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Naruto looked down at his throbbing member and shrugged inwardly. I guess he was a little. But he wasn't huge. But the cement was still nice. "I don't think I am..am I?" He smirked looking up at the raven.

Sasuke just shook his head before pulling him by his forearm to meet him in a tongue tied kiss. Grinding his hips up to meet the others, he plunged his tongue into the caverns of Naruto's mouth, both moaning into the others mouth.

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Naruto had fully stretched Sasuke. Now he was ready, at least he hoped. By the way the raven was moaning and thrusting his hips back onto them he would say he was. But then again he wasn't the one going to be fucked.

His arms were griping thin pale hips brusingly. Just as pale arms ware wrapped around his neck, making him and Sasukes' chests flat to one another as they lay along the bed.

Naruto was going the slowest he could, which didn't go over well with Sasuke. Sasuke wanted him inside him... now. But the stupid dobe was holding his hips tight enough that it hurt to move them the way he wanted.

When Naruto was half way he complied with the ravens wants and releases his iron grip on his stiff, probably bruised, hips. Once he let go Sasuke flipped them, and in doing so impaled him to the hilt, making him gasp and moan loud enough to echo through out the room.

Narutos' hands returned, but with a less deadly grip. His thumbs running soft circles around the already forming bruises. When Sasuke shivered, Naruto continued as he let him adjust to were he was not able to stretch.

Not more then two minutes passed before Sasuke ground his hips to see is it was safe. When the length inside brushed his prostate, a strong shiver and wanton moan was all he could manage for Naruto took over for him, once again.

Once flipped with Naruto on top again, he set at a mild pace, every two to three thrusts he hit his prostate. With only a while on that tempo, Naruto speed up with the returned thrusts of the other party. Soon he was hitting it dead on with every hard thrust, driving not only the Uchiha but him as well.

Pants, moans, groans, gasps, and the smaking of skin on skin was the only sounds heard. When Sasuke leaned up to latch onto Narutos' lips, he k ew he was close. With frantic thrusting, sloppy kisses, and muffled cries of each others names, they came. Naruto in Sasuke, and Sasuke on both there stomach and chests.

Naruto flopped to the side in time not to crush the raven, who was panting just as hard as he was. A hand lay across his chest while the owners head on his shoulder. Sasuke had his eyes closed but was visibly needing to want to shower.

Sasuke was indeed wanting one but he didn't want to move. Though he figured if he begged he could get the dobe(now his dobe)to carry him in. And if lucky enough with him. But Uchihas' did not beg, even if they were the last.

Naruto, kind enough in this situation, read his mind and sat up. "Lets go teme. We need a shower."

Sasuke opened his eyes to see a naked, smiling, NAKED dobe. A flash of lust didn't go unnoticed by said done, but was gone in an instant. A nod was all Sasuke offered, for his ass, back, and throat hurt.

A smirk and a raised eyebrow was his answer. "I'm not carrying you for free teme." A glare his way and a chuckle in response. "Beg for it, Uchiha. And yes, I will make the very last Uchiha beg to be brought to shower."

Sasuke glared harder but it went undefeated by the one who lived with those glares. Sasuke sighed and held a hand palm up to the dobe. A pleading look changed his ever cold features, and he knew it worked.

Naruto was ageist. An Uchiha, the Last of them, was begging to be brought to shower, and no less with him. It was truly a remarkable day. First the death drink, then a cock compliment from an Uchiha(Sasuke at that), then that same raven begging, ha! No pleading! Gods this was a wonder he wasn't dead yet! This was heaven.

Seeming to take to long, Sasuke put on a pouting (seemingly similar to Narutos') that just made him want to die. It was embarrassing sure, but damn he needed that shower with or without that man, and he was going to get it!

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts as the pout came on, and smiled at the resemblance to his. He grabed the hand, wrapped it around his neck, and lifted the teme(bridle style)into his arms. He wasn't very heavy, kind of obvious, but he was sticky from there cum, and saw why he wanted a shower so badly.

He let the grumbling man down on the bathroom counter, a small gasp at the cold countertop. As Naruto bent over to turn on the water spout, Sasuke couldn't help but stair at his ass. It was such a lovely round, globe, and tanned colour like the rest of him only slightly wondering how it got that way is sunlight...oh...(nude sunbathing;~|$]).

Naruto straightened back up and turned to see Sasuke blush as he was looking at his ass. Only imagining what he could be thinking. Oh, how he ass got that way. Lets just say when your on a single person night mission, you have a lot of time in the sun alone.

Once the water was steaming Naruto picked up Sasuke again and helped him Into the shower. The scalding water felt amazing on there skin, and moans were heard from each other.

Naruto only got to wash his hair before the headache started. He didn't think much of it till when he finished washing his body and Sasukes' did it become unbearable to the point he past out, Sasuke yelling at him for being an idiot fo doing so.

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