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Once Mikayla was out of sight, Mason turned to face Boomer. "Karma? You saw a crow?"

"Yeah, this morning when I was looking for breakfast," he explained. "I saw one on the windowsill of the kitchen. Then wind, then woosh! Mikayla turned into some crazy woman trying to kill us!" Boomer emphasized on his last sentence.

Mason was deep in thought. "Did you do something bad?"

"Well," 'Carlos' piped up. "Boomer told me about him pranking Mikayla yesterday during Halloween morning," he laughed as he thought of it again. "Awesomeness."

Mason clenched his teeth together.

"Don't worry, it's gonna be over in a while, right?" Boomer relieved the big-sized guard.

Mason had no choice but to agree. "Yeah..."

Chapter Twelve - Out Of Hand

"So what are we gonna do?" 'Carlos' asked as he, Boomer and Mason just stood in the middle of the throne room.

"I guess we'll have to wait," Mason, the brave Royal Adviser advised. "Since King Boomer said it's gonna be over soon."

Boomer turned to face him. "Don't trust everything I say!" he defended himself, obviously not wanting to get blamed if something wrong happens.

Mason just laughed. "You're the king," he pointed out. "Every one in the island respect you and your words."

Boomer looked away, defeated.

Just then, Mikayla emerged from the hallway. "Hey guys," she returned to her cheery self.

"Mikayla?" Boomer called out in a weird tone.

She looked at him, wondering what made him call her name . "What?"

"Were you possessed by something just now?"

"What?" She repeated again, this time more confused than before.

She heard Boomer draw breath to reply, but 'Carlos' got there first.

"Well, Boomer and I got hit Karma, don't know why, you got possessed, you started to try to slaughter us with that sword of yours, then your father came, and you shouted at him and went back to your room then you came a while after and... Yeah," He finished off awkwardly, biting the last piece of biscuit.

"Whoa," Mikayla was even surprised at what she would do if she was possessed. "Scary."

"You should've seen yourself, woman!" Boomer started taunting her.

"Calm down, bro," 'Carlos' laid a hand on his 'brother''s shoulder, but Mikayla's taunt comeback overpowered his voice.

"It wasn't my fault! Something-or whatever you say-possessed me and attacked you! You should'nt have let Karma get you at first!"

Mason stepped into the space between Boomer and Mikayla, and ended their fight right there. "Stop fighting, this Karma is over, regardless of what caused it. King Boomer, I told you and your brother before, it's dangerous to play pranks on someone and someone could get hurt, so you should stop your playful acts and start being serious for once, do you understand?"

He's just like a father, Boomer stared at 'Carlos' at the corner of his eye when Mason mentioned Brady and plainly nodded.

Mikayla let out a small huff and walked back to her room. A deathly silence took over the throne room as Boomer, 'Carlos' and Mason watched her without anyone stopping her.

"What's possibly happening today..." Mikayla muttered under her breath and closed her door behind her. She walked over to her secret place and pulled off the torn page from The Great Book and scanned her eyes over it. She leaned over to her desk and grabbed the nearest pen she could reach, and started crossing off the items she had retrieved so far.

"Jacques, Mantle, Damulag..." she read and crossed out what she found. She started to take notes on how each treasure may look like and where they would most likely be found. Her eyes landed on the last sentence of the page and as she read it out loud, she started laughing hysterically. She already had three of the treasures in a few days and she couldn't believe how the text described how the islanders weren't able to find any of the treasures yet.

Her laughter died down when she heard her bedroom door creaking. She quickly put everything away and pretended to write something, afraid if her father was in the room and about to give her a talk.

A figure walked over to her and watched her.

"What are you doing?" 'Carlos''s voice echoed through the room.

Mikayla looked up at him, then look down at what she was writing. She wasn't concentrating when she was writing, and realized only now she was writing about her father.

It was awkward.

She crumpled the paper and aimed it for the dustbin at the other side of the room. She threw it into the bin perfectly.

"Good shot," 'Carlos' smiled at her, and she returned it.

"Are you okay now?" he asked awkwardly.

Mikayla felt her smile frozen on her lips and nodded.

'Carlos' breathed a sigh of relief. "Good. Well, my brother wants to apologize for shouting at you just now," he continued, concern filled his voice. "I mean, for suddenly starting a fighting and Mason ending it all-"

"I know." Mikayla was still smiling. "I forgive him. Tell him I apologized too."

"Alright," his spirits lifted, glad not to mess up the message he was supposed to deliver to her. He began to walk towards her door, waiting if Mikayla would call him back. When he was sure she wouldn't, he just left.

Mikayla faced her desk again and sighed. She turned to her mirror which was nearby her and stared at her reflection in the mirror for a long time.

"A secret," Mikayla whispered. She was fed up. She wasn't the type to keep a secret for long, and this was a historical one that barely anyone in the island knew, and she had to keep from the others she needed to talk to every day.

She needed to tell someone about the 13 Treasures before she spills it all out.

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