Sorry I haven't written for such a long time! I've been really busy. Came up with a new chapter, though. Yay! Now let's see some more reasons why Harry Potter is better than Twilight! And thank you for all your ideas! Oh, and the reviewer calling herself Isabella Swan, I would like to say: a) did you not READ the warning in the beginning of the first chapter, b) actually, I have checked my reasons against both books and what I read on the Internet and they are legitimate, and c) don't you have better things to do than review as a fictional character and be angry at me? I mean, really, wouldn't it just be easier to ignore this, instead of freaking out over it?

21. The love in Twilight isn't real.

There are no conversations, no talking, nothing. NADA. They just stand there and kiss and look at each other. Physical relationships like that really don't last that long (proof: Ron and Lavender Brown), but in Twilight, it just goes on and on, like Ms. Meyer didn't know how to write about actual conversation between the characters. In Harry Potter, the love is deeper and actually develops as time goes on, while in Twilight, love is flat and boring and, well, stupid. Also, there are no arguments. Every relationship has times when the people argue, when they decide to either split up or keep going. The closest thing to something like that in Twilight was Edward leaving Bella, and that was way to dramatic and not angry enough to seem real. There is no love like that in real life.

22. Twilight is kind of a marketing scam.

Here's the thing about Twilight: it's not very good, but it SELLS. And it sells a lot. The books were designed to suck in a reader and make them feel as if they were the main character and having those 'adventures'. The movies, the books… all just a great big plan to make money. Harry Potter doesn't really care. I mean, J.K Rowling was rejected from so many publishers before she managed to get the first book published. It wasn't about the money (or, at least, not entirely about the money). It was getting this story out there.

23. Mistakes…

Ahem. Someone failed basic geography, Ms. Meyer. You stated that Brazil has a west coast, when, in fact, Brazil only has an east coast. And another F in history! In New Moon, there is a whole story about how Rosalie was rich because her father was a banker in the time of the Great Depression. If Rosalie's father had been a banker during the Great Depression, she would be poor, not rich. These are far worse mistakes than the time I misspelled 'bibliography' on a slide show and then presented it to my grade.

24. …and more mistakes.

Another huge problem is that Stephanie Meyer attempts to tie magic in with science. She says that vampires and werewolves exist because they have extra chromosomes. What? This is, quite plainly, pseudoscientific nonsense. People with extra chromosomes have chromosome diseases such as Downs Syndrome, Triple X Syndrome, and Edwards Syndrome, not superhuman abilities and/or the ability to turn into a werewolf. There is also no way to transfer an extra chromosome or to in with 'venom' as is explained, and even if that were to happen, it would be an impossibility for Edward to suck out the poison, as he does in book one. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK.

25. Harry Potter has an overall theme.

Twilight does not. Although fans may say "Yeah it does 'cause it's a love story," I say that that is not a theme, that is a GENRE. There are differences.

26. Far too much drama in Twilight.

Honestly? No one acts that way. NO ONE. I have never in my life heard one couple talk or act the way they in Twilight. In Harry Potter, there is just the right amount of drama to make it seem real.

Only six today because I'm a lazy butt. Ideas? Questions? Comments? REVIEW!