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Ch.14 Turning Tables


Sasuke held his katana over the old man's neck, waiting for the sleeping figure to perceive the danger that awaited him in the world of the living. Allowing his lightening to run through the katana he felt the moment the elder awoke. He felt a smirk of derision spread over his face as frightened eyes met his crimson orbs.

"Hello, Hyuga."


2 weeks earlier

While Ko and bun-girl tried to talk the arsehole prodigy into sitting down and shutting up, Sasuke did a mental tally. It would take everyone in this room to get the information he needed. Seeing as the Hyuga wasn't cooperating Sasuke decided to get the meeting started. Turning on the white-eyed shinobi like a snake lunging into its prey's face.

" Shut up and listen you might get your answer," came the venomous hiss inches from the Hyugas stoic face.

Neither was willing to step away and Sasuke hoped this turned into a fight. He was itching to draw blood, feel the adrenaline only battle could bring. Sadly bun-girl was suddenly there, along with Ko pushing the prick back although he continued to glare.

Sneering at the Hyuga Sasuke turned away to look at the other occupants of the room. His wife oddly enough hadn't moved to intercept the confrontation nor had she moved from her rigid stance next to the doorway. The others hadn't even bothered to move.

The lazy genius didn't even bat an eyelash, when he was told to inform the occupants of the room of the latest development. He quickly supplied the information that had been demanded of him. The reactions varied, from the stoic Aburame to the almost comical horrified expression on the blonde Yamanaka's face.

"Now let me be clear, if you stay, if you get involved and are caught the punishment will most likely be death. If you aren't willing to deal then get out."

Sasuke waited, meeting the eyes of the room's occupants, when no one stood to leave he decided now was as good a time as any to come up with a plan to seek out delicate information in a compound full of arrogant arseholes with 360 degree vision and killer chakra.

"Well then lets find a way to save a clan full of self-righteous arseholes."

The furious Hyuga being held back as he lunged at Sasuke just notched up his smug smirk, now if only he could muster any humor about the frighteningly quiet Uchiha across the room.



Sasuke gave the old Hyuga his trademark Uchiha smirk, guaranteed to piss off 99.9% of non-Uchihas, and as expected he could feel the anger bubbling up in the man underneath him.

"You aren't going to do anything stupid like attack me, are you Hyuga?"

Honestly, would people never learn. Before the elder could blink Sasuke had him pinned against the wall, Katana pressed tightly enough against the old fool's neck to draw a wince and blood from him. Sasuke once again infused his weapon with lightning, knowing it would cause his prey pain.

"Now before we continue, if you so much as twitch in a way I deem threatening I will send a hundred times the voltage you are experiencing right now through your body, if I feel your chakra flicker the smallest bit I will start cutting body parts off. Are we clear Hyuga?"

Sasuke pressed his blade a bit deeper as he saw the opal eyed man glare and scowl, That is until his pain increased and he quickly nodded his head.



In a matter of seconds Hinata, the Nara, and Ino were inside the room. They had exactly twenty minutes to get their answers and get out before they were discovered.

"And this Hyuga is where you have a choice, either answer the questions voluntarily or we'll have to get them by other means."

"Rot in hell Uchiha scum."

The grin that spread over Sasuke's face was a frightening sight, a reminder to those in the room that he wasn't at all tamed.

"I was rather hoping you would say that."


1 week ago

"We've been appointed to guard duty."

"We have a short two-day mission that day."

"Good, the rest of you make sure you are seen that night. Be ready."

The previously occupied study fell into silence. In that moment she came to him, she needed him, needed to feel alive again. His kiss alone could revive her heart until she was sure he could feel its frantic beat against his chest. She melted into him, happy to relinquish her weight into his strong arms Knowing whatever might come in the next days he would protect her from anything in the same way he had since they were children.



Sharingan eyes flared to life, the eyes of a traitor, the Hyuga elder scoffed.

"What do you think you're doing Uchiha? I'm not some lowly shinobi, I am a Hyuga. You're filthy dojutsu won't work on me."

The Uchiha before him, only smirked cynically. The masked figures beside him stood firmly in place.

"Ah, but you forgot one thing. I'm not just any Uchiha, I'm The Uchiha."

"Eternal Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan."

He had a moment to feel fear rising up and then all he knew was pain.

As soon as Sasuke had the Hyuga under he addressed the blonde behind him.

"Get in, get what we need, and get out. Time is running out."

"I'm still not sure about this. I've never been inside of someone while they're in a genjutsu."

She was apprehensive, which Sasuke supposed was understandable but under the circumstances he wasn't at all in the mood to accommodate the moment of weakness.

"Don't go near anything in black and red and you'll be fine. Now. Get. In."

The blonde and the Nara weren't all that happy but Ino finally got into position and performed her jutsu. The Nara's Shadow Possession paralyzing her body as soon as her mind no longer inhabited it. Thankfully Ino had evolved her jutsu to the point that she could still maintain the communication of the group while she collected the information they needed.

Thirteen minutes




Ten minutes

They needed to hurry up. If Sasuke was found inside the Hyuga Compound Hinata was sure her father would have him killed. Shikamaru-kun was starting to look a bit stressed. Activating her Byakugan, Hinata found Kiba, Akamaru, Shino, and Tenten at their posts around the compound. If they didn't leave soon the guards would activate their own Byakugan at the next twenty minute interval.

Hinata turned toward the doorway, standing on the other side at their post were two Hyuga sentries. Among the strongest of the Hyuga Branch members, trusted to protect the Main house elder. Deactivating her dojutsu, Hinata turned to face the wrinkle riddled face withered by time whose proud Hyuga head was topped with whitening long hair, this was the previous Head of the Hyuga Clan. For all his power and arrogance at the moment he simply looked like a tired old man, yet Hinata could muster no sympathy for the man, even if he was her grandfather.

In the next minute Ino's eyes blinked open, her face set in anger. Shikamaru quickly dispelled his Shadow. Before anyone could ask she quickly barked for them to leave.

"I'll tell you everything as soon as we get out of here."

With that said Ino and Shikamaru leaped out of the window. Hinata waited as Sasuke dragged her grandfather back into his bed. Sasuke hurriedly fixed the sheets about his body as if his sleep had never been disturbed. Their eyes met and then they were both out of the window, closing it shut as they left. The dark haired couple leaped through the compound until they were over the walls.

Five minutes

As soon as they were far enough from the compound and the Byakugan's range Sasuke deactivated his Sharingan. They leapt after the others, never once looking back.


The Hyuga elder woke with a pain filled shout, feeling that lightning charged katana slice through him yet again. In seconds two sentries burst through the door, Byakugan at the ready, chakra pooling in their hands. The Elder stared at the guards as they searched the room and found nothing. The Guards outside, likewise found nothing to indicate that anyone had breached the compound.

Releasing a heavy sigh the Hyuga elder hung his tired head.

"Do you require anything Hyuga-sama?"

This from Hizashi's prodigious boy.

"No. You may return to your post."

"As you wish Hyuga-sama."

With a deep bow the boy and the once upon a time guard of the ex-heiress vacated the room. The door sliding shut with a soft thud. Not for the first time he wished that Hizashi had been born first. It would have saved him and the Clan a great deal of trouble. If it weren't for Hiashi's useless daughter he could have avoided the Uchiha problem altogether.

But when he finally had that nightmare inducing Uchiha dead, he would make that little girl pay for what she had brought down on the Hyuga Clan. Oh yes, she would pay dearly.

Everyone settled into the Uchiha living room. The tension could be felt as the adrenaline began to seep out of the room's occupants. They all looked to Ino but the blond kunochi ignored the looks directed at her. Hinata wasn't sureif she wanted to hear what her friend had found in her grandfather's mind. From the anger that radiated from Ino's icy blue eyes, whatever she had found was going to be bad.

After fifteen minutes of tense silence and stilted small talk, Neji-nii-san and Ko-san entered. Th e excursion into the compound had been set toward the end of their shift on guard duty. Which was suspicious in and of itself. The Hyuga Elder must have had a reason to request two Anbu leveled Hyuga Branch members for guard duty, seeing as neither was normally on the roster.

As soon as everyone was settled, Hinata perched on the arm of Sasuke's Chair. It wasn't a very ladylike position but it offered her the proximity she desired at the moment. Hinata felt like she was waiting on the anvil for the blow, bracing herself for the impact. Ino finally spoke, but she didn't address the room, she looked directly at Sasuke and Hinata.

"I am so sorry."

Ino was apologizing beforehand, in her words the sentiment that she was disgusted by what she had seen. Sasuke didn't seem to move, he only nodded for Ino to say what she had to say.

"The Hyuga didn't make the claim of a void marriage to get Hinata back, they did so that the charges of kidnapping a clan member would get them Sasuke's head."

Hinata froze, Sasuke's head. No. NO. They couldn't...why...they always. Hinata ignored everyone else in the room, she didn't care what they said or what they thought all Hinata had eyes for was her husband. Sasuke was arrogantly sprawled in his chair, as he tended to do in the confines of the Uchiha compound, the only change in his body a narrowing of his obsidian eyes.

Sasuke's eyes didn't stray from Ino, even though everyone was looking at him. He waited. Waited for the blond to tell her story before he started plotting as a true Uchiha as to how to regain control of the situation.

Shikamaru broke the silence.

"Why? We all know the Hyuga hate Sasuke. They think him and the rest of the Uchihas traitors but why and who wants his head?"

" Elder Homura ordered the Hyuga elder to dispose of Sasuke or..."

Or he would have the clan massacred went unsaid, a somber silence filled the room that even stunned Neji into silence. Hinata reached until she felt a strong hand curl around her hand. His death or her family's. That was...how could she. Hinata could feel the despair welling up within her. She couldn't lose Sasuke, she had only started to belive in the future they could have. To think about little girls with raven locks and all-knowing smiles, about little boys with his endless eyes and gravity defying hair. No, Hinata couldn't, wouldn't lose Sasuke.

And yet her family, her proud, arrogant, self-righteous family. Young Hanabi with her hot-headed temper always trying to please father. And the little Hyuga children that played tag in the dark because they could always see. How-

His strong hand tightened its hold on her his smug smirk once again blooming on his handsome face. His deep voice broke through everyone's thoughts.

"I do belive there is a Clan Council meeting tomorrow night, I think its time the Uchiha started getting involved in our community, don't you dear wife?

That devil-may-care look on his face caused a shiver to run down her back. He was up to something but as long as Sasuke and her family came out alive, Hinata would play his game. Hinata responded in the same dry and amused tone.

"Why yes dear husband I do believe we have neglected our duties to our fine village long enough."

And while the rest of them knew something bad was coming if those two were giving each other creepy smiles, the only one to figure out what Sasuke intended was Shikamaru. Who's loud "troublesome" resounded throughout the room.

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