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When Stiles returned to school he was relaxed and full of energy (more than usual) he even managed to a goal in lacrosse practice, talk to Lydia and Jackson without feeling an overwhelming urge to punch Jackson and listen to Scott pine over Allison, and still be in a great mood. Yes Stiles Stilinski was at the top of this game and nothing was going to bring him down. That was until school ended and he once again found himself face to face with a red hair hound dog from hell.

Stiles groaned as he once again saw Knives leaning casually against his blue jeep. He knew the wolf was a mischievous kind of trouble; the smirk Knives wore was one of pure amusement. The wolf one again looked absolutely stunning with his red hair curly framing his handsome face. Knives wore a gray Joy Division t-shirt, with dark blue fitted jeans topped with black Adidas and those gorgeous eyes of his. Stiles was a little embarrassed with his blue shirt with a plaid checkered red over it. His jeans were fitted but faded after being washed for so long and Stiles also took note of the ketchup stain he had gotten earlier from lunch.

"Hello there Stiles," Knives flashed a devilish smile at the teen "how was your weekend with Derek? You two are the cutest couple I have ever seen and watching Derek go crazy jealous had to be the best part. Although he did hurt me pretty bad, I think you owe me Stiles. I favor for a favor, what do you say friend?"

With a blush Stiles responded, "I didn't really ask for your help. Beside what are you some kind of cupid werewolf? I also don't think we're really friends." Stiles chuckled at the thought of Derek being love sick, something Stile knew would never happen. "What do you need cupid? I don't have any bones or old sneakers for you to chew on."

Opening the door to his jeep Stiles hoped in not surprised when Knives did the same. Stiles had kind of grown fond of the wolf; he had a sense of knowing when someone was evil. Stiles was a great judge of character he saw the goodness that was in Derek and saw the evil that had been in Matt. Knives was funny and he could see he was intelligent, he was probably the only wolf who didn't want to kill him when he cracked a dog joke.

"I need to talk with your boyfriend Stiles," Knives said, drumming his fingers on the arm rest of Stiles jeep, "I need ask him if he's seen the werewolf I'm looking for."

Stiles glared at the red-headed wolf "First off Derek Hale isn't my boyfriend and second did you forget he almost killed you when you last met? Do you have a death wish!? Wolfs these days."

"This is important Stiles; I need to talk to him in person so he won't be able to lie to me. I'm looking for information on the wolf that bit me years ago." with a hidden express Knives ran a hand over his arm.

"Oh, are you going to kill him? Why do you think Derek would know him? Is he in Beacon Hills? If he is Derek hasn't said anything, but he's kind of closed mouthed anyway. I was going to head to Derek's house after school we can ask him when we get there. I'll take you so play nice. You should ask Scott for soe help too." Stiles was nervous to take Knives to speak with Derek. He knew Derek was not fond of Knives at all.

Derek would probably attack Knives on sight, Stiles hoped that with him being there he could persuade Derek to listen to the wolf. Knives was really only trying to help when he kissed him right? Oh god that damn kiss, the one that lad to a jealous Derek, which lead to a horny Derek, which then lead to a gentle tender Derek.

Casting Knives a sideways glace Stile opened his mouth once again, "So when you kissed me… the other day…. What was that man? I mean you should know I really like Derek and uhh, I think you're really… nice but… yeah."

"Stiles it's okay. I just wanted to show you I can be of help to you. Derek would have never claimed you if I hadn't intervened. Beside you and Derek go well together, he's dark and broody and you're, well you. It's hard to explain but you two just fit, almost like puzzle pieces. It was also painful to watch you both fanning over each other. I'm surprised your friend never caught on." Knives laughed at the look on Stiles face.

"Why does everyone think that? I mean I really like Derek but he's such a sour wolf. As for Scott, he's not very good at catching on to things like that. Jeez Derek is so hot Knives, and when we have sex he's so gentle it's weird, but I like it better then anything. Get this he even flirts with me now. Yes Derek-stoneheart-Hale actually flirts with me. I never fanned over him, I just know good-looking when I see. Okay, so I admit you helped a lot but that doesn't mean Derek won't still be pissed when he sees you. I don't think he considers you kissing me much of a help for anything." Gritting his teeth Stiles though of the best was to introduce the two wolves. He could just walk up to Derek's porch and say 'hey Derek you remember Knives? Yeah he only kissed me so you'd get mad and make sweet-hot-werewolf-sex with me.' Okay that might just work.

When they drove in to Derek's territory Knives looked over to Stiles and growled "stay on your toes okay? Derek is going to be pissed I'm on his turf, driving in a car with his Mate. That doesn't make a happy werewolf." Knives smirked over at young human boy.

"I'm not his mate okay? Not that I wouldn't mind, I mean his abs are like perfection. He's somewhat sweet at times and-"Stiles was cut short when he heard a fierce howl in the woods.

"Stop here Stiles, this is about to get intense." Knives smiled widely at the boy, Knives enjoyed a good confrontation, and he wasn't really one to get angry even when he transformed. Knives had been angry his whole human life so when he became a werewolf he figured it was about time for a change. His taste for vengeance will never fade but that didn't mean he shouldn't prevent himself from enjoying life.

Pulling over the boys hopped out of the car. Stiles looked around wildly hoping to stop Derek or one of the other pack members if they suddenly attacked. If he could get there attention maybe Derek would cool down and listen to him.

"Derek we need to talk, I know you can hear me with you super wolfy power," flailing his hands crazily Stiles continued to yell into the forest earning him an amused look from Knives; "the werewolf with me is not a threat. He is a very nice wolf and only wants to talk to you, so please don't rip him into shreds or cause him physical harm!"

Still no word from Derek, Knives decided to try to get the Alpha's attention, "I'm sorry Derek for kissing your boyfriend, for running my tongue all alo-" Knives was shoved violently on the ground, leaves flying through the air, Derek had Knives by the throat.

"You shut your mouth stray!" Derek growled at the younger wolf, shifting into the Alpha.

"Derek stop! He was just trying to get your attention! Derek plea-"

"Shut up Stiles. I told you to stay away from him!" Derek now full on, red eyed alpha, he then dragged Knives up by his neck.

"Look no need to get upset, I only wanted to talk, now could you please loosen your grip. I'm starting to get a bit light-headed." Knives smirked at the werewolf holding his throat and Derek looked at him like he was insane.

Releasing Knives throat Derek stalked over to Stiles, "do you ever listen?"

"I need to ask you some question Derek. Don't yell at Stiles he was only trying to help me. He is such a good person, always thinking of other before thinking of himself." Knives responded singing Stiles praises.

"I wasn't talking to you." through gritted teeth Derek gave the wolf a look that would have others shaking in their skin, but only managed to amuse Knives "it's because he's a good person he's always putting himself in danger." Derek finished.

Blushing at the compliment Stiles said in a low voice, "Derek could you please just hear him out? I will do whatever you say or what ever you want just please, c'mon?"

"Fine you have five minutes stray. Then you leave Stiles alone." Sighed Derek, and Stiles fist pumped in the air grinning.

"Well first of my name is Knives not stay-"

"Knives! Jesus, just take what you can get!" Stiles yelled at the wolf. That was once crazy wolf Stiles tried to hide his smirk.

"Second I need to know if you sensed another Alpha with or with out a pack now or a couple weeks ago. I'm looking for an Alpha by the name of William, William Hewers. Does it sound familiar at all?" Knives was completely serious waiting anxiously for Derek's answer.

Derek searched Knives face, he didn't think the wolf was any threat, maybe to his sanity, but Derek didn't believe the wolf was an enemy.

"When I lived in New York I remember an Alpha by that name. He had two other pack members but I only really met with him a few times by chance. We exchanged a couple words here and there but nothing to relevant. As far as sensing any other wolves around, a week ago a pack came through here but my pack and I never met with them. I honesty don't know if they're still around the area." Derek told Knives in a serious voice.

"Why didn't you say anything to me or Scott?" Stiles said in a hurt voice. He hated it when Derek hid things from him.

"You and Scott aren't pack remember?" Derek said in an annoyed voice. "I didn't think you two would want to get involved." What Derek really wanted to say was that he didn't want Stiles snooping around and end up getting hurt.

Knives nodded his head at the information, if there was a slim chance the Alpha William was still around he would take it. Beside he enjoyed watching the boy and his werewolf interact. It was like watching one of those Spanish novellas Neil use to make him watch. It wasn't like they understood much of what was happening but the shows seemed interesting enough.

"Thank you, I really am in your debt." Knives reached his hand out towards the wolf not really expecting Derek to take it.

Derek rolled his eyes and ignored the hand being offered to him, "Just leave us alone okay? You have the information you wanted get out of my town already" Derek growled at the other wolf.

"Sorry but I can't do that. I want your permission to keep looking around for that Alpha though. The sooner I find him the sooner I'm out of your hair." Knives negotiated with Derek, "I don't want to be trouble, if you want you can keep an eye on me since you don't trust me deal?"

"C'mon Derek he really needs some help, don't be such a wet dog," Stiles said, earning himself a glare from Derek, "I can see if he could stay with me for a few day?" Stiles offered.

"Hell no Stiles, he stays with me, Isaac and Peter. The stray will be as far away from you as possible." Derek raged at Stiles.

"You don't have to worry about me and Stiles, Derek. He's not my type and beside I was telling Stiles earlier about how good you two were together." Knives smiled at the blush forming on Stiles cheeks.

"Why does everyone keep saying that?" Derek groaned as he rubbed the bridge of his nose, these young kids were going to be the death of him. "Why were you two talking about this, on second though both of you shut up."

"I didn't even say anything for once!" protested Stiles, but then smiled when he remember ow he had told Knives the same thing earlier. "Here hop in I'll drive you both to the house okay? I'll text Scott to meet us there and we can figure out the possible place the Alpha maybe hiding."

Derek took the passenger seat and Knives took the back seat of the jeep. Stiles sent a quick text to Scott to meet up at Derek's. If anyone would seriously be able to help Knives Scott was the right werewolf for emotional support. Stiles hoped Derek would ease up on Knives if Scott was there to smooth over the tension. They drove off towards the house and Stiles was excited to finally have a reason to be around Derek more.


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