TRTSS42: In Memory of a Grand Dame! – By Ocramed

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Note: This is a two-part story.

Special Note: This story takes place after the events of "Thanks for the Memories", post-"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine". C&C are welcomed.

Author's Note: I don't know why I didn't do a tribute story to the late actress Majel Barrett-Rodenberry, who died from leukemia back in 2008. This is especially since one of the character that she played, the Betazoid Ambassador Laxwana Troi, had married Ranma Saotome in order to protect her son from being claimed by the son's biological father. So, without further ado, here is my tribute to the "First Lady of Trekdom". Enjoy…

Part 2

Down in Ranma's suite, Princess Sasami of Jurai was preparing a family meal for her husband and children, Kang and Vesper, even as the wood droids Azaka and Kamidaka monitored the family. Since the return of the original Juraian knights Azaka and Kamidaka, the droid versions were given to Sasami as her personal escort whenever she and the children are away from Jurai.

"Mmmmmm," Sasami said, as she sampled her dish. Even after all these years, the princess was still a lover of good culinary, which is why she loved cooking fresh meals for friends and family.

"I do believe that Ranma will love this newest confection, Azaka…Kamidaka," Sasami said with a smile.

"You certainly have endeavored to know more about Bajoran cuisine, Princess Sasami," Azaka said.

"Your talent in the culinary arts is only surpassed by your skills in the martial arts, My Lady," Kamidaka said.

"Flattery will get you know where-"

Just then, Sasami's empathic skills kick in. She could feel her husband Ranma's distress…

"Um, Azaka, Kamidaka, can you take the children to play in the holosuite at 'Quark's', until I call them for dinner?" Sasami said.

"Of course, princess," Azaka said.

"Prince Kang, Princess Vesper!" Kamidaka called. "It is play time!"

"Alright!" Kang said with a smile, as he closes his sketch book, even as his sister Vesper sits across from him. The boy liked to draw, particularly of warriors, soldiers and martial artists, and was quite good at his craft. But what he did like better was being a martial artist like his father Ranma.

"I hope to get some training time in…"

"You and your fighting," Vesper scoffed, as she closes her book on Quantum Mechanics. "While you get to play with your toys, I can use the holosuite to study how molecules function in a state of flux."

"You dweeb! That's no fun…"

"Now, you two behave yourselves," Sasami said, as she gives her children a hug.

"Aw, Mom," Kang said. "I wish you wouldn't do all that mushy stuff. I'm trying to be a true warrior, you know…"

A short time later, Ranma arrives back to his home, where his wife was waiting for him.

"Ranma?" Sasami said with hesitance. "Are you okay?"

"No, no I'm not," Ranma said, as he sits down on the family couch. "I'm never okay whenever a friend or a family member has died."

"Oh, Ranma," Sasami said, as she sat next to her husband, and then comforted him. "What now?"

"I'll have to call up the appropriate people, and make arrangements with the government of Betazed about how to conduct the funeral, since Lwaxana is a dignitary of importance," Ranma said. "But…there is one thing I need to do in her honor, and don't know how you and anyone else will react to it."

"What is it, Ranma?" Sasami asked.

Ranma, hesitantly so, begins to tell his wife of a secret that he and Lwaxana have been keeping for years, one that not even Usagi knew about…

"Oh, Ranma," Sasami said with a sigh.

"See what I mean?" Ranma said. "I have no choice but to tell Deanna the truth about Lwaxana and me, and what I did isn't exactly aboard-board either."

"Well, I will support you in your…truth-telling," Sasami said. "But, when will your mother know about this?"

"She'll know the same time everyone else will know, since she, as Jurai's ambassador, will be in attendance with many other dignitaries at Lwaxana's funeral."

"Okay," Sasami said. "Well, it looks like the children and I will be staying here longer."

"Thanks," Ranma said, as he squeezed Sasami's hand gently. "I'll need your strength for the days ahead, that's for sure…"

A wee k later, at the Troi Estate, where Lwaxana would be buried on her ancestral lands, those that knew the Federation ambassador were milling about in preparation for the actual funeral ceremonies…

"I have to say that you have done an excellent job, Commodore," said Ambassador Jean-Luc Picard, Federation Ambassador-at-Large.

"Well, I did have help from Deanna, Mr. Hom and Sasami," Ranma said. He and other Starfleet officers were wearing black variants of their dress uniform.

"You mean, Princess Sasami?"


"Well, then, I'll have her to thank, then…"

"Ranma, it's time," said Deanna, as she gently pulls at Ranma. She had been serving as Counselor aboard the USS Titan, which was commanded by her husband, Captain William T. Riker for a few years now. It was only recently Deanna and William had told Lwaxana of their intention to have another child, making the number of children that the couple had being four, which was unusual considering the fact that the family would be living on a starship most of the time.

"Thanks," Ranma said, as he took another gulp of Romulan Ale, before he would begin the funeral for Lwaxana Troi…

"…And so, I conclude that in spite of her fiery, unorthodox ways, Lwaxana Troi can never be accused of not being passionate of her role as a force for peace and prosperity," Picard said, as he addressed the audience. He then motioned towards Ranma.

"Now, Commodore Saotome will conclude our time to honor Lwaxana Troi with some final words."

"Thank you, Ambassador," Ranma said, as he nods his head. "Well, as the husband to Lwaxana, it is my job, according to Betazoid customs, to share some insight on her strength of character…"


"So, without further ado, I will tell the story of a time when Lwaxana and I had an affair, shortly before Lwaxana and Ian lost their first child, Kestra…"

Ranma begins the story how he, as the Captain of the Enterprise-B, first open diplomatic relations with Betazed, with the help of Lwaxana's father, a prominent politician from the Fifth House of Betazed. As part of the festivities, a young Lwaxana was offered to Ranma as part of the cementing of relations between the Federation and Betazed. Ranma turned down the offer, saying that he couldn't take on a child bride, but would remain close to the family regardless.

"In fact, when she and Ian had gotten married, I was named godfather to any children Lwaxana wanted to have, even though Ian wanted his best friend Elias to be godfather," Ranma said, referring to Elias Vaughn, a Starfleet officer Ranma knew even during the waning days of Captain James T. Kirk. "So, I was honored when Kestra was born, whom I swore to protect as if she was my own child…"


"And then, Usagi and I departed to deep space to participate in the Hansen Expedition, with our daughter Hoshiko in tow, with the intent on returning with more insight on a species of aliens that will leave a mark on the Alpha Quadrant."

"The Borg," Seven-of-Nine said quietly. As the Borg Cooperative ambassador to the Federation, Seven's job was to address past grievances from the old Borg regime while paving new relations for her people…

Ranma explains how the tragedy of the Hansen Expedition resulted in Usagi being sent to Betazoid for psychiatric care, over the lost of Hoshiko. Meanwhile, Ranma wasn't faring any better, blaming himself for not doing enough to protect his family and the other on board the SS "Raven", the ship of the Hansen Expedition. In fact, Ranma was invited to stay with Lwaxana while Usagi was being treated at the mental health facility that the ambassador of Betazed had recommended.

And then, the nightmares came.

"In every case, I was helpless," Ranma said. "I would wake up in a room that was destroyed by my attempts to fight back the Borg. That's when Lwaxana, well, dealt with the situation the best way she could, although, she would later admit that there was still some linger feelings of affection that she felt for me from a long time ago…"


"And then, you were born, Deanna," Ranma said, as he turned towards Deanna, who, curiously, did not seem to show any emotions. However, Usagi was surprised by this admission.

"Ranma?" Usagi said.

"I'm sorry, Bunny," Ranma said. "I…I wanted to tell you, but I didn't want Lwaxana to face any sort of scandal that her position as ambassador might experience…"


"Lwaxana would keep what had happened between us a secret, in order to spare Ian's feelings, even so far as to have medical data on Deanna's birth faked. I don't know if Ian ever found out that I had an affair with his wife, but I should have told him the truth nevertheless…"


"I stand before you all, not to admit not just my guilt for what happened, but to let you know that Lwaxana Troi, daughter of the Fifth House, Holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx and Heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed was not just a wife and mother, but a lover who loved life itself, and who cared for others when not warranted," Ranma said. "That is the legacy she leaves behind, and while I will accept your scorn and derision for the choices I have made, I highly recommend that you keep your opinions to yourselves, in regards to the choices Lwaxana made in accepting me a fiancé, as a lover, and finally, as her husband…"


"And now, we can conclude this service…"

Later, Deanna finds Ranma alone in the family garden.

"Ranma, what are you doing here?" Deanna asked.

"I should say the same thing," Ranma said, as he took a sip of his Klingon blood wine.

"Well, first, let's not do this," Deanna said, as she took the bottle from Ranma.


"And secondly, let me say that most of us already knew that you were my…father."


"Mother may have doctored my medical records, but she couldn't do so with my children," Deanna said.


"Yes. Imagine Will's surprise that my first child, Ian, had Juraian genes?"

"I'm surprise he didn't think that you and I, well, 'did it'," Ranma said, referring to the time when Deanna was mysteriously impregnated by a 'Star Child', early on during the maiden voyage of the USS Enterprise-D, years ago.

"He did think of that, at first. But, after careful analysis of my and Ian's respective genetic backgrounds, Beverly learned that I was your…daughter."

"Wait, after all this time, why didn't you tell me this early on?" Ranma asked.

"Well, I did not want to pry into family affairs, which I knew involved Mother," Deanna said. "And Mother insisted that she deal with this matter in her own way…"


"Besides, she likes the idea of me being a princess."

"Humph. So, what now?"

"We honor Mother's memory by being the family we were meant to be," Deanna said. And that's starting with seeing Barin's needs."



"Can I have my bottle back?" Ranma asked.

"No," Deanna said. "If you are going to be an active member of my family, no more debauchery, and that includes your drinking and womanizing."

"Aww, man…"