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The Cat Returns: A New Life

Ch.11: The Wedding/Happy Ending

Down deep in the dungeon of the Cat Kingdom, Machida and Hoshi were in a dungeon cell. "I can't believe that she figured us out..." Machida thought. He growled under his breath. Hoshi heard guards laughing and talking about something.

"I'm happy for Haru and Baron getting married, but there's one more that Lune want's to go through."

"Who are the lucky couple now?"

"It's Haru's daughter and Baron's step brother. They are getting married today this evening."

"Wow. I'm happy for them."

Hoshi and Machida gasped. "...we have to stop that wedding, father!" Hoshi said. Machida growled under his breath again and whispered a certain spell; breaking the lock on the door. "Let's go, before it happens."

Hana was nervous as ever. She was getting married and it was today. She was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress taht glitters in the sunlight. A white rose was tucked into her ear. She tried taking deep breaths; she was feeling the insides in herself turning into knots.


She turned and saw Baron in a black tuxedo. His top hat was black as well. Hana smiled nervously. "...I don't know how you and mom kept your cool when you got married." Hana said. Baron chuckled. "Don't worry, take deep breaths and think happy thoughts." He said. Hana smiled. She then felt herself in a warm embrace. She smiled as she hugged her father.

"...we're both proud of you, Hana. I assure that Auron will keep you happy as long as you are together." He whispered as he stroked her hair. Hana smiled. "...thanks, dad." She said. Muta came in. "It's time, Baron." He said. He nodded. "Ready, Hana?" He asked. Hana smiled. "I'm born ready." She said. Baron chuckled.

Auron was with Natori; as he was adjusting his top hat and red bow tie. Haru was smiling next to Toto. Lune was best man while Yuki was the maid of honor. The music then started to play. Baron was escorting Hana down the aisle. When they got to Natori and Auron, he gave her a warm embrace. "...good luck." He whispered.

Hana stood next to Hana as Baron took his seat next to Haru. Auron smiled as he held Hana's hand. Natori cleared his throat. "Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to witness the happy marriage of these two young couples." Natori announced.

"Auron, do you take Hana Yoshioka as your lovely wedded wife? Care for her, love her and share her soul with yours as long as you both shall live?" Natori asked. Auron smiled. "...I do."

Natori smiled at Hana. "Hana, do you take Auron Humbert von Gikkingen as you lovely wedded husband? Care for him, love him and share his soul with yours as long as you both shall live?" He asked. Hana smiled sweetly at Auron. "...I do." She said.

Natori then held his paw up. "If anyone objects of these two lovely couples being together, speak now or forever hold your peace." Natori announced. There was a silence. Natori smiled. "By the honor of the Cat Kingdom, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Natori said as he step back. Auron smiled as he moved the veil away from Hana's face. He stroked her cheek. He then closed the distance with a gentle and passionate kiss.

Hana wrapped her arms around his neck as he slid his arms around her small waist. There was a loud applause from the audience. Baron was holding Haru as she rest her head against his shoulder. The white flower petals were flowing in the breeze. A door then bursted open.

"Stop the wedding!"

Hana and Auron broke their kiss as they stared at the 'wedding crashers'. Hana smirked. "...sorry. If you were here a few minutes earlier, you might have stopped the wedding." Hana said. Hoshi dropped to his knees. "Hana...what does he have that I don't!?" He demanded. Hana thought for awhile while smirking.

"Hmmm...let's see. Auron never lies to me. He makes me laugh and happy all the time. He has a good heart...and admires anyone that speaks from their hearts like my father does." Hana said. Auron smiled as he held her close to him. Machida stares at Haru. She smirked as Baron glared at him. Hana then chuckled.

"What ever you or your father are planning, you might as well forget about it. If you plan of hurting me or my mother, you have to go through Muta first and I think he has plans for you two." She said. Muta was infront of them; cracking his knuckles. "...I've been waiting to get my paws on you two..." He grinned evilly. The cat guards dragged Hoshi and Machida away; Muta following them.

Auron stares at Hana. "Now...where were we?" He asked. Hana smiled and kissed Auron once more.

It was the after party. Hana was dancing with his father while Auron was dancing with Haru. "...I'm glad that I met you that day, dad." Hana said as he twirled her around. Baron smiled. "Oh? Why is that, Hana?" He asked. Hana smiled as he picked her up and twirled around. "...if I didn't, none of this would be happening now. You would be bored out of your mind, Auron would be still be buried in the earth's crust...and mom wouldn't have the same smile again. It's pretty hard to make her smile." She said.

Baron smiled as he gave Hana a gentle embrace. Baron then noticed something. He smiled as he spinned Hana around to the next person. She felt herself in familiar arms as she was led into a dip. Auron smiled at her. "Wow, you're sly." Hana commented. He chuckled. He picked her up and twirled her around. "...I never got the chance to thank you, Hana...for releasing me." He said. Hana rest her hands on his shoulders; still in the air as his arms were around her waist. "...what do you mean?" She asked.

He smiled. "...in order to be free, a young maiden must have a pure heart and high spirit in order to release me. When you got chased that day, you must of stepped on my burial grounds and released me." He said. Hana smiled. "So...you're saying we owe this to Machida and Hoshi?" She dared asked. He chuckled. "...it appears so." Auron said. She smiled as she closed the distance with a soft kiss. Auron smiled during the kiss; purring softly.

"Mommy, Daddy! Wake up!"

A young cat ran into her parent's room. An older cat; which looked like 10 years old. "Shizuka!" He panicked. Hana woke up and smiled. "It's alright, Leo. Time to get up, honey." She said. Auron shifted in his sleep. Hana smiled as she kissed him. He opened his eyes and purred softly. "What is it, my young kitten?" Auron asked as Shizuka got in between him and Hana.

"Daddy! It's Christmas! Grandma and Grandpa are here and Uncle Toto and Muta! Yuki-chan and Lune-chan are here, too!" Shizuka said. Hana smiled. "Alright, we're getting up. Tell everyone that we'll be down in a minute." Hana said. Auron got out of bed and helped his wife. She was already pregnant with another child. Shizuka and Leo were already gone.

Hana smiled as Auron started to carry her to the living room. "Wow...10 years has gone by so fast, Auron." Hana whispered. He chuckled. "I know, love. It's been the happiest ten years I had with you." He said as he kissed her. In the living room were Baron, Haru, Toto, Muta and their two young children. Hana smiled as Auron sat her down on the couch, then sitting next to her.

"So, when are you expecting your next child?" Yuki asked. Hana smiled. "Probably after the holidays. We still can't figure out a name yet." Hana said. Baron chuckled. "It will come in time, Hana." He said. Shizuka got a new dress as Leo got a new fencing sword. "This is from both of us, Hana." Lune said. Hana opened it and smiled. It was a silver locket. Hana opened it and saw her whole family in one picture and Auron and their family in the other.

"Thank you." She whispered. Auron smiled as he nuzzled her cheek; purring softly. Hana stares at Muta and Toto. "Okay, who are you two and what have you done with Toto and Muta?" She asked. They stared at her confuse. "What ever do you mean, love?" Auron asked. "Right about now, they should be fighting." She laughed. Baron chuckled. "I promise them that they will behave themselves until later in the evening." Baron said. Hana smiled and laughed.

Haru smirked. "I hepled as well." She said. Everyone bursted laughing. Hana stared at the family portrait. Hana then noticed a spirit outside the window. Hana smiled. "...Merry Christmas, Louise..." She thought. Louise smiled as her spirit faded away. Aruon stares at Hana. "You okay, dear?" He asked. Hana smiled. "Don't worry, love...I'm okay."

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