best not to vomit on them!"

Olivia grinned at Alex.

"Oh your comedy routine is how you're distracting me?"

"It's working isn't it?"

Alex gave a half grin, "maybe."

Olivia took Alex's hands in front of her; she pulled Alex in to another soft kiss.

Alex's eyes were closed; she was holding Olivia's hands tightly in hers.

Alex opened her eyes slowly looking at the dark eyes before her.

Alex swallowed the lump in her throat. "The day I met you, the day I lost you, the day I told you I wanted you, when I said I love you, when I asked to marry me… Then it felt like enough for a lifetime," Alex squeezed Olivia's hands again. "Now the thought of what's to come, our life together, our babies, birthdays, and anniversaries… and today… Today, the biggest moment of my life, today marrying the love of my life…. Olivia, I know I'm rambling, but I just want you to know that I look forward to every day, every moment with you. Thank you for letting me in, thank you for letting me be the one that gets to love you. I'm the luckiest woman in the world.

Olivia pulled the back of Alex's hand to her lips, savoring her touch for a moment.

"I am not an easy one." Olivia said trying to keep her emotions in tact. "I've spent my life guarding myself, guarding my heart. The day I met you I was so enamored with your beauty, with how brilliant you are… and I felt so lucky that you became my best friend. When I realized that I loved you, that I was in love with you, I was scared. I wanted to guard myself like I had with everyone else. But you didn't let go, you didn't let me go. You fought for me, loved me like no one ever has. Alexandra Cabot, I… am the luckiest woman in the world."

Now Alex was trying to wipe away tears.

Alex let out a laugh, "we're a mess."

"We are." Olivia said agreeing, getting them both a tissue.

"We should go. Don't want to miss our own wedding."

"Yeah… you ready?"

"Yeah, lets do this."

They grabbed their coats and Alex took Olivia's hand.

"Marriage license! Oh my God we've lost it!" Alex said suddenly panicking.

"I stuck it on the fridge! I'll get it!" Olivia said as she ran to the kitchen grabbing it from under the Martha's Vineyard magnet. "I have it. See? It's all good… Let's go get married!"

Alex took a deep breath and Olivia's hand.

There was a hint of spring in the air; the sun was shining, giving warmth to a dissipating winter.

New signs of life.

Flowers were starting to bloom; children were trying desperately to pretend it was warm enough to play in the park.

A cab ride with windows to a city that had no idea that two people would not begin a life today, but continue a life. They would say, "I do" and promise to love, and to cherish and give hope to the possibilities of their life together.

Standing outside of the clerk of courts office Alex Cabot and Olivia Benson were to be married the way they wished to be married.

"You're nervous." Olivia said looking over at Don and then to Alex, grinning.

Alex only shook her head, rolling her eyes to Olivia.

"Yes I'm nervous, you're getting married. I'm nervous."

Olivia laughed.

"Don't mind her," Alex said to Don. "She's been feisty like this all morning."

"I have not!" Olivia protested.

Alex leaned in to Don. "She's nervous."

Don laughed.

"Alexandra Cabot, Olivia Benson?"

Both women too a quick glance at each other and walked forward.

"Do you have a witness?"

"Yes he's right here, Donald Cragen."

No sparking lights, no guest lists, no expensive cake, maybe expensive shoes, but just a piece of paper, their signatures and an "I do".

Today… Alexandra Cabot married Olivia Benson.

The end.