The Hard Life

Abigail Cairi Eppes fourteen year old girl who has a father that is an FBI agent. Special Agent really.

Dad has always been busy, but never, I repeat never to busy to spend time with me. I was an acident, but to dad the best accident. His High School sweet heart was my mom. Camille Windslow and my father Don Eppes were both fresh out of High School, Dad was going to collage, mom on the other hand decided not to go, in order to take care of me.(I was still in her belly at the time) Dad came home every weekend and Holiday to see my proud Mom. They truely loved each other, I may have been in her tummy, but I could almost feel the love she had for Dad when he was with her.

It was so odd, Daddy and Momma were able to keep his family from knowing that I was going to be born, while every one of his and Momma's friends knew, as well as her family.

Daddy always wanted to become a professional baseball player, he wanted to get into the major liege, but thought that his dreams were two 'illogical'. He had a family to think about, two people to come home to. He didn't want to run the risk of never getting to the majors and having to find a new job and go back to collage. So he looked into the FBI.

He had been training and going back and forth a lot, for nearly a year when it was time for me to come into the had just gotten back from Quantico when I was born, a health little girl born October 28, 1995

Eye Color: Hazel

Skin Tone: Tan

Hair Color: Black

Dad chose my first name, Abigail, he said that it ment a father's joy, in Hebrew. While Momma chose my middle name Cairi, Dad that momma wanted me to become that name. Loyal, that is one of three meanings in Japanese. I guess that I have become that. I hope that my mom looks down at me and sees that I am trying to reach my full potencial.

As I grew older my hair strait, like stick strait They both agreed that it came from the Windslow side because all the Eppes' have curly hair. Daddy said that I had my Momma's nose and she said I had my fathers big build. She meant strength wise, not, you know girth wise. Anyways, Momma got a job, I spent most of my days at her parents home. .

Dad ended up in Fugitive Recovery, Mom and Dad decide that they weren't going to get married. Mom was a free spirit and needed to be able to let go in case... in case something ever happened to Dad. He agreed that if anything happened that she had to be able to take care of me.

Dad was five year into Fugitive Recovery, I was now four, when the world stopped.

Mother was a hit but a street racer late one night. She and I were doing some late night shopping when it happened. First there was a loud screeching and then a speeding car came around the corner. The last thing I remember about that night was the sound of tires screeching, smoke and my mom shoving me out of the way.

A day and a half latter I woke up in the hospital, Daddy sitting by my bed with his face berried in his hands. When he looked up I instantly knew that Mom wasn't alright.

"Hey, Little One, how ya feeling." He asked his voice was controlled and I could tell that he was trying to keep it together for me.

"Thirsty." I answered tiredly.

He fed me a few ice chipps, I remember him telling me that 'Momma was hurt very badly by a car, and that I may not be able to see her again.'

It didn't take long for it to register. Mom was gone, it was just me and Dad.

A few days latter many of Mom's friends and extended family came to say their final good byes.

When everyone had left, Daddy, me Grandma and Grandpa stood there and watched as the lowered her coffin into the ground. I started sobbing, so did grandma.

Two moths had gone by since the passing of my mother. Daddy decided to get out of Fugitive Recovery and took a job running an office in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

When his parents and younger brother learned about this they were glad, they believed that it was so he could move closer to them and settle down and start a family of his own. They hadn't heard the part about him moving to New Mexico. (It either was selective hearing or wishful thinking, I still haven't figured out which one it was.)

They still didn't know about me, I knew about them but I never really cared to ask why daddy didn't take me to see his mom. I trusted his judgment and so I let it slide. Now that I am older I have come to realize that it was because, when he was younger they hardly included him in any of their life, so in turn he wasn't going to include them in his.

I trust him to make the right choices, but that was one of very few times that his judgement was clouded by his emotions and wish to get even.

So now after five years in Fugitive Recovery, Special Agent Don Eppes and his now five year old daughter, start a new chapter in life.

I know that I have another story waiting for me, and belive me I have gotten most of chapter eight done, but this idea has been burning in my mind for a very long time. I hope that you all enjoy this, next chapter will be about more happier things. I hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter, I am starting the next one right now.