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And I'm here with the re-written version of this story! Ash is a little OOC in this one-shot, though. Enjoy!

Warning: There are spoilers to the result of Paul's and Ash's Sinnoh League Battle.


I watch sadly as Paul walks down the stairs.

We had finished our Sinnoh League battle. It was very close, but I won. Paul was going to have a re-match with Brendon. We had said our good-byes and now Paul is leaving.

As I watch Paul walk down the stairs, I feel something tug at my heart. I'm going to miss Paul. And I won't be the same without him. Why does he have to go?

Paul starts to get smaller in my sight.

My hands curl into fists, my fingernails digging through my gloves and into my skin. Part of me hopes Paul will turn around and look back at me, possibly with a smile on his face.

Paul is get further away…

Tears start to form in my eyes, but I refuse to let them leave.

Paul is almost out of sight.

No more, I can't take it anymore. I rush down the stairs, towards Paul.

Paul hears my footsteps, stops, and turns to face me.

I command my legs to go faster. Once I reach Paul, I stop right in front of him, panting slightly, tears still in my eyes.

Paul crosses his arms. "What is it?" he asks in an annoyed tone.

"P-Please don't go P-Paul," I stutter sadly.

"Why should I listen to you?" he asks.

"J-Just please l-listen to me, Paul!" I exclaim.

"…Fine…" he says.

"Paul, I'll never be the same if you left. You're the reason I train so hard. Just to impress you. Please, don't leave me," I plead, a single tear rolling down my cheek.

"…" Paul doesn't respond. Simply, he presses his lips to mine.

My eyes widen and a blush spreads across my cheeks. I freeze for a few seconds. Soon, I find myself kissing back. It feels like fireworks have exploded.

Paul pulls away from me after two minutes.

"Y-You like me?" I stutter nervously, the blush still present on my cheeks.

"What do you think?" he asks me.

I smile and hug him. "Thank you, Paul!" I exclaim.

Paul hesitates before hugging me back briefly.

I let go of him after a few seconds.

"How about you come with me?" Paul asks.

My smile widens and my stomach does a back flip. "S-Sure!" I exclaim.

Paul smirks at my reaction.

"I just have to break the news to Dawn and Brock, finish my Sinnoh League battles, and then we can go," I explain.

"I know that," Paul says in a slightly annoyed tone.

Paul will never change. "Alright, then. My battle is about to start," I say.

"Good luck, then," he says, flashing me a smirk.

"Thanks, Paul!" I say happily. I turn and run back up the stairs.

I don't care when I lose my battle.

I'm traveling with Paul from now on. And that's completely worth it.


And done! Sorry it was short, but I hope you enjoyed!

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