A/N So, this takes place during the season seven episode "Covenant", when Kira get kidnaps by Dukat's cult. It's Odo's thoughts about her. Read and review:)

He wasn't sure when he realised that she was gone. Probably sometime between the night before, after she went to her quarters and the next morning when she didn't come by his office. She always came by his office.

He had just had a feeling, like something was terribly wrong. And now she was gone and might not ever come back. Thankfully, their last words had not been angry ones, but they had been talking about faith and beliefs. Not that there was anything wrong that, but still. His last words to her had not been, "I love you," but "Goodnight, I'll see you in the morning."

He had never told her how truly amazing she was to him. He had never told her just how beautiful she was and how much she lit up his world. Now, he may never be able to tell her that. It was completely true when he said that the one thing he truly had faith in was her.

Now, she could be deep within enemy space. She could be being tortured right now, or rotting in a tiny prison cell, and there was nothing that he could about it. She could even be dead, but no, he wasn't going to even think about that. He was going to do everything he possibly could to get her back, safe and unharmed. Only then, when she was safely in his arms again, would he rest