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Zoey's pov
shit they found out, no, I don't want chase to freak out.
"it's not a big deal, you guys can go to the beach party without me"I say putting on a fake smile.
chase steps forward,"I failed biology"
"what" everyone asked
"I heard Zoey say to the councilor that she failed her chemistry exam, and that she would have to stay hear until it's done"
"so you just blew your exam for me"I ask chase
"uh, partly"
"what do you mean"
"I actual, failed worse than I was planning on doing,I have to stay until I finish mine as well"
"what!?, chase!, why would you do something like that for me"I ask as I slap him in the head
"ow, I'm sorry but I didn't want you to be lonely for the next week"
"wait week?, that means you guys will miss the beach party"Logan points out
"it's ok guys you go have fun, we can stay in touch through email"I say, holding back tears
"oh Zoey" Quinn says as she, Nicole and even Dana move in for a group hug,Michael and Logan walk over to me and we shake hands, until Michael starts crying and pulls us into a hug.
"it's ok guys we'll see each other next year"I say as a tear rolls down my face.

no pov
"hay Zoey" chase yells from afar
"oh, hay chase, want to go to sushi rockx?"Zoey asks
"sure I'll meet you there in five"
"you bet"Zoey says smiling away.
"so your almost finished your exam"Zoey asks chase, as there sitting waiting for there sushi
"ya, I'll probably finish it by the end of the day, what about your exam"
"I might be able to finish it by the end of the day,It's to bad we couldn't go to the beach party"
"hay Zoey don't act like that, we can still do fun things"
"no we can't"
"ok fine we can't,but we can talk about our year here at PCA"
"what do you have in mind exactly"Zoey asks
"well, like a look back at how we all met, and how things went"chase suggests
"ok well we could write a book, about it, a journal, or a diary, and we can write in it at the end of every year"
"that's a great idea,here"chase says pulling a blank book out of his bag
"that's perfect,so what should we write first"
How we all met?
Zoey and I met by accident, when I hit a flag pole, she then looked away, afraid to help me up, I walked away to the school nurse, who helped me.
The next day Zoey and I officially met, we exchanged words, before I asked if we could all hang at sushi rockx. That night at sushi rockx, everyone met each other, Logan the player,Nicole the goofy one,Quinn the science genius, Dana the grouchy one, Michael the crazy one,Zoey the smart, beautiful, funny one, and me chase, the accident prone one.
"what happened next zo?"chase asks Zoey as he finishes writing in his part
"well,the fight with you Logan, me and Dana"
"oh ya, not the most pleasant time"chase says looking sad.
We were all fighting because I dated Logan, and chase, did not agree with this, him and Logan got into a big fist fight, causing both of them to get suspended for the rest of the semester, but dean rivers let them both back for the last week.
"now for this week"chase says
"yup, the week were we missed the biggest party, and a fun activity with our friends before we left to go back home, not to see each other for another 5 months"
"wow you make it seem so bad"chase and Zoey laugh
Zoey and I, both failed an exam, which caused us to miss the big beach party, so right now as were writing this, me and Zoey are eating sushi, at school all alone.
"wow chase you made that sound worse than it was" they both laugh again
"I'm sorry everything had to end this way, chase"Zoey says
"it's not your fault Zoey, we both failed, and there's nothing we can do to change that"chase says as he leans in to hug Zoey.
"It's one more day and then we can go home"chase says
"that's just it I don't want to go home"
"I don't either Zoey, I don't either".

The next day
no pov
"yes I'm final done, yes, yes, yes"chase runs out of his class screaming
"chase!, I'm done too"Zoey yells at chase, as she runs up to him
"let's go have some more victory sushi"chase says as he takes Zoey's hand and they both run to sushi rockx
"I can't believe the year is over"Zoey says to chase
"I can't either,it felt like it went by in a week"
"chase, you have to remember, you were gone for most of the school year"
"you have a point there"
Zoey and chase, finish there sushi, get up and take one last walk around campus.
"this place is so big"chase points out
"ya, and didn't dean rivers say they were going to expand it over summer vacation"
"really?, this schools already big enough" chase says laughing
"well my dad told me to meet him here, so I guess this is goodbye"Zoey says, looking like she's about to cry
"don't cry Zoey, remember, we have email, and in less than 5 months we will be going back to school, don't worry everyone will be there to say hi, Logan, Michael,Quinn Nicole, Dana, they all will be there too, so don't cry"
"chase, can't we all say our proper goodbyes first?" a voice from behind chase asked, chase turned to see all his friends, standing there
"what are you guys doing here" Zoey screeched as she ran up and hugged Nicole and Quinn
"we couldn't just leave you guys like that, we had to give a proper goodbye"Logan says
"and, Mr. smarty pants over there got us lost so we had to come back" Michael added
"this is the best way to end the school year, I love all of you" Zoey said as they all hugged each other.
With that Zoey knew, she not only had the best friends ever, but friends that she would love forever.

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