Summary: Set after their marriage but before they had children – Bella and Angryward enjoy the spirit of being newlyweds as they stretch the limits to their sexual fetishes. Specifically enjoying public escapades they learn just how completely insatiable they are for one another.
Dedication: I've been fortunate enough to be touched by the most amazing people who've endure the diagnosis of "cancer". I watched an amazing twenty-six year mother to be choose to put her treatment on hold for the safety of her unborn child, only to succumb to the disease three years later. I've triumphed as my 86 yr old aunt has survived uterine cancer, twice. She's still going strong today and such an inspiration to me. But, the quest to find a cure has never been more prominent for me than knowing that it can help someone as amazing as Katalina. She's a rare beautiful soul in this sometimes dark world. My wish is that all we've done helps cure her in some ways….and to stop anyone else from having to go through this ordeal.

"Insatiable" – An Anger Management Outtake for Katalina

Set after they are married before they have children


Married life had only enhanced our sex life and I simply couldn't get enough of my luscious wife's body.

I heard these horror stories from other men, how they said 'I do' the wife began to say 'not tonight', but that was definitely not the case in my marriage.

Bella became even more insatiable than I was, believe it or not. She was growing particularly fond of having sex anywhere in public that we could get away with it and that excited me even more than usual.

While we were attending the engagement party for Alice and Jasper, we began to wander through the courtyard attached to the clubhouse where the festivities were held. We stumbled upon one of those benches with the names on it from the donors, Bella got all gushy and gooey over growing old together because of the sentiments engraved in the stone. This led to a discussion about our future and how we saw our lives to come.

It also led to my hands roaming underneath the creamy gauze of tulle skirt that Bella wore, with no panties underneath. Talking about our relationship had her soaked when I slipped my fingers inside of her as I pushed the material higher and higher up her thighs. Once I pushed her dress high enough and got a small peek at her perfect little body, there was no way out but to fuck her, right then and there.

I turned her around, bent her frame over the back of the bench and slowly slid my hands up her milky thighs, "Do my hands feel good on you, love?" I purred in her ear as I pushed her legs further apart.

She mewled and nodded her head as I used one hand to cup her soaked pussy and the other to unzip my pants, pull out my throbbing cock and rock it through the crack of her ass.

"Please," she begged and pushed back against me.

I noticed the voices that floated through the tall hedges that surrounded us in our hidden spot. It was so magical here, the sun had almost begun to set, it was hidden behind the horizon and the air smelled of lavender. I crouched down, lined up my cock and pushed into her with one heavy thrust, my lips at her ear.

"Don't make a sound or they'll find us. I don't share and no one sees this beautiful body but me, nod if you understand," I commanded in her ear.

She slowly nodded and let out a tiny whimper as I pulled out slightly. I knew this would be a hard and fast fuck, but I had to keep her in check or we'd be found out quickly.

I stood up to keep an eye on the guests all around us, but I firmed up my grip on her hips and began my relentless rhythm of pounding into that sweet pussy over and over. My cock drove deep, hitting that secret spot with each thrust of my hips. I had to lean over and place a palm over her mouth as her moans continued to grow longer and louder.

"Hush that sweet mouth or I'll pull out and fill it with my cock." I instructed and she groaned at the thought of me fucking her mouth, it all worked together and she was suddenly so close to coming all over my dick.

"That's it. Take it, my love, take all of my cock inside of you." My voice was low and directly in her ear. Her ass continued to push back against me and I knew she was seconds from coming when I heard a voice. It got louder and louder the closer it got to us where we were hidden.

"Come now, love," I said and pinched her clit hard, causing her to spasm all around the shaft of my dick.

"Fuck," I rumbled low and deep in my throat as my own orgasm shot through me and filled her while she rode out her own.

We were still panting and reeling from the high of our release when the voices turned the corner and we stood face to face with the aunt and uncle that Alice had introduced us to hours earlier.

"Oh, there you are, Bella!" The old bitty aunt exclaimed when they saw us, even though it was dark and there were minimum outdoor lights providing a soft glow on the courtyard. We were disheveled, Bella's hair a mess and her face still flushed while my shirt was untucked and my jacket casually discarded across the bench we'd just fornicated on.

I loved it, the rush of having just fucked my wife while these strangers stood feet away, her ability to lower her inhibitions and allow me full access to her body like I'd always wanted.

She was truly everything that I could have ever dreamed of in a soul mate, she'd proven that time and time again.

~~~~~ AM Outtake ~~~~~~

Bella had decided that we needed to become more active in the social circles around town in order to keep our respective companies in good standings with the business community. So we'd taken to attending various gala's and grand openings around the area.

I wasn't particularly fond of this idea except for the fact that it provided a canvas for us to continue our public explorations. I was all on board for those kinds of events and Bella knew she had me by the balls with the idea of stretching the limits at these venues.

We were scheduled to attend a new Art gallery opening on a Friday night and I'd had a particularly hard day. I was stressed out, a project that was supposed to be a simple one had turned into a nightmare overnight and as Jasper was off on his honeymoon, I had to deal with it alone.

I was stressed out, exhausted and definitely not in the mood to go out socializing tonight, but Bella told me that I had no choice. She even showed me this sinful little corset topped gown that she'd chosen to wear, complete with thigh highs and fuck me heels she'd bought just for the occasion.

I tried to get a piece of her ass as she strutted around the room, half nude while getting ready, but she just undressed me, stroked Mr. Happy a few times and shoved me into the shower…alone.

That only added to my frustration and I knew that tonight was most likely not going to go well, at all. Because all I wanted to do was stay home and keep my dick saturated in Bella's essence. Then for fun, I'd put her ass in that swing, lube up my cock and fuck her luscious little ass.

As I stood under the stream of hot water, I stroked my dick, as I attempted to console him for in the fact that it was only my palm wrapped around him instead of her hot, wet pussy. A fact that I would most definitely make her pay for later, on her knees.

We arrived at the Art Gallery and it was abnormally crowded for one of these types of affairs, which only heightened my anger and frustration. Bella knew that I hated this type of crowd; noisy, interrogating and overtly interested in getting to know my wife.

That was until I took a good long look at the artwork that covered the walls.


Pornographic nudes to be exact.

"The Swell of Sex" was the tagline for the pictures that were displayed. I almost spit the champagne all over the nosey fucker who stood off to the side as he talked our ears off at the time when I read the placard with the announcement information.

I immediately set my drink down, removed Bella's drink from her hand, and discarded it with my own forgotten drink. I began to pull us around the aisles. I quickly noticed that in almost every corner setting there was a pillar type piece of stone, providing a 'hideaway' for someone extremely short and I quickly got an idea.

I found an area that was focused more on the acts of oral stimulation and knew that it was a sign of things to come. Bella loved to watch and be watched, how more appropriate could it be than to have her on her knees, sucking my cock while surrounded by pictures of various stages of blow jobs.

There was one particular picture where the tip of the cock rested on the ledge of a flattened tongue with a stream of cum shooting mid-air and the sight of it made me hard. I loved to watch Bella devour my happy juice.

I wanted her to recreate that picture, after I'd fucked her face, sufficiently, of course!

I pulled her behind the stone pillar, crushed her to my chest and kissed her hard, leaving her breathless when we broke away.

"What was that about?" she finally asked as I palmed Lucy and sucked on her neck at the same time.

"Bella, do you see that picture directly behind you?" I asked with a head nod as she turned her beautiful neck to see which photo I referenced.

"You will recreate that scene, right here, right now." My voice was low as I spoke to her. A split second after my words left my mouth, she slowly shivered and turned back to me, her eyes wide and filled with lust.

"But, Edward, this is a bit too risky, don't you think?" A smidge of fear showed in her tone.

"All the more reason to do it, don't you think?" I queried with a cocked brow.

I unzipped my pants as she slid to her knees, her eyes never left mine as she descended.

"I want you to open those lips, let me fuck that mouth and then when I'm ready to cum, I will pull out to the edge of your tongue and watch it fill your mouth, just like the picture." Her head nodded and she licked her lips.

My girl was turned on and I knew that if I touched Lucy Diamond, she'd be a soppy wet mound of pink swollen flesh,but, for now, that would have to wait.

I wanted to fuck Bella's mouth, now.

I tapped the tip of my cock against her lower lip and she opened on command. I sighed heavily as I slid my dick into her wet, warm mouth just as her tongue began to roll over and over the shaft.

My hands went to the sides of her head to hold her still as my hips began their own rhythm of slow and steady. She knew exactly how to please me, I always found her throat open and waiting for me, as her tongue rolled along my shaft. My wife gave the best head, like, ever and I couldn't hold out long enough when she gave me everything she had.

I allowed my tip to hit the back of her tongue once, twice and on the third time, I felt the tell-tale signs of my impending orgasm and tapped her chin. Like the good little slut she was, she opened her mouth, held her tongue flat and rigid while I shot stream after stream of my hot white cum against the red flesh of her tongue. She moaned at the feel of it and I knew she was ready to swallow just as the last burst was expelled from me. She shocked me as she closed her lips and sucked one hard pull off my shaft before she popped me out of her mouth and audibly swallowed all I'd given her.

"Very good, Bella," I wheezed as she licked her lips and looked up at me, she was obviously pleased with herself.

"That was an excellent way to start off the evening, for sure," I said as I helped her to her feet. Once she was completely upright, I ran my hand from her neck down her arms toward her ass before my flat palm made it's way under her miniscule skirt to find the wetness that leaked down her thighs.

"So wet for me, did you come, sweet girl?" I asked as she smiled and shook her head.

"Well, we'll just have to find a new spot to take care of that, won't we?" I asked in her ear as she whined against my shoulder.

We definitely made use of the graphic pictures as we made our way around the gallery. We were able to re-enact the finger scenes before we were discovered and politely asked to leave the exhibit by security. Apparently we'd been spotted on the security cameras and they wanted us out of the building.

I got us to the car, pulled Bella into the backseat with me and stripped her bare so that I could watch those delicious tits bounce as she rode me, fast and hard. She was so worked up I managed to push her to orgasm three times before I finally relented and spilled inside of her. Both of us were out of breath and the windows completely fogged over when the police officer tapped on the window and demanded that we head on home or face going to jail for public indecency.

The ride home, the thrill of having of been caught twice only seemed to heighten our need to fuck each other again. That night I took her twice more, once on the breakfast bar as I held her down and fucked her rougher and harder than I ever had and the next time with her strapped into the swing, my dick assaulting that sweet, tight ass of hers until she screamed yellow and I came all over her back, marking her once more as mine.

~~~~~~AM Outtake~~~~~~
Three weeks later we were seated at a thousand dollar a plate dinner gala for the local zoo when Bella began to stroke my cock under the tablecloth that barely covered my lap.

My girl knew I had a thing for elevators and as we were in a building that was relatively empty from the third floor up to the eightieth floor, we had would have an ample opportunity to use one of the empty cars to act out one of my all-time fantasies.

Her eyes met mine with a twinkle as she stood up and left the table, the guest speaker droned on so I quietly got up to follow my little minx. I caught up with her just as she stepped into the empty carriage.

I had this fantasy about getting onto an elevator with a stranger, riding a few floors up and then suddenly push her up against the wall, fuck her then get off at the next floor. You know, the typical 'fuck a stranger on an elevator' fantasy.

Bella had worn this stretchy dress that was a soft pink, I knew that she hadn't worn a stitch of anything underneath it per my request, so I couldn't wait to act this one out.

We each hit a button for some random floor and as the doors slid open, she exited. I went up a few floors and exited, as well. I stroked Mr. Happy as I waited for her to once again appear in the empty carriage in front of me. The chime of the bell excited me and I stroked him little harder, my obvious erection caused a smirk to appear on her lips when she saw me enter the elevator.

"Eighty, please." I spoke to her and she nodded politely before she hit the button. We were on floor eighteen, so I prolonged the anticipation, I waited until we hit floor twenty-three before I turned to face her.

"Show me your tits," I commanded and took a step toward her. Her eyes became big as saucers as she took a step back, while her hands slowly pulled the material down to expose the tiny pink nipple of Ethel, then Myrtle.

Fuck, I loved her tits!

I reached out and pinched both nipples, my arms completely outstretched.

"Are you wet?" I asked and took another step closer.

"Yes," she whispered in response.

"Show me," I demanded and continued to pinch and roll her nipples.

She raised her dress, slowly then ran a finger through her folds before she brought it up to my lips.

I opened my mouth and she inserted her finger as my tongue devoured the sweet taste of her nectar.

I moaned around her finger, she whimpered in reply.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked and pushed her whole body up against the wall, out of the corner of my eye I noticed we were about to hit floor fifty-five.

She nodded her head.

I kissed her hard and trapped her hands above her head with one of my hands.

She instantly brought her legs up around my waist to find my cock already at her entrance, as I had already unzipped my pants and removed him while I kissed her.

I pushed into her all the way. My urgency caused both of us to gasp with the enormity of the action.

"So full," she moaned as I bit down on her shoulder and began to slowly move my hips.

"Fuck yes," I said as I pulled almost all the way out and pushed all the way back in hard and fast.

Over and over I did this until the chime of the bell told me that we'd reach the eightieth floor. I reached over and hit eighteen again, just to be safe and continued to fuck her against the elevator wall.

She thrashed and whined against me, she begged for release, but I continued to hold off. Every time I felt her walls begin to spasm, I'd pull almost all of the way out.

"Not yet, you don't deserve it yet," I'd tell her each time only to begin a hard push into her once more.

I was able to do this three times before I noticed we approached the twenty-fifth floor to which I suddenly hit the button for the fiftieth floor, it would ensure me a little extra time.

"I'm going to set you down, turn you around and fuck you from behind. Then you can come all over my dick." I instructed her as I did exactly what I'd told her I would.

Once I slid into her, with my hand on her little swollen clit, she instantly began to push back against me as we fucked. We passed the thirty-third floor when we both screamed out in pleasure and reached full climax.

By the time we made it back down to the eighteenth floor, there were two security guards who waited for us as we exited the carriage.

They advised that we were not authorized past the third floor and kindly escorted us out of the building once we'd reached ground level.

We waited until we hit the parking garage before we smirked and laughed out loud at having been caught, once again.

Bella had gotten braver in her actions, she let go of some of inhibitions and I was more turned on by her new attitude than I ever imagined.

It could only get better.

~~~~ AM Outtake~~~~

We were due to attend the local ballet for a new program called 'Katalina's Song' and I knew that this would be the night to end all nights when I saw Bella's dress.

It was sinfully delicate, sheer and reminded me of her wedding night lingerie.

I couldn't wait to fuck her in the theater while she wore it.

I watched her get dressed, completely nude under the gown, as I once again requested. It was her own fault, a freshly waxed Lucy Diamond had taunted and teased me for the past forty-five minutes. As I sat in a chair in the corner of our bedroom and stroked my dick. She knew my eyes would follow her every single move and she took advantage of this. She pranced around, her tits bounced enticingly, her ass swayed as she moved and all the while a all knowing smirk laid on her lips.

Mr. Happy was rock hard and throbbed to the point I knew one touch from her would result in a shower of happy juice.

"Stop it, Edward," she laughed as I snapped out of my lust filled haze to see her was ready to slip her gown on in front of me.

"But, I need to fuck you, Mrs. Cullen," I whined. She loved when I was the petulant little boy. I often played it up just to be treated like the bad little boy in need of a good, hard fucking. And, I loved the titty play I usually got out of it, too. She would ride my cock and let me suckle those round full tits to my heart's content.

But, it also meant that she teased me mercilessly about being 'Mommy's titty baby'. So what? I loved tits even as a baby, I rather enjoyed my mom's, albeit in a different manner, but I enjoyed them regardless.

God help me if we have a child that turned up to have the same fetish.

"Edward!" Bella snapped her fingers in my face.

I smiled at her as she stood above me, her hands on her hips and eyes narrowed.

"Quit stroking that monster cock of yours and zip it up, I'm ready to go." Her voice was thick with authority and for one moment I contemplated bending her over and reminding her who the fucking man was in this relationship.

"Stop it, you are not fucking me in the ass until later. Get up, let's go." She turned on her heel and walked out of the room as I sat there with my jaw on the floor.

She's damn straight about that. Her ass would definitely get a pounding later on tonight. First because she forgot I was Edward Fucking Cullen and secondly because well, it was my ass to pound and I could pound it whenever I wanted too...usually.

The Limo pulled up outside the theater and I sighed as I realized there was a red carpet we would have to get through first. Apparently, the Prima ballerina was some world-renowned dancer, Katalina Roseph, and it was a big to-do for our fair city to have her grace us with her presence here. They stopped at nothing, for the event.

Once we'd managed to get inside the theater, relatively unscathed, I was a tense and horny mess.

Bella had taken to palming my cock every opportunity that she could through the line of photographers.

"You will pay for that later, Mrs. Cullen," I growled into her ear as she just smiled up at me, her eyes bashful and playful under her full lashes.

"I planned on it," she purred and ran a hand up my thigh just as the lights dimmed.

The dance was beautifully done and the Prima was extraordinary even to my unrefined eyes.

But, I couldn't keep my hands or my eyes off of my wife.

Finally intermission started and I couldn't wait any longer. I had to have her…NOW!

The Limo was nowhere to be found, but there was a darkened alley between the theater and the next building. I quickly pulled her along behind me through the dark and damp street, all the while she protested.

I didn't care. I needed her.

Like I'd never needed her before.

Just then, I saw it.

A brand new Jaguar was parked along the wall of the building.

I pulled Bella to me, pushed her ass just against the hood and kissed her.

I kissed her with more passion than I'd ever known I could possess. This woman owned me, inside and out!

I knew exactly how perfectly tuned our bodies were to one another, and it made this moment all the more perfect, because I knew precisely how to stoke the flames of her fire, quickly.

While our tongues danced a slow sensual dance with each other, we heard the music from the theater as it began again, so I slid a hand down the back of her dress, pulled the zipper down under the tips of my fingers.

She gasped as the cool air hit her skin, it pebbled quickly as I pushed the gown from her body. It was such a beautiful gown, so I was careful to keep it off the ground; I made sure to lay it on the hood of the car. I pressed her back against the material, slid a hand along each thigh as I raised her feet to the bumper and spread her out before me.

"Exquisite," I whispered and watched her breasts heave in both excitement and anticipation.

"Open all the way up for me, love." My voice was low and demanding, her legs fell as far apart as they could.

Her long, mahogny hair laid out around her, the silver car complimented her skin as they both reflected the moonlight in it's finest.

"I've never loved you more than in this moment, Bella. You are more beautiful than any diamond known to man, nothing in nature compares to your beauty, nothing," I spoke with a whisper of passion as I lowered my own zipper and pulled my hardened cock toward her body.

He wept at the sight before us.

Never had she glistened so brightly.

Never had the need been so overwhelming.

I pulled her to the edge of the hood and slid my shaft through the wetness of her outer core, my action forced a moan from both of our mouths.

"This, my precious wife, is the most amazing feeling ever," I whispered, my voice shook as I slid my cock inside her warm, wet heat.

Her walls fluttered around me, she gripped my shaft and seized my entire cock inside of her internal grasp.

"Fuck," I murmured.

"I love you," Bella cried as I began to withdraw, agonizingly slow.

"I love you too," I replied as I pushed back in.

I relished in the languid strokes deep inside of her, over and over.

We found our bodies meshed together, arms wrapped around each other in a grip of desperation, unable to allow even an inch of space between us as we joined again and again.

I felt the tingle of ecstasy fill my body as the white hot heat began to ensnarl me with a tell tale zing and zap behind my eyes.

Her body pulled from me the electric pulse that flowed between us, the live wires flailed about as the sparks lit up brighter and more intense than I'd ever known them to before.

Zing. Zap, Zap.

Zing. Zap, Zap.



I screamed into the cool, damp air. Her name roared from my lips as the force of her body clenched around mine, she held me tightly while my body expelled inside of her.

Bella whimpered my name as a shudder from the cold finally melted through the blazing heat we'd created. Her teeth chattered as she chanted, 'Edward, Edward, Edward,' her precious head still rolled from side to side in the sweet rapture that followed her release.

I pulled her dress in an attempt to stop the chill on her bare skin. I still marveled at the fact that I'd fucked her in an alley, that I'd allowed the opportunity or her to be seen by another person this way.

"Baby, baby, shhhh," I whispered in her ear as I brought her down gently from the subspace that she'd reached.

"That was amazing," I coo'd to her as she began to nuzzle my neck, her nose was as cold as ice.

"It certainly was." An unfamiliar female voice rang out in the quiet night air.

We both gasped and worked to cover Bella's exposed body as we turned to see the smiling face of the Prima Ballerina.

"Thanks for the show, it was the most erotic thing I've ever seen," she clapped, bowed returned back into the building through the side entrance door. Her face peeked back out at us as her voice raised in volume for her next comment, "I hope you didn't dent my hood!" Her laughter followed her into the building and was cut off once the door slammed shut.

Bella and I stared wide eyed at one another for a moment before we both broke into a fit of laughter ourselves.

"Holy fuck," Bella giggled.

"Indeed," I concurred.

It was the most amazing night of our far.

A/n: I hope this was all Katalina wanted and more … I enjoyed doing this immensely, especially knowing that it was her request.

And, I hope that everyone involved enjoyed this very explicit journey through Angryward's public insatiability;)

I love you, KRoseph…you've been with me since the first chapter I ever posted. You have been a source of strength, wisdom and encouragement. Words can never express how hard I'm hugging you right now!