Ok, so it's twenty past midnight and this is written on a iPod, so might not be my greatest, but I had to write it otherwise I couldn't sleep. So yeah, this is basically Amy thinking about marrying Rory whilst talking to Professory bloke in Victory of the Daleks.

"Hey... Paisley. Ever fancied someone you know you shouldn't?" Oh but Amy knew all to well about fancying someone she shouldn't. She shouldn't of fancied Rory as he was the last bloke she could imagine herself with, but she still did.

"W... What?" Bracewell stuttered.

"Hurts, doesn't it? But kind of a good hurt." And it hurt her, because she really did love him, and she knew full well he could have had anyone else, he was sweet, loving, loyal and funny, even if he didn't realise it sometimes. He could have had any decent girl really, he could have even had Mels for christ sake, but no, always her.

"I really shouldn't talk about her."

"Oh. There's a her."

"What was her name?" The Doctor asked.


"Dorabella? It's a lovely name, it's a beautiful name."

"What was she like, Edwin?" Amy asked eagerly. She wanted to know, was she as clever and amazing as her Rory?

"Oh... Such a smile. And her eyes... Her eyes were so blue...Almost violet. Like the last touch of sunset on the edge of the world... Dorabella..." Amy sighed in relief as the bomb disabled and smiled at The Doctor. Yes, it was fun running around time and space with her raggedy Doctor having adventures, but she knew one thing, she would go back for her Rory.