So my first ever fanfic. I fell in LOVE with Sterek and I felt the sudden urge to write them.

The character belong to Jeff Davis. If I did own it... Shirtless Stiles in every scene.

He couldn't do it anymore. Stiles had enough of being the helpless victim. He wasn't strong or fast. Stiles needed to learn to fight for himself, and the big bad sour wolf was gonna teach him. Or he'd die trying.

Stiles waited out side the burnt down manor waiting for Derek to get home. He was definitely nervous and had no clue how he was going to convince Derek to help him train. Stiles knew that it'd be difficult but he needed to try.

Derek pulled up to the manor and noticed a certain smell, a kind of spice it seemed. It was a human scent and he remembered who it belonged to. The hyper active, loud, never shutting-up teenager that is Stiles Stilinski. God, how he wanted to rip his throat out of his mouth.

A car pulled up to the manor and Stiles heart began to beat faster and louder. Why was he so freaking nervous? Maybe because every time he and Derek where alone, the wolf would constantly threaten him with bodily harm. Derek had a way of making Stiles freak out.

"What are you doing here Stilinski?" Derek growled at Stiles as he exited his black Camero.

"I really need to talk to you Derek, it's important. Like very, really, super important." Stiles was starting to ramble. The teen knew how cold Derek could be. Stiles reminded himself to just get to the point.

"I've been thinking a lot, about things. I need a favor and I know you might be a bit busy seeing how you have a bunch of wolfy things to take care up." Stiles said looking back to the tarnished house.

"What do you want Stiles?" The wolf was getting irritated. What did this high school kid want? Was he brave or just stupid coming out to the woods knowing there have been rouge wolf sighting. Derek wondered of Stiles even had a brain, but then he remembered Stiles was a whole lot smarter than he let on.

"Train me." Stiles blurted out. The teen hand his hand on his head as his heart began to beat wildly. He knew Derek could say no. Hell, he half expected Derek to just ignore him all together.

"Look I know we aren't the best of friends..."

"You don't say." Grumbled the wolf.

"But I know you want Scott in your pack. I can help with that. "

Derek was a bit taken back by Stiles aggressiveness. The Alpha knew everyone walked all over Stiles. Lydia, Jackson, Erica, hell even Scott his best friend ignored him at times. So why was the teen coming to him to train? Derek need Scott in his pack, Erica, Boyd and Isaac were still to fresh to the werewolf life to know how to handle everything. Scott could be his second in command.

"How exactly do you want me to help you? I don't exactly teach kung-foo 101."

"Oh, so even the sour wolf and make jokes. Look just show me some moves to defend myself when the Argent, wolves or Kanima come knocking on my door. I just need some help man. Scott is busy with trying to convince his mom he's not dangerous and my dads being my dad. Believe me this is the last place I wanted to be. My sarcasm and good looks can only protect me for so song." Stiles laughed.

He knew this was a horrible idea. Derek knew he was just asking for trouble, but as he look at the young teen standing on his porch he left so... sorry for him. The kid looked tired and worried. He looked like a lost little kitty cat. But Derek knew a cat had no place with wolves. Besides he still had to train all the teens he turned.

"Fine." Did he really just agree to train Stiles? Was the wolf losing his freaking mind? Derek almost wanted to take it back until he looked at Stiles face. The boy was so happy and Derek felt almost pride in knowing he cheered up the younger male with only one word.

"Thank you, thank you Derek! I promise you won't regret this! I'll try really hard. Thank you so much. If you want after the training session I can maybe cook for you or something? You know to make up for everything." Derek noticed Stiles was blushing. It was cute in a way. Derek never really noticed how adorable the boy was. Wait did Derek just think Stiles was adorable? He must be in need for a partner if he though that annoying brat was attractive, Derek mused.

Stiles jumped off the porch and ran to the older man. He knew Derek had a heart under all that ice. He was going to make sure Derek didn't regret it. Stiles held out his hand, but Derek only looked at it and walked past him.

Over his shoulder Derek told Stiles to come back tomorrow after school if he could. Stiles began to jog to his jeep. He had parked it away from the burnt down manor so Derek wouldn't avoid him. Stiles realized how what a dumb idea that was. He glanced at the clock on his phone and noticed it was 7:23pm and the forest was getting dark and dangerous. Now he wished Derek was around to walk him to is car. The trees were so tall and Stiles almost felt as if someone was watching him.

The teen opened the door to his jeep and jumped in locked the door as quickly as he could. He had no idea why he was so jumpy all of a sudden.

Derek watched as Stiles jumped into his beat up old jeep. Derek knew someone had been watching Stiles leave his house. He felt it in the air and in his bones.


So it's short and very scrambled but I hope you like it!