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Ch. 9

"Baby, do I do it for you? Oh, 'cause all I ever wanted, baby, was to do it for you." "Breakfast In Bed"/Train

Alex straddled Olivia as Olivia played with the bottom of the faded black Rolling Stones t-shirt Alex was wearing.

"I like this t-shirt better on you" Olivia said admiring how the t-shirt was just long enough to hit the top of Alex's thighs.

They had stayed in bed most of the morning telling all of the things they should and needed to be doing.

Still, they stayed in bed.

It had been a two weeks since they fought about Cassidy. It had been two weeks since they laid down the rules of a relationship.

Their relationship.

Alex reached for the coffee cup on the nightstand.

She let Olivia sit up while she took a sip and then handed the cup to Olivia.

"I like breakfast in bed with you" Olivia said taking a sip and then sitting the cup back down.

"A left over slice of pizza and coffee in not breakfast!" Alex teased as she sat facing Olivia, wrapping her legs around her so close their cores almost made contact.

"It's breakfast at Casa de Benson!" Olivia said laughing.

Alex kissed Olivia, "your grocery shopping skills are to be desired," another kiss, and another lingering... kiss.

"Another reason why I like your apartment better!" Olivia grinned. "You have food!"

Alex rolled her eyes as she tugged at the now stretched tank Olivia had slept in, pulling her closer.

Olivia nipples hardened as Alex ran her hands under the tank and over Olivia's breasts.

"Hard to keep my hands off you." Alex mumbled against Olivia's lips.

Another kiss.

Alex then pulled away with a grin, looking at Olivia.

"What?" Olivia asked puzzled as she was falling for Alex's moves.

Alex reached for a strand of Olivia's long wavy hair, twirling it around her finger.

"I want to take you out."

'OK, but I thought we were staying in bed?"

"No, I mean I want to take you out tonight. We've had dinner together for years, but I've never taken you anywhere special. I want to take you somewhere where you can wear a sexy little dress..." Alex said with a devilish grin.

"Alexandra are you asking me out on a date?"

"Yes, I am." Alex laughed.

"Figures I would finally get a dinner date out of you while you're fondling my breasts!"

Alex looked at Olivia as if she were appalled.

Olivia leaned in kissing her and pushed her against the bed.

Olivia climbed on top of Alex, teasing her lips, kissing her passionately before she tried getting out of bed.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Alex pouted.

Olivia looked at the blonde lying in her bed, long bare legs strewn about.

"I have to get up. I have a date tonight and I need to shower, and figure out what to wear and…"

Alex grabbed Olivia's hand and pulled her back towards her on the bed.

"Just a little longer."

Olivia grinned.

Alex Cabot was sexy as hell.

"Hey are we sleeping here or at your place tonight?" Olivia asked, thinking.

Alex grinned

"We can sleep at my apartment or we can sleep here. As long as I'm with you I don't care where we sleep!"

"I was just going to send a bag with you when you went home this afternoon, so I could have a few things for tomorrow." Olivia said shyly.

"Maybe you should pack a few things you wouldn't mind just leaving at my apartment." Alex said. "Not that I mind seeing you in anything of mine…"

Alex suddenly wondered if she should start back peddling.

This was Olivia Benson she was dealing with.

Olivia grinned. "I think I could spare a few things to leave there."

Another hour passed lying in bed together before they had to get up.

"I'll be back here around 6:30?" Alex said taking Olivia's overnight bag in her hand.

"Sounds good" Olivia said pulling Alex a bit closer for a goodbye kiss. "Oh and don't look in the bag."

"What?" Alex said grinning.

Olivia placed her finger at Alex's lips. "Little surprise Alexandra," was all Olivia said, before kissing her goodbye again.


Not scared, but anticipation.

The woman Alex had left only a few hours ago was driving her wild with anticipation.

Alex sprayed perfume against her neck, and let the perfume splay against more of her bare skin.

Black lace panties, a matching bra underneath a black, slinky, draped front dress that was of course short enough, and revealing enough to display Olivia's favorite asset of Alex's.

Her insanely long legs.

Alex slid on the slightly pointed 3 inch black heels that had her standing at 6 feet tall.

Alex snickered to herself hoping Olivia wouldn't out do her on the heels.

She liked that she had a little height on Olivia, two inches or not.

Alex grabbed her clutch and looked at herself one more time in the hallway mirror before leaving.

Alex stood up straighter, a smile crossing her face. She had never felt more confident, and more consumed by anyone in her life.

A man, a woman… no one had ever taken over her senses the way Olivia Benson had and did.

What once was uncertain, what once frightened her, didn't matter.

She was so in love with Olivia.

Olivia opened the door; her eyes wide, her perfect Colgate smile.

Alex stood in the doorway taking Olivia in.

Worth the anticipation.

Never was there a moment of doubt that Olivia was truly beautiful. But when the opportunity to be out of her element, to see her when she wasn't playing with the boys… God, she was stunning.

Alex at first said nothing as a smile crossed her face. Alex's hands reached for Olivia's waist as she made her way in to the apartment. Alex then slid her hands down the silky blue material to Olivia's hips.

"You look incredible." Alex said leaning in for a quick kiss before returning her eyes to the woman before her.

Olivia grinned, blushed even.

The way Alex was looking at her made her blush.

Her dark blue dress hugged her hips, down her thighs, before hitting the top of her knees. Every inch, every curve was blatant and sexy and outlined in her dress.

The peaks of her breast her shoulders…

Perfection displayed.

Olivia new what she had to offer.

Olivia reached for Alex's hips, pulling her closer once again, "you look so sexy, so beautiful…"

Olivia tugged at Alex's bottom lip and Alex gently pushed Olivia against the back of the door.

Alex held Olivia's hands, palm to palm against the door.

Alex noticed, even though Olivia was sporting some outrageous heels she still had a bit of height on her.

"Alex we have to stop… we're not going to make it out of here!" Olivia said though she snuck in another kiss.

"Ok, ok we have to go… now."

Olivia laughed as she quickly grabbed her purse and the cashmere wrap that Alex had bought her for Christmas two years ago…

"I gave…"

Olivia leaned in kissing Alex and grinning, "yes baby you did."

They would straighten hair and reapply lipstick in the cab.

Alex assured Olivia she had planned the whole evening as they sat at the bar enjoying a cocktail before dinner.

"How did you get reservations?"

"I have my ways?" Alex said grinning.

"Of course you do!" Olivia said with a laugh as she took another sip of her drink.

"Did I mention you look incredible?" Alex said leaning in to Olivia.

"Did I mention that those legs are killing me slowly?"

Alex grinned.

Mission accomplished.

"Hi there."

Handsome, well dressed in an expensive suit, cocktail in hand.

"How are you ladies this evening?"

He was confident, as he leaned in closer to Olivia, dominating the space over she and Alex.

They only both smiled politely.


"Two beautiful woman sitting here at the bar… I would love to buy you your next drinks."


Olivia looked at Alex raising her brow.

Alex gave an all-knowing grin.

"Not to be rude, but my girlfriend and I are trying to have a little date night, so if you don't mind…" Olivia said giving a slight lustful bite to her bottom lip.

Alex then as if on cue slid her hand along her lover's thigh.

Mr. Confident backed away, shaking his head.

All Olivia and Alex could hear was him mumbling something about 'go figure' as he walked away.

"I know you were dying to do that!" Alex said letting out a pleased laugh.

"The look on his face!" Olivia said amused.

"I think he thought he was going to score two chicks!" Alex joked.

"I guess we killed his hard on…"

They both laughed.

As Alex had yet to remove her hand from Olivia's thigh.

"Ms. Cabot, your table is ready."

Alex smiled waiting for Olivia to stand, gathering her drink as she followed.

Olivia reached back for Alex's hand.

The split second decision, a public display…

Their relationship.

Alex intertwined her fingers with Olivia's as they made their way through the restaurant to their table.

"Dinner was amazing!" Olivia said as she settled in to the back of the cab beside Alex.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it." Alex said, adoring the smile on Olivia's face.

They both sat quietly, watching the street lights go by as the cab made its way to Alex's apartment on the Upper East Side.

Olivia had slid her hand against Alex's bare thigh, letting her fingers graze back and forth against Alex's skin, teasing her short hemline.

Alex leaned in pressing her lips to the lobe of Olivia's ear. "I'm so in love with you." She said lingering.

Alex had to confess.

A smile spread across Olivia's face as she pulled Alex's body closer. "And I'm so in love with you."

"Hi Henry" They said almost in unison.

Henry was a perceptive man.

He had caught on.

"Good evening ladies. You both look very beautiful tonight."

"Date night." Alex said not skipping a beat.

"Ah well I hope you had a wonderful night..." He said with a smile, as the two disappeared on to the elevator.

"I really have had a wonderful night," Olivia said standing beside Alex on the elevator, her arm wrapped lazily around Alex's waist.

"Oh the night isn't over," Alex said, stealing a quick kiss to Olivia's bare shoulder.

Olivia grinned.

The door to the elevator opened.

"You didn't look in my bag did you?" Olivia said stepping off the elevator before Alex.

"I didn't look!" Alex said catching up with her. "I want to know what's in there!"

"The night isn't over Alexandra."

Two could play at this game.

"You're such a tease!" Alex joked, as she distractedly tried to open the door to her apartment.

Purses, keys, high heels… discarded.

"Benson, I want to know what's in the bag!"

"I told you it was a surprise." Olivia said nonchalantly.

Alex grabbed Olivia from behind, wrapping her arms around her waist.

"I don't like surprises!"

"Oh I think you might like this one." Olivia said, staying locked in her arms.

"You're not making this easy on me." Alex pouted.

"Then how about you start with the zipper of my dress." Olivia said seductively.

Olivia could almost hear Alex stop breathing in the silence.

Olivia felt Alex run her hands up the dress one last time before moving Olivia's hair to the side. Alex kissed Olivia on the back of her neck.


Alex pulled the zipper down a few inches and kissed the newly exposed skin. Another few inches and the satin and lace of Olivia's fuchsia bra was revealed.

Alex stopped admiring the color against Olivia's skin.

Olivia couldn't see the grin on Alex's face, but knew she had to be pleased the way Alex was taking her time.

Another kiss, another few inches.

A sound of pleasure unabashedly fell from Olivia's lips.

Alex had reached the small of Olivia's back and turned Olivia around and then reached, pulling the dress from Olivia's shoulders.

Olivia's skin and the color of her bra and her panties were insane.

A divine, rich color scheme.

Alex was biting her lip as she took her in.

"You're so beautiful."

Alex wanted to tell Olivia this over and over until she was sure she understood.

Alex slowly drug her hands down Olivia's body, every curve at her fingertips.

Olivia watched Alex touch her, tease her.

She reveled in the feel of electricity running through her.

Her knees felt week.

Her panties wet.

Olivia pulled Alex close to her.

"I have to know what's under that dress." Olivia said placing kisses at Alex's collarbone.

"Polka dots." Alex whispered… grinning.

"Love polka dots…" Olivia replied.

Alex reached up pulling the dress down off her shoulder, showing Olivia that she would have to "slink" out of it…

One shoulder bare, then another… a thin, lacey black bra revealed itself.

Olivia didn't wait to touch.

"Alexandra." Olivia said as she kissed Alex's shoulder and then slid the dress past her hips.

Matching thin, lacey black panties.


"To bed Olivia."

Olivia grinned as she followed Alex to bedroom.

Alex stopped at the end of the bed wanting to kiss Olivia again… "No…" Olivia said stopping her. "Sit." She said as Alex sat on the bed. "Your surprise."

Alex grinned.

"Scoot back," Olivia motioned as Alex made her way up the bed against the plush pillows.

"My bag?"

"Inside the closet."

"Wait for me." Olivia instructed as she left Alex lying there.

Oh Alex would wait.

Olivia came back only a minute later, her surprise held behind her back.

Alex still grinned.

"What it is it?!" Alex asked impatiently

Olivia's knees hit the bed and she crawled up the bed meeting Alex. Still on her knees she positioned herself between Alex's legs.

"Liv!" Alex said playfully now reaching for what was behind Olivia's back.

Olivia let her take it…

Alex looked wide-eyed at the silicone object that hung in place by thin leather straps.

She looked at Olivia.

The look in Olivia's eyes.

Olivia leaned on all fours over Alex.

"I want to fuck you."

Her voice low.

To the point.




Alex didn't say anything, only opened her legs underneath Olivia and smiled.

Olivia closed her eyes for a split second.

She had never done this, never strapped on a dildo and fucked woman.

But Jesus she wanted to fuck Alex. Get inside her, be as close to her as she physically could.

Olivia stood up on her knees, and Alex pulled at the soaked silk panties.

Past her knees, her ankles, panties to the floor.

Alex ran her thumb along Olivia's core, dipping slightly in to her folds to feel how wet she was.

She gave Olivia a satisfied look.

Alex grabbed the harness as Olivia stood beside the bed.

Alex helped Olivia slide the harness up her thighs and fasten it in to place.

They were both breathing intently, taking in their actions.

Alex stood on her knees at the edge of the bed, kissing Olivia passionately.

They kissed until the nerves that had seemingly over taken them before had gone.

Alex kissed down Olivia's neck, down the peaks of her breasts. She undid Olivia's bra and took the voluptuous breast in to her mouth, kissing and sucking…

Alex then kissed down Olivia's body, rubbing her hands back and forth against the dildo, making sure she got a teasing touch against Olivia's core.

"Fuck me." Alex finally said.

Olivia grinned, hungry.

She laid Alex back on the bed, climbing on top of her.

Olivia kissed Alex and continued down her body.

Olivia licked and nipped at Alex's hard nipples through the thin lace of her bra.

Olivia then quickly removed Alex's brand and had her mouth on her now bare breasts.

Alex's fingers tangled through Olivia's hair as Olivia drug the dildo down her body, followed by her lips.

Olivia reached for Alex's wet panties, soaking them even further with her mouth against the lace.

Alex whimpered.

Olivia grinned.

"Please Liv, please baby..."

Olivia hooked her fingers against Alex's panties, pulling them down her legs and letting them meet the floor near her own puddle of discarded apparel.

Back over her, Olivia held the dildo in her hands guiding it against Alex's wetness.

Another whimper.

Alex's core was glistening from how wet she was.

Olivia slid the tip of the dildo against Alex's clit several times coating it with Alex's wetness before guiding it to her entrance.

Alex raised her hips towards Olivia and took Olivia's hand and intertwined it with hers.


Olivia pushed in to Alex, stopping letting her adjust the size of the dildo. Then a few more inches… until she was completely inside of her.

Alex wanted to kiss Olivia, ravishing her lips, tasting her…

They kissed recklessly as Olivia began to pump in and out of Alex, finding a rhythm as Alex now cupped Olivia's ass.

"Oh God baby" Alex said feeling Olivia against her.

Olivia focused on keeping her rhythm as the base of the strap on rubbed up against her with every thrust.

"This feels so good baby." Alex assured Olivia.

"Yes, yes it's so good," was all Olivia could manage.

Alex was pleased to see that their new toy was also pleasuring Olivia.

Alex reached her arms around Olivia's neck, holding on as Olivia continued to rhythmically pull in and out of her.

Olivia reached for Alex's clit, flicking it back and forth with her two fingers.

Alex moaned in pleasure, occasionally screaming, obscenities and Liv's name over and over.

"Oh God, Liv, baby I'm gonna come! Come with me, please come!"

Olivia's rhythm fastened pushing in and out of Alex's pleasuring herself as the strap on continued to press against her own clit as she rubbed Alex's.

Alex pushed herself in to Olivia.

Deeper, harder.

Alex began to quiver, her legs wanting to slam shut, forcing a larger thrust in to Olivia's clit.

Every breath, every moan… loud, unscripted and uncontrolled as they both came.

Olivia pulled out of Alex and for a few moments the both lie beside each other, regaining consciousness.


Alex then sat up pulling the strap on off of Olivia.

She then leaned over Olivia, grazing her lips.

"Next time, we can have a little role reversal," Alex said grinning as she snuggled in to her lover.