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Chapter 5: Discoveries and Bonding

"Should you start? Or should I?" asked Grey as both Stella and herself sat down at the table.

Stella thought for a second and said, "I think I'll go first." With a nod to continue from her sister, Stella spoke again, "After I left this morning to take the test, everything was going fine. It was during the first fifteen minute break between the Math and science portion of the test that my day took a turn for the weird. At first I was just walking around the hallway to get to know the surrounding area better. I then saw a door to the guidance councilor's office not fully closed and was about to close it fully until I heard my secondary name Black Rock Shooter being said. At first I thought I heard wrong and leaned closer to the opening of the door to hear better. What I heard today is going to sound very weird even by our standards. I found out that there is another world next to this one called the Other-world. In this world there are beings called Other-selves and…"

Stella would have continued if Grey hadn't stopped her by raising her hand in a stop motion. Puzzled by her sister's motion, Stella allowed Grey to talk.

Lowering down her hand and taking a deep breath, Grey spoke, "Stella, I found out that same information today as well from the twin's new babysitter. Apparently Konata has an Other-self called DarkMistress who watches over events in the Other-world and sometimes the Real-world if needed. From what Konata had overheard, DarkMistress saw a conversation between the Other-world's version of Black Gold Saw and their version of you about a week ago. Apparently BRS also known as Rock had her flame act up causing to see images from our war in our original dimension from your memories."

"What? Really?" exclaimed Stella and then she leaned back in thought.

A moment past as Stella thought when suddenly she looked at Grey and asked, "If she saw my memories, then shouldn't I be able to see her's?

Sitting in a thinking position Grey pondered her sister's question. Looking back up at Stella, Grey spoke, "I believe in theory yes you should be able to but I wouldn't recommend it. We wouldn't know what type of effect it would have on either of you or even Rock's Real-self here in the Real-world."

As the two sisters sat there at the table, they heard a scream coming from the twin's room. Quickly bolting over the living room carpet to the door, Stella and Grey looked in and saw the twins holding something down with their bed sheet. Walking over to the bed, Stella looked down at her kids and asked, "What is it?"

Kuroshi looked up at his mom and said, "We don't know. But we do know it's made of metal."

Grey walked up to the bed and grabbed the sheets. Slowly uncovering the sheets showed the metal object. Stella not being able to clearly see the object went to the wall and turned on the lights.

"Oooohhhh…It's a bunny! Can we keep it?" asked Shiroshi as she was jumping up and down in excitement

Yes it was a rabbit…a small normal size pink metal bunny that happened to be looking directly at Stella. Stella looked to her right at Grey with a worried look and stared back down at the robotic bunny. Picking it up and walking out of the room, Stella went into the dining room and sat the robot down.

Continuing her staring contest, Stella broke the silence and asked, "XNFE?"

Suddenly a click was heard. Looking puzzled, Stella turned the robot over and saw a cable coming out of the robot's rear end with yellow, white and red plugs attached to the end of it.

With a teardrop forming behind her head, Grey who walked back into the room thought, {A cable coming out of the rear end of a robotic rabbit? Yeeaaah…this is sooo MAZUMA's doing. I wonder if XNFE noticed this?}

Picking the rabbit up, Stella walked over to the TV and inserted the cables to the back of it. After turning on the TV, the rabbit responded with its eyes starting to glow as it received a signal from somewhere. Suddenly the TV screen started to form a picture showing a close up of a red eye covering more than three-fourths of the screen before it backed up revealing XNFE sitting in a black and pink chair.

"Hey! Long time no see!" said XNFE as she waved at the screen.

Stella and Grey looked at the TV in bewilderment at who they were seeing as they thought this person was dead..

Raising an eyebrow, XNFE casually asked, "What? Cat got your tongue?"

While pointing at the screen, Stella spoke saying the one thing that was on both of their minds, "How are you alive? I swore you got eaten by one of the machines just after I spared your life."

Looking back at the sisters, XNFE replied, "Well…I kinda did die. For me it was twenty-six years ago when I was reborn as a human. The part of my soul that remembered being XNFE was re-born as an Other-self to my Real-self Hiiragi Kagami. That's how I'm here. Any other questions?"

Grey decided to speak up and asked, "Who else is with you that was reborn from our world? Also, what happened to your arms?"

Stella blinked and stared at XNFE and realized Grey was right. XNFE's Bunny Arms were gone and replaced by actual arms covered by silk fabric that was black and pink.

With a smirk, XNFE spoke saying, "Well in this new body of mine, the inside of the Bunny Arms has a pocket dimension in which creates regular arms and are formed from the energy of the dimension inside the arms. As for who is around, there's just MEFE, LLWO, MAZUMA and myself. The other three were sentenced to Hell by Kami. As for Sing, Kami sentenced her to be reborn as a human without an Other-self. I don't even know if she remembers her past life or not though"

"If she did, this planet probably wouldn't be standing right now." Replied Grey

"True." said XNFE who then asked as she lend on her left elbow, "So how long have you guys been there in the real world?

Stella looked at the screen and said, "About a week or so."

"Really!? asked XNFE who looked surprised at the answer. "Well getting back to the conversation, who are the kids that I saw?"

At this, Stella glared at the screen and said, "Speaking of which. Why was your rabbit in their room anyway?"

XNFE looked taken aback a bit when she saw the glare Stella was giving her as she was expecting a good answer from her. With a small gulp, XNFE explained…

"I decided to take a look around the real world as there really nothing to do here in the Other-world. So I sent my newest drone to hop around with its cloaking activated. As I was looking through its eyes this morning, I saw you Stella entering the high school. So then I decided to have the drone follow you as I was really surprised that you were here instead of back in our old world. So as you got home, you shut the door before my drone could get inside. I then saw a way in through a window then waited for the room's door to open so I could speak with you only to find the drone to be covered in sheets. So again, who are the two adorable little kids?"

With a sigh, Stella started to explain… "They are my kids that also have another alien's DNA named Black Gold Saw. They were created by the same cloning machine that created me. Apparently the machine was sent to the Alien planet was later used as a blueprint for the more updated modals after the cloning process of Black Gold Saw failed. I think it failed because it still had some of my blood in it during the procedure and the scientist sealed the machine but left it on encase. Anyway Gold Saw later came across the storage lab around 5 years ago and saw the twins just outside their artificial womb crying. She then hid with them and several orphans they found in a hidden bunker below the storage lab to stay get out of the war."

"WOW" said XNFE as she leaned back into her chair then responded, "Who would have thought that you would be a mother.

Suddenly a voice in the background was heard saying, "Who is a mom?"

XNFE turned her head to look back and said, "Stella is here in the Real-world along with Grey. Stella is the mom to a pair of twins."

Quickly hearing running toward where XNFE was sitting, her seat was then pushed to the side. After hearing an off screen "Hey!" from XNFE, the sisters were met with MAZUMA whose smile turned into frown apon looking at Stella. Turning to his side he said, "I thought you said she had a pair of twins?"

The next thing that was seen on the screen was MAZUMA getting hit over the head by one of XNFE's Bunny Arms. "Not those type of twins you perv!" yelled XNFE as her voice was heard off screen followed by MAZUMA apologizing saying, "Oww, XNFE! It was a joke! I knew what you meant!"

With a smirk that quickly formed on her face as she saw MAZUMA. Grey spoke, "Hey XNFE! Take look at this!"

Coming onto the screen XNFE looked confused as she looked at the Rabbit drone she sent to the Real-world.

"What am I looking at?" XNFE asked

Grey showed the cords that lead to the TV. XNFE then followed them back to the drone and gained a tick mark and looked down at MAZUMA. She then said, "I'm giving you a two minute head start. I suggest you start running NOW!" With a gulp in fear, MAZUMA began running for his dear life.

XNFE turned back to the screen and said, "Well, it's been fun talking to you two again but I have to go for now. I'll talk to MEFE and LLWO and tell them that the both of you are in the Real-world. Also, all I can say is be careful with your information you obtained about the Other-world and that girl Mato. Every Other-self has been keeping watch over there Real-self. I honestly don't even know what Rock would do if she felt threatened by a sudden friendship between Mato and you Stella."

With a quick nod indicating that she understood what was being said to her, Stella waved at XNFE as the transmission ended.

"Well, that was informative to say the least.", said Grey as she began to stand up from sitting on the floor to stretch.

"Yeah real informative.", replied Stella as she too got up to stretch from sitting "Especially when finding out four of our old enemies are alive and the possibility of running into the reincarnation of the woman that was once our "MOTHER" who by the way I was hoping to never have to meet ever again."

With an eyebrow raised on her little sister's attitude, Grey spoke up saying, "Let's just forget about it tonight okay? We can deal with Sing when the time comes if she remembers at all. If she doesn't, then well there's nothing to worry about."

Grey then walks up to Stella and holds her and says, "Look I know you're worried about the twin's safety when it comes to Sing finding out about them. But you have to remember that Sing was reincarnated and could be anywhere on this planet and may not be able to remember anything anyway. So just calm down and rest on the couch. I'll deal dinner for us tonight okay. How does soup sound to you?"

Being let go by Grey, Stella proceeds to sit down on the couch and says, "Soup is fine I guess." Suddenly she realized something and looks back at Grey, "What am I going to do until I find out if I was accepted into the high school or not?"

Grey put down the can of chicken broth and began pondering. Several minutes passed until an idea struck her. Looking back down at Stella, Gray said, "How about hang out with the twins?"

With a slight panic in her eyes, Stella spoke, "Okay…but what would we do? In case you've forgotten Grey, I have only been a mother for about a week. I really don't know that much about kids. What am I supposed to do?"

"Take them to the park then. I think there is a small playground off to the side of it somewhere. You three could finally have time to get to know each other. They been wanting to go for a while now."

A small crept on to Stella's face as she realized Grey was right. That would be the perfect time to get to really know each other. Looking back up at her sister, a small "thanks" was heard.

While in the twin's room, both Kuroshi and Shiroshi were slowly falling asleep after hearing their mother and aunt's conversation. Realizing they would finally feel a lot closer to their mom, twin smirks appeared as they finally drifted to sleep.

Back in the Other-world, a world of Purple made of solid stone stood next to a cliff in a field of rocks and purple crystals that ranged in size. The crystals seem to jut out of the ground every which way and gave a somewhat eerie glow if one were to look at them long enough. In the middle of the Purple world stood a large stone structure that spiraled into the sky. The base of the structure was surrounded by large crystals that seemed to keep it from falling over.

Connected to the Purple world was another world. This second world was Green like Dead Master's but vastly different in terms of was contained within it. In this Green world, stood a vast forest in which several kind of Other-world beast roam free. The owner of this world didn't mind the beast as they were considered fair game for him to hunt as sport. The forest's grounds held jagged rocks and pieces of bark that seemed to stick up from the ground. In the middle of the Green world stood a structure that was quite small. The structure resembled an old abandoned factory out of a horror flick complete with several broken windows and cracked concrete walls. All and all it didn't look that impressive but it served its purpose as a home.

Inside his hidden section, LLWO was sitting on a stool at a work bench looking at a newer model of a crossbow. "Finally! I'm almost done. Just a few more adjustments should do it." As LLWO was tinkering with the crossbow, a shadowish figure started to walk out of the dark corner in the room. Slowly the figure reached out… "Hey Mii." said LLWO as he turned around to face his girlfriend.

"Damn it Lirio!" said MEFE as she fully manifested out of the shadows with a small pout on her face as she walked towards him. Her arms wrapped around his neck pulling each other closer till their faces were inches apart. Slowly their lips brushed up against one another into a small kiss.

With a smile on his face, LLWO asked, "What was that for?" as he slid his arms around her waist and pulled her a tad bit closer.

A smirk appeared on MEFE's face as she slid one of her arms from its current position and laid it upon LLWO's chest. Twirling her finger around in a circle motion as it pushed down on his skin, she looked up at him and said, "I just felt like it."

"Really?" asked LLWO

"Yes really!" replied MEFE as her face turned serious only to return to normal a second later and her hand playfully slapped his chest. Looking back up at her boyfriend, MEFE asked, "You know, we haven't really been over to my place together in a while. And staying on an old mattress isn't something that I would really call romantic."

Looking around at the room, LLWO said, "I guess your right Mii…there really isn't much to do here. Perhaps leaving my world would be a nice change of pace." He then added while wiggling his eyebrows up and down, "We could even have a bit of alone time to ourselves too. What do you say to that?"

MEFE began to lightly chuckle and said, "Oh stop. What do you think this is…a sappy Soap-Opera?"

Raising his eyebrow in a questioning manner, LLWO replied saying, "No I don't but I believe I know someone who does though."

"Oh? And who is that?" asked MEFE

Her only response was LLWO pointing over to a crate near a fair window. With a confused expression written on her face, MEFE walked over to it only to notice something trying to move very quickly out of her line of site. Striking before the thing could get a way.

LLWO sighed as he saw what was in his girlfriend's hand. "Great, one of Chariot's robotic spiders. I heard that she's been spying a lot on other Other-selves lately. It got to the point that some even went to confront her on it only to be blasted into a mountain or a cliff by a macaron the size of a boulder going around a hundred miles per hour."

After hearing what LLWO said, the only thought that went through MEFE's mind at that moment as she looked down at the tiny robot was…{Ouch! That sounds like a big cookie. Hate to be hit by that.}

"Come on Mii, let's go." said LLWO as he waved his arm causing MEFE to come out of her thoughts. With a small shrug of her shoulders, she dropped the robot and walked over to him.

In a certain yellow world filled with broken toys and dolls laid a floating doll house held down by chains. Inside its interior laid empty at first glance. But if one were to look closer at the floor in the darkest corner one would find a hole covered by a small ripple like effect.

Inside the hidden section was yellow. The walls were yellow with random colored macaron shifted in different directions in the walls themselves. In one of the rooms a large bed laid looking like it came straight out of a fairytale with curtains covering the top and the sides of the bed. Lying on the end of the bed laid Chariot next to a small doll in a green and black dress which oddly looked like Dead Master with green button eyes and green horns sprouting from the head. Chariot was looking at a TV sitting on a small dresser which was showing both LLWO and MEFE in LLWO's hidden section.

Thinking to herself, Chariot thought, {I love this Soap-Opera. I'm glad I have spies everywhere otherwise I would miss out on this stuff.}

A moment later the TV was turned off as she saw her spider get caught.

{At least MEFE didn't crush it like everyone else seems to do…} thought Chariot. She then looked down at the Dead Master doll and said, "Come on Dead-Chan. Let's go get something to eat."

Now back with LLWO and MEFE, both could be seen walking from LLWO's forest. As the couple was continuing their walk, a person size dust cloud could be seen coming toward them at a very fast speed. Soon the cloud ran past them but MEFE swore she heard MAZUMA's voice saying something along the lines of…"STELLAANDGREYAREINTHEREAL-WORLD!" Both MEFE and LLWO blinked several times until their minds caught up with what MAZUMA said.

"Lirio…did MAZUMA say that Stella and Grey are back and are in the Real-world?" asked MEFE as she looked up at him.

Looking back down at her, LLWO replied, "Yes, I think he did."

Soon the two of them looked back over to the area MAZUMA came from and saw XNFE riding one of her bunny attack drones. Quickly stopping and looking down at the couple, XNFE begins to explain the news she came to tell them about as the other drones continued to follow MAZUMA.

The next day, Stella woke up a tad groggy as she yawned and pulled off her white sheets. Nearly tripping into the nearest wall as she tried to walk, Stella managed to get to the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror as the shower began to heat up she thought, {Sheesh…I need to get used to getting up early otherwise I'm going to have trouble when I have to get to school. The stress is already getting to me. Maybe Grey is right. Perhaps I should take the twins to the park today. I could use it as an excuse to relax my worries and spend time with them.}

Taking the washcloth that was hanging on the rack, Stella taken off her night gown and let it drop to the ground. Checking the temperature of the water, she stepped in to the shower. Ten minutes later Stella walked out of the bathroom to change. Pulling out the box of clothes, she put on a blue tank top and a pair of black jeans with her normal boots.

Entering the living room she saw that the television was on the local news channel and a plate of breakfast was covered over by another one. Picking the top plate up, Stella saw eggs and a large waffle on the bottom plate. Glancing slightly to her right a note lay folded downward. Unfolding the note Stella began to read it. A moment later, the note was put back down as she began to go into the kitchen to make some toast.

Sitting back down to eat her completed meal, a sound of a door opening was heard. Sighing, Stella put her fork down and looked to her left to see her kids in their night shirts rubbing the sleep out their eyes. Chucking a bit, Stella got up and walked over them then said, "A bit tired still are we?"

Both twins look up at their mother and nodded slowly at her.

"How about I get you two some breakfast that you aunt made this morning?"

Turning to walk back to the kitchen, Stella went to the refrigerator and brought out some plates of food. Taking them to the microwave, the timer was then turned on allowing Stella time to help her kids into two booster seats that the owner of the Frozen Yogurt shop Mr. Takahashi gave to Grey yesterday on her way home. Hearing the ding from the microwave going off, Stella went to retrieve the food.

Walking back over and setting the food for the twins, Stella sat down to enjoy her meal. During her meal she paused for a moment and spoke, "I've decided to take both of you to the park today. Is that fine with you two?"

Looking back at their mother then at each other then back again, both Shiroshi and Kuroshi nodded in agreement while in their minds they were thinking {Yes, Yes, Yes!}

"Alright now after you two finish eating, I want you to get something warm on. I don't want the both of you catching a cold…even if it's a bit breezy outside." Said Stella

After ten minutes had passed, the twins went to try to put their plates into the sink but realized they couldn't reach it. Looking back at their mother, they saw her finishing her own meal and coming over to them. Putting her own dishes into the sink, Stella took the twin's plates and said, "Go get some warm clothes on so we can get going…okay?"

Knowing not to be told again, the twins ran back to their room to get dressed for the day. Several moments later the twins came out of the room wearing a pair of small sweat pants and a long sleeved shirt with their respective colors. Making sure they had everything on, Stella grabbed her jacket and key and locked the door behind her as the twins came out.

Walking down the sidewalk, the trio came across the park Stella was told about by her sister. Quickly crossing the road to avoid being hit, the twins tried running ahead but were stopped by their mother grabbing their collars. After a small lecture about staying together the three of them walked to the playground area.

Looking down at her daughter, Shiroshi was asked, "Do you want me to push you while you're on the swing?"

A small smile crept onto Shiroshi's face as she turned toward the swing and carefully walked through the sand trying not to fall down. Walking over to the swing, Stella began to push the swing slowly in effort to allow Shiroshi to get used to it. Looking over to her right, Stella saw Kuroshi trying to get up the slide from the slide's end instead of the stairs. Looking back down at Shiroshi, Stella said with a stern look, "I'll be right back okay. Don't go anywhere."

Walking through the park to get away from her children for a couple of hours was Kuroi Kurenai mother of one Kuroi Mato.

"As much as I love my kids, it's so nice to get away from them for a while." Kurenai said as she stretched while walking

Deciding to sit for a while, Kurenai walked over to the nearest bench and sat down to watch a young mother playing with her kids by the swings. Taking out a bento box lunch she packed, Mrs. Kuroi thought, {That poor girl being a mother at her age. There's a reason why I preferred having one kid at a time…less of a hassle to deal with. But still I feel like I met her somewhere before. I mean her looks look familiar to me. Wait! I know who she reminds me of. She reminds me of one of my past-self's daughters Stella.}

Looking up to the sky, Kurenai thought, {I wonder what her life would have been like if I was stopped earlier. What was I even thinking back then? I was clearly insane and off my rocker to allow my hatred to control me like that. Why didn't anyone stop me before the invasion when they had a chance? The stuff that I pulled back then…I still can't believe I over-reacted like that. I need to get my mind off of this line of thinking. Its making me depressed.}

Looking back over at the mother, Kurenai spotted the familiar black jacket with the white star on the back causing her face to become very pale.

Feeling like she was being watched, Stella turned around and spotted a women wearing a tan colored jacket with a small white scarf and tan colored long pants. Noticing the woman's pale expression, Stella used her senses thinking something might be wrong with her but turned very pale herself when she felt a familiar signature. A signature she thought was gone for good.

Both women looked at each other and simultaneously thought as they looked up into the sky, {FUUUUCK! WHY ME?}

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