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Summary of We Just Have That Effect On People: Luke and Lorelai are now married. Rory calls Luke Dad because she believes Chris didn't earn that privilege. Things between Emily and Lorelai seem to be getting better. They have been on agreeable terms since the wedding and Lorelai has been going to Friday Night Dinner. Luke and Lorelai have two children, twins, Emma and Aaron, who are seven years old. They are both very smart and are obviously on their way to Chilton and Ivy League greatness. Emma is a Rory mini-me and loves to show people that she is smart. Emma also carries the Gilmore tradition of coffee, junk food and movie loving. Aaron is quieter and more like Luke. Aaron loves baseball and thinks junk food and coffee will kill the women members of his family and always reminds them of such. Rory and Jess got engaged and are going to be married soon. Jess is finishing up his last year at graduate school (finally) and is going to be an English teacher and write books on the side. Rory works at the Hartford Gazette and has put her foreign correspondence on hold for a while so she can be around while the twins grow up.

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"Mom, that's hideous!" Rory cried. "Why in the world would I buy that?"

"I didn't tell you to buy it, I just told you to look at it," Lorelai told her daughter.

Emma laughed. "It's like Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady before the Professor."

"I think you're right," Rory agreed. "The dress is too far gone though, even for the professor. I still don't understand why you would show me that!"

"Take it as an example of what not to buy," Lorelai told her.

"You're not helping!" Rory cried. "You're supposed to be here helping me decide what to buy, not picking out the ugliest dress in the store! If you can't behave, I'm sending you out to the car to wait."

"But Mom, it's hot in the car," Lorelai whined in her best child voice.

Emma just laughed. She was used to this kind of display from her older sister and mother and she loved every minute of it.

"There is absolutely nothing here that I would even think about wearing for my wedding!" Rory sighed. "And there has been nothing in the past three shops we have gone to."

"Rory, you just ended that sentence with a prep…prop…" Emma struggled, trying to remember the correct pronunciation of the word, having just learned it a few weeks ago.

"Preposition," Rory supplied.

"Right, that!" Emma said. "Anyway, it should have been to which we have gone…I think."

"No, you're right," Rory smiled and repeated after Emma, "To which we have gone." Rory should have known her sister would have corrected her. Emma was still in Stars Hollow Elementary as of now (Aaron and she had skipped a grade and were in 3rd right now), but was definitely the smartest in her class and Lorelai and Luke were looking into better schools in Hartford. They were also definitely going to get her into Chilton as soon as she was old enough and she wouldn't even have to endure a year or two of Stars Hollow High as Rory had.

"Why don't you look at flower girl dresses and bridesmaid dresses," Lorelai suggested. "We can come back to the wedding gown later."

"That sounds like a good idea," Rory agreed.

"Can we look for mine first?" Emma asked, jumping up and down with excitement.

"Settle down, you little jumping bean," Lorelai teased. She looked at Rory for confirmation and then said, "Yes, babe, we'll look for yours first."

"Yay!" Emma cheered.

Emma's dress was perfect and they all loved it. It was white and had a light blue sash around the middle. The sleeves didn't cover her arms but were four fingers thick on her shoulder. The part of the dress that was above the sash was beaded. The skirt, which was below the sash, had many layers and lightly brushed the ground. The dress even came with a small silver tiara. It was truly a beautiful dress and as soon as Lorelai saw it she knew they were going to buy it. When Rory saw it on Emma there was no argument.

Rory had decided to let her bridesmaids pick the style of the dress they were going to wear. Paris, her bridesmaid, had wanted strapless, but didn't want it in a sweetheart cut. She said those were much too revealing and she was not for sale! Lane, Rory's matron of honor, preferred her dress have spaghetti straps, because the dress wouldn't cut off her circulation and she wouldn't have to worry about it falling down all night. Lorelai, Rory's other matron of honor, wanted a halter. She said Luke liked her better in halters anyway…and Rory had stopped that conversation right away! Rory had decided the bridesmaids would wear a light pink color that would match the flowers.

Rory decided to have the wedding in a church. It wasn't that she was religious or anything, she just really couldn't think of a better place. While she liked the idea of a wedding outside, she couldn't really think of a good place to have it. She didn't want to have it in the town square (she could only imagine how much Jess would hate that) and the Dragonfly was going to be closed that weekend so the reception could be in the backyard. Emily, who was helping with the planning during this wedding, had gone on and on about the wonderful venues in Hartford, including the one where Richard and she had renewed their vows, and while Rory couldn't deny those places were lovely, they were just so fancy and not at all Rory's cup of tea. They were pretty pricey too and Rory decided she would rather have her wedding in Stars Hollow, where she had grown up and where everyone she knew and loved, besides her grandparents, lived. After all, most of her guests were Stars Hollow residents anyway and she didn't want to make them drive to Hartford just to drive back for the reception, because she was having her reception in the backyard of the Dragonfly no matter where she got married.

They were back on the search for a wedding gown and were having absolutely no luck. Rory saw nothing that shouted out to her and she didn't seem to like anything that whispered her name.

"Mom," Rory groaned. "There's nothing here! There's nothing anywhere!"

Lorelai laughed. "Don't get so dramatic, child of mine. We will find something."

"Mommy, where did you find your wedding dress?" Emma asked.

"Here," Lorelai answered. Lorelai then began to wonder how Rory would feel if Lorelai made her wedding gown. Lorelai had planned to do so with hers until they came to this shop but Rory hadn't found anything here. Rory had liked it when Lorelai made her dress for the dance all those years ago, but that was the problem, that was all those years ago.

"Mom," Rory began. "How would you feel if I asked you to think about maybe making my wedding dress?"

Lorelai smiled. "I was thinking the same thing! Oh my gosh! We have ESP!"

"I highly doubt that," Rory said. "But you'll make patterns or something? And if I like them, you'll make my gown?"

"Yes and yes," Lorelai replied.

"Yay!" Emma cheered.

"What are you yaying about?" Rory asked.

Emma shrugged. "I felt like it. After all, we're leaving aren't we?"

"We are," Lorelai agreed.

"And that means we get to go eat lunch!" Emma cried. "Let's go to Daddy's. Daddy has the best coffee ever…he can't resist the pout and the eyes. Gosh, I'm starving!"

"You ate before we left," Lorelai reminded her youngest daughter.

"But that was a whole hour ago!" Emma said.

Rory laughed. "You are such a Gilmore girl. It's fantastic!"

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