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Chapter 11 Just Right for Me

"You manipulated me."

Sasuke stared into his wife's face. She was looking him straight in the eyes blinking up at him.


The silence reigned as they stared at each other in the silent bar. Out in the streets, a hush fell over the village as the
lanterns were doused, putting ghosts to rest, and freeing the rest of the year for the living. For the present.

"You're not going to apologize. Are you?"


Hinata nodded, looking off to the side. He did what he needed to do at the time and he'd do it again. It was best she understood it early on. Sasuke did not play games, he lived, and did whatever it took to achieve his goals.



Hinata passed by Sasuke, walking out of the bar. She wound her way through the dispersing crowd, heading home. He had manipulated her. He'd taken her own feelings and twisted them in front of everyone, for everyone to see. Sasuke probably didn't even see anything wrong with what he'd done. She knew, knew that what he'd done was necessary, it just...

Hinata was so tired of everyone around her editing her like Hinata wasn't good enough. But she was, she was, and she didn't want to have to be someone else. She was Hinata. She blushed at most everything, she was shy, and preferred to watch people than talking with them all. She wasn't a saint, and she hated when they took her and tried to make her something she wasn't. Everyone had done it at some point, but never Sasuke. She was supposed to be good enough for him, the way she was.

She entered the house, walking past the foyer, her shoes still on. Sitting down at her vanity in their bedroom, she stared at the stranger in the mirror. Her hair was swept up with the senbon, her kimono made of fine linen, swathing her in a deep blue, the red obi bring out the color of her painted lips. Hinata ignored Sasuke as he walked in, leaning against the door frame watching her. She wiped the color off her lips, taking the ruby earrings off, and placing them in her jewelry box.

Suddenly she felt a presence behind her, looking up her eyes clashed with Sasuke's in the mirror. His hands resting on the back of her seat. Deciding it was best to walk away, Hinata rose from her vanity, heading for the bathroom. A firm hand on her elbow stopped her, making a point of not looking at him, she bit her tongue. Good girl Hinata, never said a mean word, always took the hits in silence.


She kept her face turned in the other direction. The grip on her arm tightened, tugging her until she faced him. Still not meeting his eyes, she looked down at the ground. She always ended up looking at the ground, and she hated it.

She wouldn't look at him, wouldn't say a damn word. Sasuke wouldn't apologize for making her blush, for doing what it took to keep her.

"Talk to me."

Silence, not their comfortable quiet, but a strained silence. Sasuke had spent too many years in silence, he refused to spend anymore of his life with words kept from him. He released her arm, she quickly headed for the bathroom.

"Go, hide like you always do."

She froze, her hand in mid-air reaching for her hide away but not quite touching it. Sasuke waited. She slowly turned toward him, anger clearly written on her face. This is what Sasuke wanted. Not the wallflower she presented to the world, not an innocent doll that needed special treatment. He wanted the woman that was broken, that knew death and pain, he wanted the woman that had survived because she was a fighter. He wanted what she hid from others, because Sasuke could never have the pure angel others thought her.

"Go, run like you always do."

The gasp that escaped her body as if unable to be contained, broke her mask.

"Me. Are you really going to throw that at me. The great emotionally open Sasuke Uchiha. You run every time someone so much as looks at you, you push everyone away, and you're going to accuse me of running and hiding."

"When have I ever run from you?"

Sasuke waited for her to process his question. Was he an emotional iceblock, yes. Did he particularly like other people, no. But he was Sasuke he knew who he was and he'd never hid that from her. Tired of an argument he didn't even understand, Sasuke turned for the door.

"No. You don't get to say that and walk away."

Without turning around Sasuke dropped his head against his shoulders, and spread his arms.

"What do you want from me?"

He turned around to face her. Looking her in the eye, trying to understand how this night had gone sour so fast. He waited for her answer, it never came.

"How do you expect me to know what you want, when you don't even know."

Turning back for the door, Sasuke was done with this day, with this night, with this damn week.

She knew he was going to walk out that door and the moment he shut that door he would shut a part of himself away for the rest of their lives. He would slowly shut her out, and Hinata knew that if there was one thing she would regret more than anything it would be allowing him to leave. She gathered the courage she didn't have, but that he gave her by simply being and spoke what was on her mind. For once in her life.

"I was supposed to be good enough for you. Me. Hinata."

He was standing at the threshold, his head half turned to her. He finally faced her a searching look on his chiseled face. He slowly stalked across the room until he stood in front of her. A soft smirk lifting his lips slowly. He took her face in his hands and held her gaze steadily.

"You are."

"Prove it."

"I thought I did. When I stayed in a village I despised, when I spent a year in a mockery of a jail, when I allowed your father to live. For you. What more do you want?"

They all said he was a lying, cold hearted, murderous monster. But right now all Hinata knew was that he was a man that housed power, embodied strength, possessed an indomitable will, and yet he laid himself at her feet. All Hinata saw was the man that was once a boy who didn't care if she was shy, and awkward as long as he got to hold her hand. All Hinata knew was that he was the man that was slowly winning her, not with words but with actions.


She would have said something meaningful, but maybe actions spoke louder than words, and Hinata had always been better at actions. She rose until her lips met his, finding the courage to keep her eyes open, to see the moment his eyes widened and then dropped to half-mast. To see the effect she had on him before his power over her consumed her sanity. Her hands, with a mind of their own reached for his hair, taking hold of the raven locks to pull him closer. His muscle hardened body pressed against hers, the soft tentative kiss starting to become more aggressive.

Hinata tried to understand exactly how or why she completely lost herself when she was in his arms but then the thought fled her as Sasuke took control of the situation and then all she could do was react. He was holding her still for his possession, taking anything he wanted without hesitance. Hinata was tired of the yukata that stopped her from feeling him, without a second thought her hands reached for the obi, untying it. Finished with the obi her hands reached for the edges of his yukuta until she could slide it off his shoulders. Her hands caressing down his defined arms under the guise of pushing the dark blue clothe off his body.

Once his arms were free, Sasuke reached for her once more pulling her into his body until Hinata could perceive his every breath. Tongues rolled, hands worshiped bodies, and the passion grew. Mindless with lust Hinata slowly stumbled backward until her knees hit the edge of the bed. Just when thought was about to completely abandon her she felt him start to pull away.

Sasuke knew this had gone on too far, if he didn't stop now he might not be able to stop at all. Pulling away from her, he stared at the sight his wife made. Hinata's hands refused to let go of his hair, and Sasuke wondered if that was a favorite part of hers. Sasuke once again tried to pull away only to find her hands tightening their grip on his hair and pulling him back, until he could feel her every curve pressed up against him. Hardening his iron will he started to say something until her husky passion roughened voice filled their bedroom.

"You said I was good enough for you."

He looked into her bright eyes as she uttered his own words to him. Sasuke would have stepped away, he would have done the right thing, but years later he would only remember that the moment Hinata moved and uttered her next words Sasuke was defeated. Her hands fell away from his hair and found the bindings on her yukata until the garment revealed everything he hungered for, and fell to the floor. The blush that covered her entire body didn't stop her from looking him in the eye and giving him everything he had ever wanted.

"Prove it."

Sasuke kissed her with everything he had, offering everything he was and taking everything she gave. As they fell into bed Sasuke knew that from here on out life was going to be good.

The morning sunlight streamed into Naruto's office announcing that a new day had come. His head hung in his hands, his hair stuck up in different directions, and Naruto's happy go lucky disposition had long ago left him. Sadly, unlike he had originally planned, a night with his fiancé hadn't been in his cards after last night's bar debacle. Instead Naruto had been dragged away from a disappointed Sakura and led to his office by the village council. Now a days the council left him in peace for the most part, be it out of continued hatred or simply because Baa-chan was now part of the council and voted against them every time, allowing him to run the village without their continual nagging.

This time however, Naruto didn't know what to do and it was times like these he wished his father was alive so that Naruto could ask for advice, for guidance, for something. Instead here he sat debating how to stop the newest tragedy and knowing that if he didn't he would hate himself for the rest of his life.

Feeling a shift in the room pressure, Naruto lifted his head to find the Anbu now charged with guarding him for this shift, as if he needed it, but whatever. The deer mask although hiding his face couldn't keep the male's identity a secret from anyone who knew that lazy posture or pineapple hair.


"Really? How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that."

Silence reigned in the room as Naruto sighed, and leaned back in his chair his head cradled in his hand. Some days he wished he didn't know all the village secrets, or know about the politics. Some days the blond wished he could go back to a time when he still held a shred of innocent belief in the leaders of his village, but alas. Growing up and reaching his dream had brought with it a multitude of things he hadn't wanted. Opening his eyes, even though he didn't know when he had closed them, Naruto took in the man standing before him. Shikamaru was a genius, a man that could see ten steps and counter steps in so many directions that it boggled the mind.

Sitting up in his chair, Naruto wondered if maybe the Nara heir had been Kami sent.

"Ne, Shikamaru take the mask off and take a seat."

Naruto didn't know whether his voice or expression had made the man act but the end result was a mask less Shikamaru sitting in front of him looking rather serious.

"Say that hypothetically speaking, the village council wanted to eliminate a powerful clan on the basis of a possible political coup, how would you stop it. Hypothetically of course."

Naruto allowed the silence to percolate as his childhood friend's face went through various facial expressions in a matter of seconds. Seeming to compose himself, Shikamaru arranged himself in a position that had led to many a victory during the war, and a welcomed sight to the downtrodden blond. Giving the lazy-nin time to think Naruto looked out over his peaceful village thinking on the heavy price that had been paid for the serenity they now enjoyed.


Said blond turned back to his friend, imploring with his whole being that he had found someway to stop this madness.

"Legally there is no way for you to stop them without killing the council."

"I was afraid you would say that."


Naruto waited, breath hitched for the damn lazy arse to continue.

"Dattebayo! Don't just sit there! Although...what?!"

"Use their biggest fear against them. Fear is always a great motivator."

"Biggest fear?"

"Ah. Troublesome. Just think about it. What is it that with just a mention puts fear in their hearts."

"Nani I don't know. Besides being terrified to death of Sas...uke."

Eyes widened on his tan defined face as comprehension dawned on him. Only problem was getting Sasuke to defend said clan from extinction. Grabbing a mission roll, Naruto quickly scrawled a summons of utmost importance. Naruto handed the scroll to a newly masked Anbu captain.

"Make sure he comes immediately."

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