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"Hey Vlad, wanna go to the movies?" Henry asked his vampire best friend. Said friend was laying on the couch in his home. It had once belonged to his Aunt who unfortunately was killed by his evil vampire father a year earlier. Both boys were home on winter break of their first year of college and were bored out of their minds waiting for Vlad's uncle to get home.

Vlad shrugged at his friend and replied, "Sure, Let me just leave Otis a note saying where were going." With that said, the two boys got into Henry's car and he took off toward the mall.

Upon arrival, they both got tickets to see the most gory movie and took their seats in the theatre with the popcorn and soda that they purchased. Another group of people two girls and two boys walked in and sat down in the seats next to Vlad since Henry had an isle seat. The first person to sit down was a girl about a year younger than both Vlad and Henry. She had long dark brown almost black hair and pale skin. She smiled at Vlad and Henry before taking her seat and the two boys with her sat next to her and started throwing popcorn at each other. The other girl sat on the other side of the boys and told them to quit throwing things.

Through the entire wait for the movie to start, Vlad, through the corner of his eye, watched the girl sitting next to him. She seemed on edge and kept to herself refusing to use either of the arm rests and curling into a ball as much as she could without anyone noticing. Eventually the movie started and everyone quieted down.

Vlad moved his attention to the screen but kept an eye on the girl. She seemed even more on edge than she originally was if it was at all possible and refused to look at the screen. The boys next to her seemed to ignore her because every time she tried to talk to them or get their attention, they would talk to each other. At one really gory scene where the main character had a leg sawed off, the girl clutched her head and closed her eyes. It seemed like she was freaking out so Vlad reached out to try to find out what was wrong. As soon as his hand touched her arm, she looked up at him and he could see that she had tears in her eyes. He motioned toward the door beside Henry asking in his motion if she wanted to leave. She nodded and stood up behind Vlad and followed him out of the room. None of her friends noticed that she left.

"Are you okay?" Vlad asked her.

"In a few minutes I will be. I'm sorry that I took you away from the movie. You should go back in with your friend. He seemed confused when you left." The girl responded. Vlad shook his head and smiled at her.

"He wont care if I'm gone. What's your name?" Vlad wondered.


"Nice to meet you Elizabeth, my name is Vladimir."

Elizabeth's eyes lit up at his name, "Like the vampire!" Vlad looked at her slightly afraid that she had figured out his secret when she continued, "I wish they were real. What about you?"

"Who says that they aren't real?" Vlad responded. Elizabeth giggled and the two talked for the rest of the movie.

Eventually the door to the theatre that they had come out of opened again and Henry and Elizabeth's friends walked out. "That movie was awesome I mean it was so gory and gross that is was actually good." one of the guys that were with Elizabeth said. The rest of them agreed with him including Henry and the entire group continued down the hall and out of the building.

Elizabeth sighed and got up from the bench that she and Vlad had been sitting on. "Well I guess I should go before they forget about me and leave. Thank you for staying with me." She thanked him and with a wave left. He was left to stare after her.