Sitting at a table was an albino with shaggy snow colored hair hanging over his odd gold-on-black eyes. To his right was his annoying brown haired, brown eyed, smug, asshole of a father, the King of Hell. To his left was his new wife. They were eating breakfast at this time."Shiro, you really should eat more healthy..." the brown haired male sighed, glancing at his son's plate of sweets.
"Your father's right, dear. You should eat healthier!" The female at his side exclaimed in an annoyingly cheery tone. She lay one, manicured hand over his that was resting on the table and squeezed lightly as she smiled at him. She had long, cherry red hair and foggy emerald eyes, and she was dressed simply in a long, black nightgown that hugged her upper body and billowed out around her thighs.

"But I like my human sweets, they're good!" Shiro whined.

"You also need to stop being such a child, you are going tobe King soon." Aizen sighed.

"You said that 15 years ago too… didn't happen, now did it?"Shiro huffed, glaring at his father. He never had forgiven his father for what happened to Ichigo. The thought of the beautiful, kind of shy, but stubborn angel made Shiro's heart ache; time hadn't healed his broken heart or take away the pain he felt.

"Well, I think he's cute that way." The woman stated, continuing to smile.

"Maybe I should mature then." Shiro muttered. Aizen rolled his eyes at his son's comment.

The female seemed oblivious to the hidden insult. "Why don't we go for a walk in the garden later, dear? It's a nice day." She said.

"I guess." Shiro shrugged, wondering if he could take her to the center and get the siren flowers to eat her. She released his hand and went back to eating her breakfast.

Shiro rolled his eyes and went back to nibble at his sweets. He wasn't super hungry. A loud knock at the door interrupted breakfast. "Enter."Aizen stated.

The door opened and an angel came in. He had long black hair tied in a low, messy ponytail, blood colored eyes, black, soft, feathery wings upon his back, and was dressed simply in a white button up and dark navy blue pants. "Mugetsu!" Shiro lit up, over the years he and Mugetsu had became pretty good friends.

The female only glanced at him and frowned a little before going back to eating. She had never really liked him, though she had never voiced it. "Mugetsu, I thought I told you not to disturb us during meals." Aizen stated, annoyed.

"I'm sorry King Aizen… but one of the guards told me something interesting that Shiro may want to look into." Mugetsu replied, not looking at Aizen.

The woman pouted. "Now?" She asked.

"If Shiro wishes to go now, then yes." Mugetsu stated.

"Well, what is it? We were going to go take a walk in the garden." She stated.

Mugetsu was quiet for a moment, glancing at Shiro to know if he was supposed to speak. Shiro sighed but nodded. "A few weeks ago, when Shiro was in the city he got in a fight with some guys… they ran off before Shiro got to finish his fight. So he asked the guards to keep a look out for them so he could finish the fight. I believe he mentioned something about his manly pride being damaged if he didn't defeat the cowards." Mugetsu explained.

The woman giggled. "That's my Shiro." She said, rolling her eyes with a smile.

Shiro's left golden eyes twitched at the word 'my'. "Sure, Rose." he growled. Then he glanced at Mugetsu. "I guess I should go now." he stated, standing up from his seat.

Rose pouted. "Don't get hurt." She said.

"Would love to see someone plant a scratch on me." Shiroscoffed before he left the room with the black winged angel. Aizen sighed, his son needed to get over Ichigo and love Rose. It had been over 15 years, more than enough time to get over a simple angel he hadn't known for more than 2 weeks.

Shiro and Mugetsu left the palace and went down to the city."I can't believe I lied for you." Mugetsu muttered.

"C'mon angel-boy. You like getting out of the castle just as much as me." Shiro snorted.

"I guess." the black haired angel sighed.

"Besides most of the story was true. accept for the part about me telling the guards. I already tracked those idiots down and beat the shit out of them." Shiro shrugged.

"Such a gentleman aren't you." the angel rolled his eyes.

"Of course." Shiro smirked.

They had wandered into the market, many demons young and old rushing around as they bought and sold things. There was a gap in the crowd, revealing a wooden stand with a cloth cover over it on the side of the road between two other stands. Sitting in a chair, cheek resting in his palm while he looked down at a book and seeming rather bored was a young demon with long, sunset colored hair tied back in a loose ponytail and bright honey eyes sharpened with flecks of gold in them. Black, nearly gray wings were folded loosely behind him. On either side of him were slats of wood leaning against the posts holding the cloth tarp up that were showing off various pieces of jewelry, seeming to be the main ware at the stand.

Shiro stopped talking and joking around with Mugetsu, making the angel a bit worried. "Shiro?" he started.

"Do you smell that?" Shiro interrupted.

"What? We are in a market, lots of smells." Mugetsu sighed."Not that I have a demon's sense of smell since I'm an angel." he added.

Shiro ignored him, looking for the source of that familiar and delicious scent. Mugetsu yelled and followed the idiotic prince.

Shiro stopped, freezing in place when he saw the oranget sitting at the stand. His expression went from disbelief to a huge grin. Mugetsu didn't have a chance to grab Shiro before he shot over the stand, crashing to the ground with the oranget wrapped up in his arms. "Ichigo!" he squealed, nuzzling the oranget.

The black-winged demon let out a yell of surprise as Shiro crashed into him and they went tumbling to the ground, his book falling next to them. "Get off!" He said, pushing the other away from him. "Crist, what the hell are you thinking?" He asked, pushing himself up till he was leaning back on his hands, looking at the prince with a confused expression. He then proceeded to sit up, though the process was far slower than it should have been due to the considerable swell in his abdomen indicating that he was, in the very least six to seven months pregnant.

"Shiro! You shouldn't just jump on him!" Mugetsu scolded as he came up behind the albino. A few people were staring at the scene caused by the prince.

"But it's Ichigo!" Shiro replied quickly, pointing at the oranget.

Ichigo stared wide-eyed at both of them. "Do I know either of you?" He asked before huffing and slowly standing up after grabbing his book.

Shiro stared at Ichigo. "Did you hit your head? Of course you know us!" Shiro whined.

"I'm sorry, but I don't." he said, frowning as he bent over to pull the stool he had been sitting on back into an upright position.

"Of course you do." Shiro huffed, crossing his arms.

"Shiro." Mugetsu stated.

"You were my f-" Shiro was cut off by Mugetsu's hand.

"I'm sorry about him, he had… issues… c'mon Shiro, stop bothering the nice demon," Mugetsu explained politely to Ichigo before hissing at Shiro.

"Mmph!" Shiro screeched into the black haired male's hand as he was dragged away. Ichigo watched them leave before sitting back down on his stool and opening his book again, having to find his place again since the book had closed upon impact.

Finally after dragging Shiro a good distance away, Mugetsu removed his hand from Shiro's mouth. "What the hell was that for?!" Shiro growled.

"Ichigo doesn't remember us-" Mugetsu started.

"Then we will help him remember!" Shiro argued, about to go back.

"Shiro… he's already with someone else." Mugetsu sighed, making Shiro freeze.

"What…?" the albino asked slowly and quietly.

"He's pregnant… probably at least 6 or 7 months in." Mugetsu sighed.

Shiro was silent. "I'm sorry." Mugetsu breathed. Shiro didn't move, fists clenched.

The crowd of people streamed around them, leaving a good space of open ground around them, all of them unwilling to risk accidently bumping into the seemingly emotionally unstable prince. "I am going to kill him." Shiro growled.

"Ichigo!?" Mugetsu squeaked.

"No, the fucker who got him pregnant!" Shiro snarled.

"Shiro, calm down!" Mugetsu tried.

"NO!" Shiro snapped.

A few of the demons glanced at him warily, females pulling their children closer to them while the males only walked by quickly.

Mugetsu sighed. "Didn't want to do this but…" the black haired angel walked over to Shiro who was starting to stomp away. The demon stopped when he got hit upside the head and whipped around only to get slapped rather hard and kneed in the gut equally hard. He dropped with a groan."Nothing to see here..." Mugetsu stated as he grabbed one of Shiro's legs and started to drag him away again.

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