Ages (Light Dmon James)- August 31, 2012

World: AU/anime (Shinigami exist, but Toshiro is not one. With Episode 132)

Summary: There's such thing as aging gracefully.

*Toshiro is two years old than Karin. At the start of this fanfic, Karin is approximately 16 years old; Toshiro is 18 years.

5 years after they meet

When Toshiro had seen her for the first time in four years, he's caught staring at her brilliant figure that's hiding so sneakily underneath her baggy clothes… by her brother.

While he may have gotten away unscathed by her brother, he sure as hell didn't get away from her. So while he sported a large red bump on his head, the only thing that ran through his mind were those hypnotizing eyes.

10 years

Walking back to her home with a bag of groceries, Karin's surprised to find a white-haired man standing nonchalantly outside of the fence to her apartment. When he spots her from afar, his eyes widen and he turns his head. Karin rolls her eyes, but secretly loves that he's come to visit her.

She asks him why he's here after so many years and he shrugs with his famous catchphrase-

"Who knows?"

15 years

Toshiro growls as she ruffles his hair. He still doesn't know why he lets her off so easily.

His eyes drift to her grinning face and he smiles as well. He's not sure, but he's found that being by her makes his whole body tingly and his heart beat faster.

He's not exactly sure what to do about it.

20 years

After finishing medical school, Karin watches as a man she's never even dated bend down on one knee and propose to her.

And she says yes.

25 years

He feels like it's a fairy tale- or maybe something along the lines of a romantic soap opera. Toshiro gazes adoringly at the small child he cradles in his arms. The infant looks fragile, and he's unsure about his ability to care for her.

He looks to his wife sleeping soundly on the hospital bed, still clutching his hand tightly. He's never been so proud to be hers.

30 years

Karin laughs, observing her gracefully aging husband lift up their 3-year old son high into the air. Her daughter sits on her lap; she claps joyously and tugs on her mother's shirt because she wants become an airplane too.

Five years of being a mother has been hard on her, but she's never felt so loved in her life. When her 4-year old (almost 5), yanks softly on her shirt once more, Karin puts on a devilish smile and tickles her, making the toddler shriek in laughter.

It's when she feels prickly hands at her sides when she acknowledges just how blessed she is. Karin screeches as her husband and her children tickle her. Her boisterous laughs echo throughout the house.

40 years

Toshiro's on his way to Kyoto- without his wife and kids. He misses them terribly and doesn't know why he was chosen to be a representative for his region at the business conference. Toshiro sighs, takes out a picture of his family, and smiles contently.

The old lady next to him asks him if the family in the picture was his. He smirks, proud to call them his, despite the ice cream stained shirts and messy mouths. The elder chuckles and stares at his love-struck expression.

She reminisces of her deceased lover and the family she used to have.

45 years

Karin sighs. Despite Ichi-nii's warnings, she never expected that having a teenager could be this hard. She remembers when her baby girl was just a baby girl- and not a hormonal teenager in love with a boy that's everything she's disapproved of.

She feels strong arms wrap around her waist and a chin cradle into her neck. Karin tells the man behind her about their daughter and tries her best not to cry because she doesn't want to watch her children hurt.

It's when she hears his soothing voice and his profound words that she knows everything will turn out just right.

50 years

He celebrates his 25th anniversary with his wife in a hotel in Hawaii. He's saved up money for two years to treat her to the most passionate thing that he's ever done for her. And while his lover may not be a romantic, he knows she appreciates it and that's enough for him.

He plucks a hibiscus from a nearby bush and sticks it in her ear. His aging wife's eyes crinkle in mirth and he decides that his entire life has amounted to this moment.

55 years

Karin watches as her son smiles brilliantly against the altar. It hurts to see him leave their family, but she stays strong, confident that her soon-to-be daughter-in-law can take care of him. She takes a peek at her husband's stoic, but adoring expression, knowing that he's going through the exact same thing as her.

When her son and her new daughter-in-law exchanges wedding vows, Karin smiles joyously and leans her head on her husband's broad shoulder.

She's glad to see her son beam with pride as he grabs his wife and kisses her. She hopes that their marriage will be just as blissful as hers.

60 years

Toshiro tells his grandchildren a story as they lay in the bed that used to be their daughter's. Three pairs of ears listen attentively as he uses dragons, knights, and princesses to entertain them, unconsciously using his own romantic story as a base.

One by one, they fall asleep and he kisses each one of them good night before going to his wife.

He gazes at his lover's sleeping form and realizes that he's never uttered the three words a woman had ever want to hear to her.

"I love you, Karin."

65 years

Most of her original family is gone- her brother, her father, her mother. Her sister's the only one left. It's something she's never thought of- death. But now that she has, Karin has to admit that she's a bit scared of it.

Despite her fear, Karin stays strong. She knows that when she dies, her husband will be there one day to be with her once more. So when she stands against death, she'll take it head-on and let it consume her.

The next day, when her lover attempts to wake her, she lies still; her hands are cold, but her peaceful smile is not.

70 years

Toshiro has no regrets in his life. He knows that his life is nearing to its end. He can feel it approaching. He subtly wonders if this was what his deceased lover felt like before she passed.

He looks out the window and remembers their wedding under an arch of newly bloomed roses. Before passing, he suddenly sees a woman who looks just his wife- but younger.

Her body is clothed in black and she presses the back of her katana against his forehead.

"I love you, too."

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