Shiro had left immediately, going to the market where Ichigo always was during this time of the day. The orange-haired fallen angel was in his stand as usual, with the same book as the day prior. "Hey Ichigo" the albino called as he came up to Ichigo with a smile.

Ichigo looked up from his book, smiling back at him. "Hi Shiro." He said, marking his page and closing the book. "Uh, thanks... about yesterday, I mean, I didn't mean to fall asleep and..." He trailed off, getting lost in Shiro's hypnotic golden eyes.

"It's no problem at all…you seemed like you need some sleep anyway" Shiro responded, brushing his hair out of his eyes.

Ichigo blinked a few times, glancing away. "I guess you could say that." He said.

"So how are you today?" Shiro asked.

"I could be a bit better..." Ichigo admitted with a small sigh.

"What's wrong? Do you want to talk about it?" Shiro asked.

"Oh, its fine, you don't need to worry about me." Ichigo chuckled a little, though it sounded forced. He glanced up as a demon and her child approached, seeming interested in one of the pieces of jewelry.

Shiro frowned slightly at Ichigo, stepping aside a bit to let the demons come to the stand. It didn't take long for the demon to buy the piece of neckwear, only a few minutes, and soon they were gone, leaving Ichigo with a bit more money. Shiro had walked around the stand so he was now standing next to Ichigo. "Do you get sales often?" he asked.

"... Not really, but money is money." Ichigo said after a moment, leaning back into the shade. The day had gotten rather hot. Shiro stared at Ichigo for a minute before his eyes lit up with an idea. He slid back around so he was on the customer side of the table. He looked at the jewelry, trying to figure out which would be the most expensive.

Ichigo frowned slightly, looking at him. "What are you doing?" He questioned.

"I'm going to buy something" the albino stated, glancing up at Ichigo.

Ichigo blinked several times, staring at him. "... Why?" He asked.

"So you have another sale" Shiro replied. "I'm pretty sure you are too stubborn to just take money if I try to give it to you…so I'm going to buy something" he explained.

"W-well, you don't have to do that, I mean I'm doing fine so..." Ichigo blushed a bright red, stuttering and looking down at his book.

"But I want to…so I am" Shiro replied.

"O-okay, then, I guess..." Ichigo murmured, still staring down at his book with a blush.

Shiro examined the jewelry with a careful eye, lips pursed slightly. Then a necklace with a thumb-sized white jewel with golden flecks attached to it caught his eye. "How much is that one?" he asked, pointing at it.

"Oh, um, that one's one silver." Ichigo said, glancing at it, though he couldn't seem to be able to get rid of the blush on his face.

Shiro slid his hand into his pocket and pulled out two silvers. "Payment and a tip" he replied, handing them to Ichigo before grabbing the necklace.

Ichigo stared wide-eyed at the two silvers he held. "U-um, thanks..." He mumbled, slowly looking up at the albino.

"Your welcome Ichi" Shiro responded, smiling at the oranget.

After a few moments Ichigo put the two silvers in his pocket and he went back to staring down at his book with his ever-persistent blush. Shiro cocked his head before stepping around the table. He was quiet as he snuck around Ichigo and put the necklace around the oranget's neck.

Ichigo reached up and touched the pendant lightly, looking over at Shiro with a slightly confused look. "So you don't forget me" Shiro stated, the word 'again' echoing in his head.

Ichigo smiled slightly, rubbing the pendant gently. "I don't think I could even if I tried." he said, his voice soft.

Shiro chuckled. "Just in case…you never know when you could hit your pretty head on the table or something and not know me" Shiro joked.

Ichigo scowled a little. "I'm not that clumsy." He said.

"Good to know" Shiro chuckled, smiling softly.

Ichigo huffed a little but smiled a little anyways, reaching out and taking Shiro's hand and gently folding their fingers together. Shiro's smile grew. "I think I might pick up early again today..." Ichigo said, eyes trailing back down to his book.

Shiro nodded. "Do you want to spend some time together after you close up?" the albino asked.

"Yeah- I-I mean, only if you want to..." Ichigo said, shifting a little and blushing slightly at his stumble.

"Of course" Shiro grinned. "I really like ya Ichi" he purred.

Ichigo felt Shiro's hand tighten around his and he smiled softly. "I like you too, Shiro..." He murmured.

"Ichigo" the albino suddenly stated, eyes half-lidded as one of his hands slowly came up and cupped Ichigo's cheek.

The oranget's head slowly turned to look up at him. "Yeah?" He asked softly.

"I'm going to kiss you" Shiro warned before his head dipped and his lips pressed to Ichigo's. The fallen angel gasped, his bright eyes wide before they fluttered a little and fell to half-mast.

Shiro's hands slid away from Ichigo's, falling and gripping Ichigo's waist softly. Ichigo's hands trailed up Shiro's chest till they were lightly gripping his shoulders. Shiro kissed Ichigo softly, trying to contain himself. If he didn't, well everyone would see Ichigo naked and hear him screaming. Shiro broke the kiss but didn't pull away.

Ichigo was panting lightly, his cheeks and bridge of his nose red. "Umm..." He mumbled.

"Did you like it?" Shiro asked.

"Alittle..." Ichigo said softly, his hands falling from Shiro's shoulders.

Shiro pouted. "Only a little?" he asked.

Ichigo looked away, biting his lip. "... I'm tired, Shiro... I think I'll go home and rest today instead..." He murmured.

A flash of hurt passed Shiro's face but it quickly passed. "Can I walk you home at least?" Shiro asked.

"... Okay." He sighed, nodding slightly.

Shiro helped Ichigo pack up quickly before he walked Ichigo home, their hands locked. The oranget didn't talk much, only stared at the ground with a distant look. "…How long ago did you and your boyfriend break up?" Shiro asked.

"Oh, not that long ago really..." Ichigo replied softly, not looking up.

"Kissing me must be a bit awkward then, right?" Shiro sighed.

"Kinda..." He sighed.

"Sorry" Shiro muttered, looking down.

"It's fine, Shiro..." Ichigo murmured, tightening his grip on the other's hand a little. Shiro glanced at Ichigo and slowly nodded. He stopped them and pulled the oranget in a tight hug. After a few seconds Ichigo slowly hugged him back, letting his head rest underneath the prince's chin. Shiro purred softly, sweeping Ichigo off of his feet. He started to walk away, carrying the oranget.

Ichigo blushed, burying his face into Shiro's neck. "This is embarrassing." He huffed a little.

"You didn't complain when I did this yesterday" Shiro pouted.

"There was no-one around then. And I was half asleep." Ichigo grumbled, though he hugged himself a little closer anyways.

Shiro smiled slightly. "There were people around yesterday too…you just didn't notice them" Shiro chuckled. Ichigo blushed a little harder and huffed into his neck. Shiro laughed softly. After a few moments of silence Ichigo yawned a little, unconsciously nuzzling Shiro's neck. Shiro smiled. They were almost to Ichigo's house by now. Shiro didn't want to drop the oranget off but he did. Before leaving Ichigo at home, he stole a brush of the lips.

Shiro slowly blinked his eyes open with a soft yawn. He quickly realized there was another naked body attached to his. He froze, tilting his head to see a sleeping Rose. Shiro thought back to last night and added it to the reasons to kill his father. The woman shifted slightly, cuddling closer to him much like Ichigo would have. Shiro could have much done without the boobs pressing against his arm. He sighed and started to untangle the clingy woman from his body.

Once the prince had slid out of her grasp, Rose reached out and pulled his pillow to her, hugging it to her chest. Shiro grinned and mentally cheered. Now to dress and escape back to his Ichigo. He dug through his clothes quick, throwing on some black pants and a blood colored shirt. Then he headed out. Rose did not wake the entire time.

Shiro headed back to the market, no Ichigo. He went to Ichigo's house, no Ichigo. He went to the meadow where they went a few days ago and there was Ichigo. "Hiding from me?" he asked, walking over to sit with Ichigo.

The oranget looked over at him, his lips turning up in a smile. "I like it here, that's all." He chuckled. "Isn't it a bit early to come visit me, anyways?"

"Can't I come out as soon as I get up?" Shiro pouted. "That way I maximum my time spent with you."

Ichigo tilted his head a little, shrugging. "I guess."

Shiro grinned as he leaned over to kiss Ichigo's cheek. Ichigo let his eyes slip closed as he leaned back. Shiro slid his head to the side and kissed Ichigo's lips. The oranget's hand slid up into Shiro's hair. Shiro purred into the kiss, his hands settling at Ichigo's waist.

"Oh, do you feel that?" Ichigo murmured, breaking the kiss and opening his eyes. One hand settled over Shiro's while the other went to raise his shirt up and he slid Shiro's hand onto his stomach. He smiled. "The baby's kicking."

"Does that mean it likes me? Or is it yelling at me for kissing you?" Shiro chuckled, rubbing his hand over Ichigo's big belly with half-lidded eyes. He really hoped the child looked like Ichigo so he could just pretend it was his.

"The baby likes you." Ichigo chuckled, humming softly. It felt good when Shiro rubbed his stomach.

"I like you too baby" Shiro cooed the stomach. "But you got to go easy on your mommy, okay?" he added while he was at it.

Ichigo chuckled, running his free hand through Shiro's hair. "Can you promise you will baby…great, I think the baby's already a rebel" Shiro sighed.

"Your being silly. The baby is gonna be an angel." Ichigo said, leaning to the side and nuzzling him softly.

Shiro flinched at the word 'angel'. It took him a minute to realize Ichigo didn't mean it literally. "Maybe" he teased.

"Oh, I know it." Ichigo smiled, placing his hand over the one rubbing his belly.

"Mother's instinct or whatever?" Shiro asked.

"Mmhm." He hummed, shifting slightly and folding his and Shiro's hand together.

Shiro chuckled. "Don't relay on it too much…it told my mom I would be a quiet, innocent child who was sweet and ALWAYS thought of others' first" the albino purred.

"Oh, I think you are..." Ichigo murmured, shifting to sit up.

Shiro helped Ichigo sit up. "Quiet? Innocent? Doesn't sound familiar" he chuckled.

"Probably not those two, at least." The oranget chuckled, tugging Shiro closer once he had sat up. Shiro leaned closer, smirking. "Oh, won't you kiss me?" Ichigo asked, looking up into his eyes as he threaded his fingers into the hair at the nape of Shiro's neck.

"All you had to do was ask" the albino purred before capturing Ichigo's lips.

He hummed, threading his other hand into Shiro's hair as he tugged him closer still. Shiro pressed closer, running his tongue along Ichigo's bottom lip.

Ichigo hesitated for a few moments, unsure, but he parted his lips to him with a small sigh. Shiro gently slid his tongue in, caressing Ichigo's mouth. The fallen angel moaned a little and tightened his grip in Shiro's hair. Shiro wrapped his arms around Ichigo's waist tightly, pulling Ichigo closer.

"A-ah, we can't continue..." Ichigo gasped out after breaking the kiss. He leaned against Shiro and panted.

Shiro lifted his hand, running it through the oranget's hair. "You okay?" he asked.

"Y-yeah..." Ichigo panted, folding his arms around Shiro's neck. "But we can't continue with where that was going..."

Shiro nodded. "Okay" the albino nodded, kissing the top of Ichigo's head.

"Sorry..." Ichigo murmured. "The baby and all..."

"It's fine…I understand Ichi" Shiro replied, eyes filled with amusement.

"Thanks..." He blushed and nuzzled his face into the crook of Shiro's neck.

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