A.N- This story is sort of like a sequel to the events of Heavy Rain. Set 4 years after.

I don't own the characters of Carter Blake and Britney Sanders or any of the events mentioned from Heavy Rain.

After certain chapters there will be a question which you can answer. How you answer will decide how that characters course during the story will go. Just like the game where your actions decide the story.

Writing in italics is the character's thought unless stated otherwise.

Each chapter will be based on a certain character with a total of 6 main characters, including Blake and Britney.

A basic synopsis is that a new killer has emerged called the 'Crimson Kisser' who appears to have been inspired by the 'Origami Killer'. Inspiration always comes from somewhere. The Crimson Kisser only attacks during the summer and has a specific target of victim. Young girls 16-25. This story will follow the six main characters (Ashlei Pellar, Carl Pellar, Carter Blake, Marcey Ramsee, Matt Hinds, and Britney Sanders) and each of their connection to the case. Just like in Heavy Rain how Ethan was sort of the designated main character, in this story it will be Ashlei. While the beginning of the story may start a bit slow it is just so you can get a feel of the characters just like any other story, so please bare with me.

The T rating may change later in the story.

Inventing Shadows

Chapter 1: Losing My Religion-Ashlei

August 3/2015 5:59pm

Ashlei Pellar set her notebook on the coffee table gently so no scratches would be made and soon-to-be stepmom, Brandi, wouldn't freak out on her. "Kaylee, will you turn it up?"


"The TV, Kaylee," she called to her older sister who was busy applying make-up.

"Oh, yeah, sure. I don't know why you watch the news anyway. It's oh so depressing." Kaylee leaned over to grab the remote and obeyed Ashlei's request.

"Kaylee, this is some serious stuff, you should watch it," their father, Carl, stated as he plunked himself down on the leather couch. Kaylee just flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder,

"Sure thing, daddy dearest." She sneered the last two words but sat in the armchair anyway to watch. Carl looked down at the ground almost in shame. Ashlei decided to curl herself up on the other end of the couch. While the distance between herself and her father wasn't much the feelings that lingered was. The air almost tasted bitter between Kaylee and Carl. Brandi walked in with two cups of coffee and handed one to Carl as she sat to his left. Nice of her to bring one for us. Ashlei's emerald green eyes automatically rolled when Brandi made her presence made.

"Watching the evening news as a family. How nice." Ashlei could hear the sarcasm hinted with acid in Brandi's voice. She looked over at her sister whose deep blue eyes glared at the woman who their father forced into their life.

"Shush," Carl stated with a stern voice as Britney Sanders began to report the latest news on the 'Crimson Kisser'.

"Good evening everybody. Melody Charlestine's burnt body was found outside the club called The Clove early this morning by police officials. This has confirmed that she was indeed taken by the 'Crimson Kisser'." Whenever a young girl goes missing in the summer it's obviously the Crimson Kisser. "This marks the sixth victim since July 2014. Just like all the other victims, seventeen year old Charlestine was found burnt outside a club with a lipstick kiss on her forehead." How can they be so sure it's a random club? Maybe there is a connection between the club and the body being placed there. "The finding of Charlestine's body has led to no leads in finding the mysterious murderer nicknamed the 'Crimson Kisser'."

"Lies!" Carl stood up and paced behind the coffee table surprising everyone in the room.

"What are you talking about!?" Brandi yelled.

"I think they have some lead they just won't admit."

"Dad," Ashlei started, "If they did they would say so people could be cautious."

"Ashlei, will you not butt in," Brandi scolded.

"You were done talking!"

"You have no right to yell at me!"

"They are hiding something, I just know it!"

"God, dad, you're always sure the police are withholding info. About everything. You just doubt the whole system," Kaylee weighed in her two cents. Great, it's going to be a two-on-two again.

"With reason!" Carl situated himself on the beige couch again.

"You girls are young and don't have any idea what you're talk-"

"Well," Kaylee cut Brandi off as she stood up and started making her way to the bathroom, "I would love to stand here and argue but I need to finish getting ready." With that she was gone.

"Where is she going?" Brandi asked.

"She has a date," Ashlei answered.

"Another one! She went out last night for crying out loud! With everything that is going on how could she possibly want to go out! Carl!"

"She's twenty-one, Brandi," he sighed.

"Aren't you worried!? You are too easy on them! You always have been. Never forced Kaylee to show any responsibility. Never once did you-"

"Brandi, let's go to the kitchen." Carl always pulled Brandi aside when she started to lose it. Good, get her out of here. Maybe now I can get some work done. Ashlei watched as the parental figures disappeared before she pulled out her textbook. Never too early to start. Ashlei ripped out a piece of paper from the notebook and began to write her name when Kaylee called to her,

"Ashlei, can you help me zip this up?" So much for starting early. Ashlei quickly made her way to the hall bathroom where Kaylee stood staring in the mirror. "How do I look?"

"I like this dress." Blue and ruffles suit my sister for sure. "Who are you seeing tonight?" I hope it's Josh. He's the nicest one yet.

"Josh." Yes! "He has to leave early though, he works the night shift, so I'm going to meet up with Ian."

"What? I thought you and Josh were becoming serious."

"Well, you know, I'm young and I need to get an idea of what I want and well, oh, Ashlei stop looking at me like that!"


"Like you're disappointed." I am disappointed.

"I just worry that's all. You could use a stable man in your life." We both could.

"Well, stop being sentimental. I get to go out without it costing a thing. The guys pay and I save up my money for college. Speaking of which, are you excited? I saw you getting a head start." Kaylee let out a laugh as she finished curling the last section of her hair.

"Well, I like to be ahead so I don't fall behind just in case things get a little rough in my life. I like to be prepared because the unexpected always seems to happen to-"

"Can you zip it up please?" Kaylee interrupted with a little nod of her head.

"Sorry." Ashlei quickly zipped up the back. She says she's saving for college but really she's just buying all these new dresses. Ashlei looked in the mirror and saw the reflection of the Pellar sisters. Both had the same noses and dirty blonde locks that fell below the shoulders. Other than that the similarities ended. Both physically and personality wise. Kaylee was tall, confident, and knew exactly what people wanted to hear and would say it. Whereas Ashlei was more timid but when needed would say what she felt. No one else could tell her otherwise. She always didn't have experience with boys like Kaylee had. Ashlei stared at the reflection for a bit longer before turning to look at Kaylee. She's surely the better looking couldn't I look like her and vice versa. God, look at that dress! It would be a drape on me.

"Thanks. So why did you choose to go into social work anyway? Sort of depressing don't you think?"

"Oh," Ashlei snapped out of her pity thought process to respond, "Well, why did you choose to go into education?"

"Because Brandi threatened to kick me out if I didn't go to college," Kaylee boomed as she put away her curling iron. "How do I look?"

"Good." Except your chest is going to fall out.

"Just good?"

"Great, Josh will lose his breath when he looks at you."

"And Ian," Kaylee corrected.

"Yes, Ian aswell." The creep. "When do you have to leave?" Kaylee looked down at her phone and her eyes grew big.

"Like, ten minutes ago. Shit!" She quickly rushed out of bathroom. Ashlei followed closely behind. Kaylee quickly strapped on her heels and opened the front door.

"Kaylee, be careful."

"Stop worrying, Ash." How can you not worry? I have such a bad feeling in my gut. "Anything else to say?"

"Nope," Ashlei replied, "I've said it all." Kaylee nodded and was out the door. Why did I just feel my stomach drop? Just stop worrying. Kaylee will be fine. I do watch too much news. I guess I will start on my work. Ashlei crossed her legs on the floor in front of the coffee table and picked up her pencil when the stomping of feet quickly made her turn around. Brandi stood in the kitchen doorway glowering at her. Her brown irises burning as she examined the coffee table. "For crying out loud!" She stomped over and shoved all the papers, pencils, and books to floor. She threw her hands up and Ashlei quickly stood up about to speak when Brandi smacked her hands against the table causing a loud echo and vibration. Ashlei looked down at the hands that now looked like tomatoes. Her hands must be stinging like mad! "It is called a coffee table for a reason! To put coffee on it!"

"I thought you didn't like spills on the table." I am treading on thin ice right about now. I should maybe watch the smart remarks.

"Smart mouth me all you want. Have you no respect?" Brandi stepped all over the papers as Ashlei watched in a mixture of horror and disgust. All the papers crinkled and began to look like the wrinkles forming around Brandi's eyes. Brandi stared down Ashlei until the eighteen year old fell to her knees and began picking up the papers and trying her best to smooth them. Ashlei looked up to Brandi's stone face.

"I'm sorry." I have respect but she just damn well takes my dignity.

"Is everything alright?" Carl questioned as he entered the room looking worn out. He used to be so handsome in all the old pictures. Better looking than all my friends dads. Time sure catches up on you. Ashlei stared at her father and took gulp as she stood up with everything in her arms.

"It's fine."

"Just fine, Carl," Brandi sneered as quickly exited to the bedroom. Hopefully she doesn't come out again tonight.

"Ashlei?" Carl placed a hand on his youngest daughter shoulder but she quickly brushed it off.


"But Ashlei,"

"I hate her."

"What?" Carl took a step back almost stumbling over the coffee table. Ashlei's mouth fell open. Oh no, I've said too much. I have to stop slipping things out.

"Forget it," she mumbled as she placed all her items back in her backpack. Carl eyed his daughter with almost sadness.

"Don't cry."

"I'm not." Ashlei quickly wiped under her eyes. She hadn't realized she had wet spheres rolling down her face. Anger always gets the best of me. Carl shrugged his shoulders, appearing to let the matter go, and looked back over at the television which hadn't been turned off.

"Look, they are showing a repeat of Stacey's interview."

"You mean Melody's mom?" Ashlei quickly jumped on the subject change.

"Yeah. Doesn't the 'Crimson Kisser' remind you of the 'Origami Killer' a bit?" That was four years ago. I hardly remember that. It was right after the accident. That whole year was a blur. Now that he mentions it, it does have its similarities though.

"Inspiration always comes from somewhere," she shrugged. Carl watched intently at the screen while Ashlei checked her phone. Kaylee never texts me when she goes out so why would she now? No new notifications. Ashlei sighed and put the phone back in her pocket. Paranoia should be my middle name.