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Chapter 3: Babysitting and Entrance Exams

{Today is the day of the Entrance Exams to decide if we were to be able to get into the High school of our choosing} thought Stella as she trying out some clothing in her room.

{Okay let's see here, we have an important exam coming right up an about three hours as it's about Six AM now. So that leaves me plenty of time to go through this box that Gold Saw brought with her yesterday as she wanted to check up on us. Oh, this looks good.} Stella thought as she grabbed a black jacket, a plain white collared shirt, a black tie, a modest length black skirt, a pair of white socks, and black versions of the boots on the old uniform she found during the war.

Quickly putting the box in a corner next to her bed, Stella proceeded to take the clothing and a towel to the bathroom. Apon entering the bathroom which contained the basics, she began to proceed to take of her nightgown & panties. Stopping to look at herself in the mirror she thought, {I wonder, should I let my hair down for my outfit? Well I know that to fit in I'll have to change the style since the one that I'm used to isn't considered normal. I'll decide on one after I finish my shower.}

Fifteen minutes later, Stella stepped out of the shower and onto the soft white rug that covered the steam covered tile. She then proceeded to put on her clothing. Trying on her new shirt, Stella realized that her hair reached past her ass and proceeded to cut it down to where it just reached her waist. Quickly putting on the rest of her attire and making sure her contacts are on to cover up the extra rings in her eyes, she opened the door to go to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Opening doors, cabinets and the like to retrieve the cooking equipment required for the breakfast, Stella walked to the refrigerator and took out the egg carton, milk, a loaf of bread and a stick of butter. Opening the egg carton, four of the eggs were then cracked and put into a bowl. Adding the milk to the egg mix, she took the bread slices and began to dunk them in it. Twenty minutes later, four slices of French toast was ready to be eaten.

Walking over and sitting down to eat at the table next to the window, Stella was about to take a bite until she felt her right sleeve was being tugged on. Looking down she saw Shiroshi looking up at her with her bright green eyes. Leaning down Stella rubbed Shiroshi's hair and asked with concern…

"Shiroshi, what's wrong?"

Continuing looking at her mother Shiroshi replied, "I can't sleep."

Raising an eyebrow, Stella turned behind herself and got an idea. She turned back down to her daughter and asked, "You know when you and your brother were watching the TV the other day and how the both of you liked the channel it was on? Well, why don't you try that?"

Realizing what her mother talking about, Shiroshi smiled and hugged her leg. Quickly running over to the remote and trying to click the red button to power on the TV, Shiroshi then noticed it wasn't working. With a little bout on her face, she walked back over to her mother and tugged on the sleeve once again.

Stella put her fork back on to the plate with a sigh and looked down at her daughter. "Do you need help with the TV?"

With a nod from her daughter, Stella got out of the chair and grabbed the remote. Frowning as she noticed the Television wasn't turning on as she pressed the button; Stella looked closer at the remote and face faulted at how confusing the remote was. The only thoughts that were going through her mind were {What the hell is this? Why does this thing have so many buttons? Why would anyone need this many buttons. Know what, screw this!} She then threw down the remote onto the couch and walked over to the top of the TV to look for the power button.

Searching for several moments with her fingers, Stella finally managed to locate the switch only for nothing to happen. With a frown now on her face, she got an idea and squatted down on the floor to locate the cord. Noticing the cord behind the TV, Stella followed it to the wall where her right eyebrow began to twitch in annoyance as she finally found the problem as she lifted up the plug to her face to glare at it.

Plugging it into the socket, Stella Sighed in relief as stood back up. Quickly searching for the button again, Stella pressed it in only to be blasted by the loud noise as she fell on her ass in shock. Diving to the couch for the remote, Stella quickly pressed the minus volume button to lower down the volume.

{Damn it, I forgot this TV did that when you turn it on.} Stella thought trying to calm herself only to be hit in the head by an empty coke bottle. She turned around to find a rudely awakened Grey standing there in the hall way with another empty bottle in her left hand. Ignoring the glare her older sister was sending Stella stood up and looked around.

"Grey, where's Shiroshi?"

While frowning, Grey turned around and walked toward the twin's room followed by Stella who wanted to make sure the kids were alright. Quietly opening the door, the two sisters silently walked in. Stella was the first to notice the bed was empty save for the pillows; she looked to Grey who walked to the opposite side and looked down. Noticing the smirk on her sister's face, Stella bent down from her side of the bed to look underneath. Staring back at Stella were both Kuroshi and Shiroshi with their eyes being the only parts of them being visible in the shadows besides Shiroshi's white hair.

"Hey you two, come on out!" shouted Grey from behind the twins spooking them to where they instantly slammed into their mother and latched on to her. Stella sat straight up and glared at Grey. The two kept this up until Stella noticed the time on the clock that was hanging on the wall.

Now panicking, Stella began running around like a chicken with its head cut off saying, "Crap Crap Crap, I'm going to be late!" as she soon ran out the door.

Apon hearing the front door slam which indicated that her sister left the apartment, Grey came from the opposite side of the twin's bed and looked down at them.

"Well now that your mother is gone for the day, how about I make you guys some breakfast?"

Both the twins nodded to their aunt and untangled themselves from the blanket they were wrapped in.

Coming out of the apartment complex, Stella was soon seen running down the sidewalk dodging people, walking animals & random trash bags that were put out for the garbage men to pick up. Several blocks later, she came across the front gate of the new High School that had been built recently in response to too many students being in one school. {Finally, I'm here.} She thought.

"So this is the alien Black Rock Shooter I heard of from the conversation I spied on earlier this week." Spoke a mysterious figure cloaked in shadows as she watched Stella run down the sidewalks through a circle surrounded by Green tainted Purple flames.

"BAFE, I ask for your assistants on this matter."

Soon a bright Pink portal had opened up from the dark green colored stone ground and out came an elegant womanly figure. The Other-self rose to her feet as the portal closed underneath her. She wore a Pink colored noble dress along with Pink metal gauntlets that covered both of her arms and ended at her shoulders. Her hair was the same Pink as the rest of her outfit. From her head sprouted two slightly darker Pink colored curved horns one would see on a sheep. Her skin like most Other-selves was pale but was more a pale Green rather than the usual White. Apon her face rested a pair of glasses.

BAFE looked up at the figure as she bows and asked, "What matter do you have that requires my services Mistress?"

The shadowy figure looked down at BAFE and said, "One: You don't have to bow to me any longer BAFE. Two: We are friends remember? You don't have to act so formal. And Three: This is what I have need of you." as she points toward the image of Stella arriving at the front gate of the new school.

BAFE looked at the image and almost immediately noticed the similarities to Black Rock Shooter and this girl. Turning around, BAFE asked, "Who is she DarkMistress?"

With a sigh, the shadow covered figure rose from her throne as the two torches around the throne lit up with dark Green flames revealing the figure. DarkMistress was a tall woman around 5ft; 7in with long Black hair and a pair of small pointed fox ears sitting on her head. She wore a Purple kimono which was overlaid by chest armor of the same color and was also connected to a pair of shoulder plates. Around her waist near her hips was a large Black Chain. The hands were covered by Black and Red colored metal scissor claws. Around her neck, laid some Black gothic jewelry while her legs and feet were covered by a pair Black thigh highs and a pair of Black colored straw sandals. Flowing behind her were nine metallic fox tails which were a mix between Purple and Black.

DarkMistress looked to BAFE and said, "This girl from what information that I have gathered is another Black Rock Shooter. Her name is Stella Love. She's also an alien from another dimension. Not much is known about her at this time though except she lives in the Real-World as a human would."

"What do you think about this situation? Do you think she will be a problem?" asked BAFE

"It's not her that I'm truly worried about, it's our BRS…Rock that I'm worried about." Replied DarkMistress

"I see your point. Everything seems to be okay now. But it doesn't mean it's going to stay that way. Do you think BRS is really okay with this alien version of her being in the Real-World and being so close to Mato?" questioned BAFE

With another sigh, DarkMistress continued, "I honestly don't know. Gold Saw believes she's okay with it as long as Stella isn't a danger to Mato and her family. But if Mato and Stella would meet, there's a chance they could become close friends and I'm not sure what Rock would do if she noticed Mato hanging out with her more and more often. Rock might even feel threatened by the friendship and do something drastic if an event were to occur where she had no control over it. I'm actually tempted to ask Konata to keep an eye on things since she lives so close by."

With a surprised look on her face, BAFE asked, "Is that really necessary to ask your Real-self to do such a thing? I mean acting as a spy? Isn't putting her in danger more than it's worth?"

With a shake of her head, DarkMistress continued. "No! I'm not putting Konata in danger. She knows what she is getting into since she gave her number and address to Stella's sister Nana Grey yesterday when she met them at the grocery store. She always had a sixth sense when it comes to powers from the Other-World ever since first came in contact with me when she was little."

With uncertainty in her voice, BAFE spoke, "If you believe that she's going to be okay with it, then go ahead with the plan. I assume that you're going to tell her about the situation with Stella & Rock?"

"Yes I'm going to tell her about them. After all Konata is going to need to know about them if she's going to be able to watch over a pair of alien twins that have Other-World powers."

"When are you going to tell her?" asked BAFE who was raising an eyebrow.

"In a couple of minutes." Replied DarkMistress

"Oh wow, what a coincident that I happen to come across this conversation as the both of you happen to be talking about me." Said a disembodied voice

Both Other-selves suddenly stopped their conversation as they realized who was talking. DarkMistress spoke up, "Konata, we need to talk about the information I found out about Grey & the twins you met yesterday at the store."

"I know, I was just contacting you about the strange vibe I got off from those three." Replied Konata

"So, do you mind keeping an eye on those three? Also maybe Stella if she's around at the time?" Asked DarkMistress

"I don't mind, it could be fun anyway. That's why I gave them my number and address."

"Just be careful Konata…okay?" said DarkMistress with a pleading look on her face.

"Don't worry Mistress, I will." Replied Konata but then added, "Hey listen, I got to go. My doorbell rang."

"Alright, talk to me later when get the chance." Asked DarkMistress

While the conversation between DarkMistress and Konata was going on…"Well, this seems to be the place." Grey said as she looked down on the piece of paper then back at the door. Looking down at the twins, she nodded at their attire which consisted of a similar fashion from the day before.

Kuroshi looked at his sister Shiroshi while looked at him. Both were wearing t-shirts with Yang &Ying symbols. While Kuroshi was wearing black jeans, Shiroshi wore a white skirt. They were both wearing the same shoes from the day before.

Grey rang the doorbell and waited. {"Hope Konata doesn't think we are being rude by just showing up unannounced.} She thought.

Konata began walking to the door after she ended the mental conversation with her Other-self. Putting her hand on the doorknob and turning, the door opened to see the girl from yesterday.

"Oh hey come on in you three." Said Konata

Grey and the twins took off their shoes and left them by the door as they were walking in.

"You guys want anything?" Questioned Konata who had her head tilted to her side.

Raising his small hand, Kuroshi asked, "Do you have anything fun to play with here?"

With a cat like smirk slowly appearing on to her face, Konata said, "You bet I do! Come on follow me!"

Quickly stopping at a halt, Konata turned back around at Grey who just waved at her which told her it was alright and to keep going. With the smirk returning, Konata led the twins to her dad's old room which was converted into a game room for parties and other entertainment.

With their eyes in complete awe in what lay before them, twin smirks quickly appeared as they walked into the room. The room had two Grey-Blue love seats to the back corners of the room each. There was a large couch with the same color of the love seats near the back wall. The wall was a plain white filled with anime and videogame posters. A huge brown shelf lay next to a small brown cabinet stand. In the shelf laid many videogame systems from both America and Japan.

Five Minutes later, Konata left the room after she set up an old NES for the twins to play with.

While Konata and the twins wen to the game room, Grey was sitting on the couch waiting for Konata's return. Sitting on the couch with nothing to do, Grey got up and started to look around at the pictures when one caught her eye. Picking it up she had a closer look.

"That's a picture of my parents." Said Konata as she walked up to Grey

"I see both you and your mom look alike." Grey turned beside her to look at Konata and asked, "If you don't mind me asking. What happened to them?"

Konata just looked at her and said, "Well, I really don't remember my mom. She died when I was very young. Now my dad is a total different story all together. It turned out my dad had been bribing some officers to keep him off a pedo watch list for years. He finally got caught when my cousin and her partner caught him and the bribed officers in the act of making the deal. My cousin then managed to keep the house long enough so when I got back from college I received the house under my name. A couple days later after I finally settled back in, my old manager at a Cosplay Café I work at during High School called and said that he was retiring and asked me if I wanted to take his place as the new manager. So ever since then, I worked there and dropped by several times a week to check up on the workers I hired."

Blinking in surprise, Grey said, "Wow…It sure sounds like you have your hands full."

"Yeah it is. Hey, do you mind if I tell you something important?" Asked Konata

Wondering what was on Konata's mind, Grey said, "Not at all, go ahead."

Taking a deep breath, Konata continued, "Well okay…here goes. Do you feel like there's more to this world? An extension of the world that you can't see?"

With a nod from Grey, Konata continued… "Well, there is one. This extension is called the Other-world. The Other-world is a plain that exist next to our world. The Other-world is both a physical and spiritual plain that have inhabitants called Other-selves. Do you have any questions so far?"

Grey started off slowly as she spoke, "I assume by Other-selves, you mean another version of you and others like you?"

Konata just smiled and said, "Your catching on…yes, what you said is true. Other-selves also tend to have title names like mine. My Other-self is called DarkMistress. Some Other-selves even use abbreviations of their titles for their names. Each Other-self has their own world that they live in. Now the reason that I'm telling you this is because you and the twins give off a signature that's very similar to an Other-self. From that information I just told you, I can tell that you're not from this world originally. From what DarkMistress has told me, there is another Black Rock Shooter here in the Real-world. Do you happen to know her?"

Blinking in astonishment, Grey spoke, "You mean there is an Other-self named Black Rock Shooter?" Leaning back on the couch, Grey continued, "I guess that would make sense. Since my sister and I plus the twins all come from an alternate dimension that just got over from a war between two planets. It would make sense to possibly run into other versions of us. As for your question, yes I do know the Real-world Black Rock Shooter. She's my sister…her name is Stella Love." Leaning forward again, Grey asked, "When did you find out about us?"

"Me? Well I personally found out about you guys several minutes before you guys arrived here from over hearing a conversation my Other-self was having with another. From what I know, DarkMistress was listening in on a conversation between Black Gold Saw and Black Rock Shooter. In that conversation, Gold Saw said that a day before their conversation her Red flame started freaking out. As she slept, she saw another version of her helping someone and they made a deal of some sort. Then after Gold Saw explained that, it was found out that Rock experienced that same sinario with her own flame. That's all I know. By the way, what's your sister doing now?"

Grey looked at the ceiling as she spoke, "I believe that she should be taking her Entrance exams right now.

"For what? High School?" Asked Konata

"Yes, High School." Answered Grey

"Hey! If you have the time, would you mind if I told you some stories about my friends and during our High School days?" Konata asked

"Not at all, go ahead." Grey answered


Once entering the new school, Stella walked up to the front office and waited for someone to come by. A few moments later a man came up and introduced himself as the principle of the newly built school.

"Hello. I assume you're here for the Entrance Exams?" Asked the principle

"Yes sir, I am." Answered Stella as she making sure she had everything.

While smiling the principle then said, "Alright, well if you go down the hall to the end and take a right you should see a line for the Exams that would lead to the basketball court."

{Does school have that many people trying to get in?} Stella thought as she walked out of the room and into the hallway.

Soon taking the right as she neared the end of the hallway, Stella walked to the back of the line and waited. Several moments later as Stella waited, the metal doors soon opened.

Walking into the basketball court, Stella saw it also doubled as a gym off to the side away from the actual court. The room was your typical court room with sports equipment on racks and the walls around the room were painted white. The metal bleachers were pushed to the side allowing more room for the temporary desks that were set up for those who were participating in the exams. Stella soon heard her name being called out and walked to her assigned seat.

After the names were called and the seats were filled up, the teacher in charge of the exams walked up to the podium and said, "Welcome and thank you for participating in these exams. We all hope you manage to pass and become students to this wonderful school. Now I'm in charge of the exams and as such I'll be going around handing NO.2 pencils and blank paper for you to use to help figure out problems in the math portion of the exams. For each portion you have an hour to complete them and have a fifteen minute break in between each portion. If you have any questions, please ask them now as I will be unable to answer them during the tests."

When no one asked a question, the teacher responded, "Alright, now let's begin."

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