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Chapter 8- Cataclysm

Still running like hell, we were quickly coming up to another gate. I ran through it first, stopping a few feet past it and lifted my rifle up. Everyone else hit the ground as Doyle and I faced the remaining infected that were chasing us. I shot the first one, but before I could even aim at another Doyle had shot the other two. I had forgotten that behind that never-failing accuracy was deadly speed.

"Nice shooting," Doyle said.

I now saw that he was kneeling as well, and I replied with a wavering smile, replacing my rifle over my back.

"Flynn, come in. Flynn, goddammit, I know you can hear me! Fuck the Code Red, fuck the chain of command, I'm stuck out here and need an extraction goddammit! You better fucking be there because we will be," Doyle said angrily into his earpiece.

I had never seen him so angry before, and added that it was at Flynn made it even worse. I was breathing heavily, but my ankle wasn't hurting yet, I had a feeling once the adrenaline faded away I wouldn't be able to walk. Right now I was just focused on us getting out alive, we would still need Flynn for that.

"Hey, you okay?" Doyle asked Andy, helping him off the ground.

The boy nodded.

"Yeah? Bet you're tired?" Doyle said.

Andy nodded again.

"Yeah? Me too. Okay, I need you to help me, okay? Help me with your sister, you got that?"

He continued to nod.

I jumped as I heard the horrible screams of infected once more. I saw many more infected rounding the corner just before the gait

"Damn it don't they ever end!" I yelled in frustration.

"Come on, gotta go, gotta go," Doyle said getting up along with Andy.

"Go, go, go, go!" Doyle yelled to the rest of us.

I started running, Doyle helped Scarlett up once more while Tammy got up and ran with Andy at her side.

I ran like I had never run before, injured or not, there were tons of infected running after us with a speed that wasn't human. We were running down vacant streets again, narrowing the places we could escape or get away from the infected. As we rounded another corner I heard Doyle's gun fire again and turned my head to see Scarlett trying to run, but ending up in a sort of lope from her injury. My anxiety was out of control as we ran down the streets, Doyle had reconnected with Scarlett again and my focus shifted on protecting the children. Time seemed to slow around me as we came down a street littered with debris and a single abandoned car, it was a narrower one of the streets. I was so caught up in running I hardly noticed what was ahead of us down the street. I stopped dead in my tracks at the same time Scarlett yelled.

"Gas!" she yelled. "Get back! Its coming, get back!"

"Shit!" I hissed at the same time.

"Gas!" Doyle yelled at the kids.

The ominous, white billowing clouds of nerve gas seemed to be coming right at us, chasing us. Now I realized my nightmare's truthfulness, we were surrounded. The infected were behind us, the gas in front and walls blocking the sides. The kids ran past me back to where Doyle and Scarlett had likewise stopped I their tracks.

"Come on! Get in the car!" Doyle yelled, looking over his shoulder at the kids and me.

My head buzzed and my body wasn't listening to it, I couldn't do anything I needed to properly.

We all frantically pulled on the car's door handles, trying to open any of them quickly. The trunk was open and Doyle put Andy into it, closing the door once he was in. Tammy managed to open the driver's side door and climbed through it into the back seat beside Andy. Doyle and I were the last to get in, I climbed through the passenger's side into the backseat next to the window with Tammy next to me. Doyle climbed in the passenger's seat and closed the door behind him.

Just as he did the infected reached us, only seconds before the nerve gas did, however.

"Lock the doors!" I yelled.

I locked the door next to me, Andy locking the door across the car. Doyle and Scarlett did likewise before Doyle noticed something important.

"The vents, get the vents!" Doyle yelled.

He and Scarlett closed the air vents that were seeping gas through from outside. I took the collar of my black shirt and pulled it up around my nose and mouth. Everyone else in the car was doing the same, except for Doyle, who was trying to reach a piece of cloth on the dashboard. Finally he pulled his own shirt up over his mouth and nose. What happened next was complete terror, the whole group of infected were banging on the car trying to get in. I could hear their muffled noises as they scratched at the windows all around the car. Tammy was screaming in the back next to me, not helping the situation at all. The gas shrouded the car in a white-gray cloud of panic, the infected still kept banging on the car and covering the windows with blood. I flinched away from the window every time one of the infected hit it, trying to stay out of eyesight, not that they cared. In seconds only a few infected still remained to bang on the car, the rest had fallen victim to the nerve gas and were most likely on the ground dead. I finally breathed after the last of the infected slid off the car on the ground, but we certainly weren't out of the woods yet. Only then did Scarlett actually try to start the car, which was met with a resounding sputter of the engine.

"It won't start," Scarlett said.

"We're going to be fine, alright, just keep trying, keep trying," Doyle said.

He was the only reason I wasn't in a complete fit of panic right now. Scarlett again tried to start the car, but again it failed. She tried once more with the same result.

"Come on, keep trying," Doyle said.

"It won't start!" Scarlett said in a panicked voice.

I saw Doyle look up in the rear-view mirror and followed his gaze. Coming out of the cloud of gas were three shady figures that were soon followed by bursts of flames. Doyle looked back out of the rear window of the car, trying to get a better look at the figures.

"It won't start," Scarlett repeated again.

"Alright," Doyle said in a level voice, so level that it scared me. "Put your foot on the clutch."

Scarlett jammed her foot on the clutch.

"Alright, you pop the clutch when I tell you. You get them to the stadium," Doyle said.

"Doyle, don't you dare get out of the fucking car!" I cried out, tears starting to form I my eyes when I realized what he was thinking. "Please don't, we'll make it out, we will, just please..."

"Larrissa, I have to, okay? I'll be fine, they're coming, we have to get out of here now," Doyle said looking back at me.

"No! Doyle, they'll.."

"Hey, it's going to be fine, okay? Okay?"

"No...please," I cried.

He leaned further back, pulling his shirt down off of his face for a second as he stopped my cries with a kiss, but the tears still flooded my eyes.

"Keep your head down," Doyle said to Andy and Tammy, pulling his shirt back over his mouth.

He sat back in the seat, situating his rifle beside him, looking over at Scarlett.

"I'll meet you there," Doyle said.

Time froze as Doyle opened the door and quickly got out, shutting the door behind him. I knew he had lied seconds after, seeing he had left his rifle in the seat, he wasn't planning on coming back. Enraged and panicking, I unlocked the door beside me and burst out of it just as Doyle went past it. I slammed the door shut once I was out.

"Lily! Get back in the car!" Doyle yelled.

"Not unless you do!" I cried back.

I took one step and everything fell apart.

Something grabbed my injured ankle, knocking me off my feet, slamming me down on the hard road. I gave a shrill scream when I looked back and saw it was one of the infected, still partially alive.

"Doyle!" I screamed as the infected dug its teeth into my ankle.

His eyes widened, taking his sidearm from the holster around his leg, he shot the infected twice, killing it. I pulled my ankle away, but I knew nothing would matter now, I was going to die or worse, become infected. I sobbed uncontrollably, choking on my tears when I saw that Doyle was standing there, looking at me with saddened eyes.

"Please," I pleaded softly. "Don't let me become one of them, don't let me kill people. Please, kill me."

Doyle's face wrinkled in a frown, his eyes were glazed over with tears, but he wasn't crying. He slowly shook his head, throwing the sidearm far away from both of us.

"I can't do that, Lily," he said. "I love you."

My strength was already sapping, so I knew I better admit it quickly, there was certainly no time for dramatic pauses.

"I love you, too."

He looked at me once more with a grim expression before quickly turning and starting to try to push-start the car. I laid on the ground, my head turned sideways so I could keep my eyes on Doyle. I felt horrible, begging for mercy, trying to take the cheaters way out, but then again, I only wanted him to stop me before I could harm innocent people. I breathed heavily as my mind started to get blurry, at the same time my thoughts started to become distant and did not seem like my own. I saw the bursts of fire getting closer and closer, making what remained of my thoughts focused on worrying over Doyle. I saw him cast one last glance over at me before I felt the tug of unconsciousness at my body, blacking out in seconds.

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