"Mom, please! It's only for a few months! I will be back before you know it!" I said as my mom had a death grip on me. I mouthed "Help" to Miguel who was pushing the twins in a stroller and smiled at me.

"No it's not! What happens if you like it there and you never come home?" She said through quick, obnoxious sobs.

"Mom, even if that were the case, I would always come home to see you!" I said and my mom pulled me into another hug. Josh jogged over and placed his hands on my shoulders, prying me away from my mother.

"Don't worry Ms. Haven, I will take exellent care of her and I will make sure that she calls you everyday!" Josh said. I kissed my mom's cheek and said goodbye to the twins and Miguel and followed Josh through the terminal.

"You're not really going to make me call her everyday are you?" I asked

"Of course not, but i'm afraid that if I didn't say anything, she never would have let you go and we would miss our flight." He laughed wrapped an arm around my shoulders, then pulled me in and kissed my forehead.

We boarded the plane and I was instantly uncomfortable. I didn't enjoy flying but Josh already knew this and was very comforting on the plane. I felt like I almost death gripped his hand but whenever I looked over he was constantly smiling at me. It was infectious. I started laughing for the first time about halfway through the flight.

When we got the airport we were ushered to an SUV outside and were on the way to our "temporary home." As it turns out it was this adorable home meant for Josh, me, and his agent. Josh gave me my own room but I was welcome to sleep in his whenever he was gone or while he was there. He winked at that. I nudged his arm. His agent, Alex Johnson, was at the set of Josh's next movie taking care of some personal issues.

I was in my room, which was plain and Josh thought I wouldn't be able to survive in it since it wasn't decorated to my liking but he doesn't know how well I can handle it. When I was younger and my dad was still around I living in a small room with a small light that was more yellow than anything. My bed had cream sheets and a dark green blanket. I had that blanket for years. My dresser, my father had bought from a garage sale, was drawn on by the previous owner's children.

I had lived in that room for years right before my dad left and even a couple years after he died. After that, I was sent into a spiral of interior decorating. I had no idea that I had a knack for it and that I wanted to make a career out of it. It was just one of those things that came naturally to me.

I was unpacking things in my room when Josh knocked on my door.

"Hey Angel, I have to go to the set for a little while, right now it's closed so you can't go with me but I have someone here to escort you around Los Angeles if you like." He said

I reached into my bag and took out a comfortably wrapped sculpture. I wanted to bring one thing with me and I thought why not the sculpture? It meant a lot to me and I would never leave the necklace that I love at home. It was the last gift from my father before he died. I placed the mermaid on the sleek black dresser in my room and put the ruby in her hand. She seemed so out of place in the nicely designed room.

"Sure, but I don't want the escort. Give me a map and I will never get lost." I said placing my hands on my hips and looking at him. His face looked pained all of a sudden.

"Evangeline" He took my hands in his and kissed them. "I think it would be a better idea to have the escort take you around."

I put my arms around his neck and lightly kissed his lips. "Josh, I can find my way around just fine. I did it in Kentucky, I can do it here."

He knew not to argue with me because I was ruthless, even when I was wrong. He kissed me for a long time and then placed his forehead on mine. "Just be safe."

He gave me one last kiss and then left and I finished unpacking all my belongings. Aftwerward, I went into Josh's room and saw that he made it look his own. Some of his shoes were sitting neatly across a shelf on the back wall and it looks that he brought his own bedding, probably for maximum comfort since he was going to be filming all the time.

I lay on his bed for a moment and stared at the ceiling. I was in Los Angeles. Why this made me want to jump in joy I didn't know. A year ago, I was new to Kentucky and I would never have thought that I was be dating a celebrity. You would think that it wouldn't surprise me anymore but it still did.

I wasn't much of a television watcher or movie goer but that never hurt my chances with Josh. I think it was one of the many things that drew him to me. I never questioned why he chose me and I would never think of asking him why. T1he point is that I am with him now and I love every second I spend with him.

I got up and walked downstairs and followed the house into the backyard. It was such a beautiful yard. The grass was green, flowers lined the fence, a small pool was in the center, obviously meant for small parties of 3-4. There was a small swing sitting to the far right and I went and sat in it. I looked at the sky and slowly swung myself. I was wondering what my mom was doing at the time. What were the twins doing? Was Persephone crying and Nathan sleeping? Was Miguel helping while my mom took a nap? Was she worried about me being all alone in Los Angeles?

I looked back at the yard and watched the sun graze the grass. I stood from the swing and walked into the house. I walked towards the door way and found a set of keys on top of a folded piece of paper. It read:


One for the mailbox. One for the house. and The last one is a these keys and step outside.


I grabbed the keys and headed out the front door. I had a pretty good idea about the surprise but I just couldn't believe it when i saw it. A new prius was sitting in the driveway. As a joke, Josh planted a small bow on the front bumper. I laughed at it. I used the key to unlock the car and hopped inside. It smelled nice and new and I felt my excitment grow. I put the key in the ignition and felt the car roar to life. It made me feel so...powerful. I backed out of the driveway and started driving around town.

LA was filled with tall buildings and small businesses everywhere. People that walked the streets were so trendy. I was driving around for an hour and a half and I hadn't wasted more than a fourth tank of gas. It was amazing. I was starting to get hungry and found this old timey diner sitting on a corner and decided to eat there. A cheesburger and greasy fries with a milkshake sounded so good at the moment.

I parked outside and sat at the counter and a young woman, who didn't look more than a couple years older than me, handed me a menu.

"Hi how are you?" She asked

"I'm great, I'll just have a cheesburger, fries, and strawberry milkshake please." I asked and a big smile spread across her face

"That is a personal favorite." She laughed lighty writing it down and giving to the cook behind the window. He took it and started immediately.

"Are you from around here sweetie?" She asked me leaning over the counter. Her long black hair slicked around her shoulder and hit the counter.

"No, I'm from Kentucky. I'm just here temporarily."

"How temporary?"

"A few months." I answered handing her the menu, which she tucked underneath the counter.

"What are you here for?"

"My boyfriend has a job here and I came with him."

"Well isn't that sweet?"

I smiled at her. Her eyes were rimmed with dark eye liner and her skin was smooth and pale. You would never take her as the diner type. She was very sweet though and I liked that about her.

"My name is Andie." She said

"Evangeline." I said shaking her extended hand.

"You know how I can tell that you're not from around here?" She asked me pushing up from the counter and getting coffee for an older gentleman at the end of the counter.


"You have that look to you that all tourists have. That shocked face that Los Angeles turned out to be a real place instead of everything you saw in the movies or read in books. I see it all the time." She laughed and took a tip from the man and placed in a jar.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah. Some times it makes me wish that people would stop using LA in movies because it messes with people's minds." She heard a ding and saw my meal sitting in the window and handed it to me.

"So listen, I'm having a house party later tonight and I would to have you there and pick your brain all about Kentucky. you can pick mine for cool places to chill while you're here in LA."

I thought about it for a second while I was eating my meal. It would be nice to have a friend in LA and it wouldn't hurt to go to a party tonight. Josh probably wouldn't be home that night so I would have to go alone but I didn't see the problem in that.

"Sure, Why not?" I said

"great! here is the address." She said grabbing a napkin and the pen from her apron pocket and writing the address down for me. "If you go straight down this street and take a left, you will see a lot of cars down the road and that's where the party will be."

She handed me the napkin and I slipped it into my pocket.

"Andie! We need your help unloading this truck!" A guy peeking around the corner from the back of the restaurant yelled at Andie. She winked at me and hurried around the corner.

I finished my meal and decided to head back to the house. I wanted to get ready to go to a party tonight.

It wasn't hard to find the place. Even with all the street lights of LA the lights and dancing shadows shone through the windows all across the street and neighbours houses. The Way I are by Timbaland was pounding in my ears and other party goers were on the front yard either talking, drinking, or making out. I was standing there in my glittery tank top and jeans and a pair of mary Jane heels. My hair ringlets were loosley around my shoulders. I walked inside and the music was even louder inside. I looked through the crowds of people and couldn't find Andie anywhere. I followed the crowd into the living room where the food and table of drinks were. I grabbed a cup and filled it with beer. I took small sips not planning on drinking more than that. My throat felt dry and it needed something.

"Evangeline!" I heard and turned around. Andie was waving from the doorway. She was wearing a neon half shirt and ripped jeans. Her hair was styled in a side ponytail. She looked great and very different from what I saw at the diner. The song changed to We R who we R by Ke$ha. Andie danced her way up to me and wrapped her arm around my shoulder. "I'm so glad you could make it!" She said and grabbed my arms and pulled me into a dance. I couldn't help but laugh.

in sync with the crowd we threw our arms up with the song and then started dancing again. Andie laughed loudly and then pushed me into another party goer.

"Dance with Scott! He's a good friend of mine!" She said disappearing into the crowd. Scott kissed the back of my hand and then laughed.

"Hi, I'm Scott. and you?" He yelled because the music was too loud.

"Evangeline! It's nice to meet you!" I yelled back.

He pulled me into a dance as the song stopped and then changed again. I couldn't believe how great of a dancer this guy was. He started busting out moves that I've only seen on TV. Soon the crowd built around him and started clapping along to the song and we watched as he danced and soon other break dancers joined him. It was definitely a lot of fun.

I felt a tug on my shirt and turned around to face Andie. She told me to follow her. And I pushed through the crowd of people and followed her outside.

"Did you find the place okay?" She asked handing me a bottled water.

"Yeah I did. I'm having a great time too. Your friend Scott is a great dancer." I said taking a huge gulp of the water not realizing how thirsty I was.

Andie laughed and nudged my arm. "He does always know how to light up a party."

Andie was a really sweet girl and I'm glad that I ran into her. I couldn't think of more fun way to spend my first day in LA. The song inside changed again to Don't stop the music by Rhianna. Andie also had great taste in music. My phone vibrated in jeans and I saw that Josh was calling me.

"I'm gonna take this call real fast." I said to Andie and she nodded.

I walked to the sidewalk on the side of the house so I could hear better but the music was still loud. I placed the phone to my ear.

"Hello?" I yelled

"Angel? Where are you?" Josh said on the other side then he paused. "Are you at a party?!" He asked

"Yeah. I met a girl today and she invited me. I'm having a great time!" I yelled towards him.

"Angel, I'm worried about you. Please come home."

"Josh stop worrying. I'm fine and I have a friend here. I don't know when I will be home but I won't stay all night."

Josh paused and then said "I'm coming to that party."

"What? Josh no-" Was all I could say before he hung up. I huffed. I placed the phone in my pocket and walked back to Andie.

"My boyfriend insists on coming to the party." I said to her. She lit up like the fourth of July.

"That's great! The more the merrier!" She exclaimed. We walked back inside and found that the crowd has dispersed back into smaller groups. Scott was now dancing with another girl and she was clearly drunk or about to be but that didn't stop Scott from having a great time.

Andie started dancing with me again. I forgot all about Josh showing up until some one yelled "Andie! Josh Hutcherson is here at your party!" I physically slapped my forehead and walked to the doorway where people were crowding over him. He was smiling and waving at everyone and girls were trying their hardest to get to him. One girl who had a little too much to drink had her hands on his arm. I walked up to her and grabbed her hands off him.

"Keep those to yourself babe." I said and she looked like she wanted to hit me. I turned to Josh who was smiling even bigger towards me. "Josh, you didn't have to come." I said

He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me in front of everyone.

"Yes I did." He said. Andie placed her hand on my shoulder and turned me to face her.

"Your boyfriend is Josh Huchterson!?" She asked still looking at him. I looked back at Josh and then back at her and nodded. "That might have been something you would have mentioned at the diner!?" She asked still shocked. I just shrugged my shoulders. I then grabbed Josh's hand and led him to the living room where i asked him to dance with me.

The song was Right Round by Flo Rida and Josh and I were having a blast. It took others a while but they soon decided to start dancing around us. Josh and I kept looking at one another and started laughing out of the blue. Soon the party went back to normal and Josh was just another party goer.

Later after Josh and I got home, we went up to his room and crashed on his bed. We were staring at the ceiling and did nothing but laugh for what felt like hours.

"Josh I'm actually happy that you showed up." I said turning on my stomach and halfway on Josh. He looked at me and kissed me for a long time.

"I am too Angel." He kissed me again and I lay my head on his chest. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.