Hi guys! This is my very first time writing a Pair of Kings fanfiction, I have written other fanfictions before but I stopped writing them because I wasn't interested in the theme I was writing anymore. This fanfiction will be a little rewrite of season three, so Boz won't be in this. This first chapter will have some parts of The New King pt. 1: Destiny's Child written in it, so you'd understand it better if you watched the full episode.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pair of Kings or the characters. I only own the story that is written here.

Chapter One – The Incident

He treaded to the corner of his bed, carrying a backpack behind him with his guitar in one hand, and a letter in the other. Brady just had to leave this place. He didn't want to be a grouch after listening to Mikayla and Candace's conversation earlier this day. He laid the letter he was holding on his bed where his twin brother, Boomer, could see it easily. He slowly took off the king ring from his right hand and placed it on top of the letter without making a sound. After doing so, he walked to the door of the room, looked around to make sure nobody was watching, before quietly pacing to the plaza to take a hot air balloon back to Chicago.

In the middle of Brady's journey, a storm arose. The ruthless winds blew against the direction Brady's hot air balloon was going to. He screamed in terror, unsure of what to do. His hot air balloon was no match for the winds. He could only scream in fear as the storm drafted it back to Kinkow, leading it to the dark side of the island.

Brightness entered the kings' bedroom in the morning, leaving Boomer with his eyes half-open, still in a daze. He turned his head to his right, expecting his twin brother to still be in his bed, snoring away. To his surprise, the bed was neatly made with fresh sheets. "That's odd," Boomer muttered to himself in confusion. Brady was always the one who slept much longer than Boomer himself. He got up from his bed, and noticed a piece of paper with a king ring on top of it on Brady's bed. Boomer raised his eyebrows. That ring surely was Brady's, why would he leave it on his bed? He thought, questions filling his head. He hesitantly approached the suspicious items on Brady's bed.

Back in the throne room that morning, Mason was inspecting the royal vault. He wrote something on a clipboard before walking away from the vault. As he did so, Mikayla emerged from the plaza and approached him. "Hey daddy, where'd you have the guards over on the south side of the island last night?" She asked, concerned.

"Why, you tryn'a find a room for those sandals you're wearing?" Mason prompted, not looking up from his clipboard.

Mikayla glared at him sternly. "I'm part Bigfoot," she pointed out. "Whose foot is that?" She contradicted, looking down at Mason's feet. He gave her a death glare and leaned towards her, wanting to say something until Boomer interrupted their conversation.

"Lock down the castle! Call the guards! Close the island!" Boomer called out, running to where Mason and Mikayla were, holding the letter he just read a while ago. "Calm down, your majesty. I only have a small body of cinnamon roll!" Mason replied, unaware of Boomer's feelings. Boomer stared at him with a blank look on his face. "Okay, I eat the whole thing. Stop sleeping till noon!" Mason complained.

"No, it's Brady!—We'll talk about my cinnamon roll later..." Boomer's voice trailed off. "—He's gone! Brady's gone!" He shouted, pointing to the letter he was holding.

"One down, one to go!" Lanny suddenly popped up from the castle hallway, running before sliding on the floor and crashing into the castle door. All eyes were on him. "Mah' family's just droppin' like flies!" Boomer exclaimed, looking up.

"Look-uh-stop worrying, King Boomer. I don't think Brady would go without you." Mikayla tried to console Boomer, who was walking in circles. "I mean, you two don't even go to the bathroom without each other," she stared into blank space, feeling disgusted as she said that.

"That's another reason we need to bring him back! My number two is still in third!" Boomer excused.

"Mason," the shaman spoke up. "Read note again. Maybe we'd miss something. Sometimes I take nap standing up." He forced a smile.

Mason lifted up the letter. "Dear Boomer," he read out. "I've decided that I'm not suited to be king anymore. If I want to be the man I need to be, I have a lot of growing up to do and I can't do it here." He continued.

"That was Brady in the jungle, he must've heard us." Mikayla inferred, feeling gloomy. She didn't want to be the actual reason why Brady left the island. "Mikayla, be quiet, alright?!" Boomer snapped. "We're trying to find clues as to why Brady left!" He said, pissed off. "Go on, Mason."

"And... This the part where he talks about skinny calves making a comeback, and..." Mason scanned the letter with his eyes, looking for important and necessary information to read out. "Finally he says: This is something I need to do alone. You are the stronger king, Boomer. You always have been, you're going to do great, I love you bro, Brady." After reading, he looked up.

"Ah, this is terrible." The shaman spoke.

"That's what I've been saying!" Boomer exclaimed.

"No, I think I fell asleep again, what came after skinny calves?" The shaman asked sarcastically.

Boomer grabbed his shoulders roughly. "Pay attention, this is my brother we're talking about!" He shook him, then paused. " Your shoulders are freezing," Boomer realised. "Are you even alive?" He questioned, in a judging tone. The shaman stared at him, shocked.

Mahama walked into the throne room from the plaza and headed towards Mason. He then whispered something into his ear.

"Oh..." Mason's face fell. "Your majesty, one of the hot air balloons is gone."

"What does a missing hot air balloon have to do with Brady leaving the island?!-Oh..." Boomer calmed himself down.

Back on the dark side of Kinkow, Brady finally stood up. He looked around the unfamiliar surroundings. "Where am I?" He asked himself, alone in the dark side. "I... Can't remember anything," Brady added. He walked a few steps, still confused and dazed from the fall. He tried to recall what happened before he fell. He then froze.

Brady had amnesia.