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~Erik's p.o.v~

Her hand slipped from mine, her eyes locked in my own as she fell. She didn't scream as she faded into the darkness below. My heart dropped into my stomach watching her fade away. Her screams echoed in my ears shaking me to my very core. What had I done? The thought couldn't help but pass among many others.

Had she survived, was she alive, had he shot her? So many questions formed in my mind at once. A knot formed deep in my throat my anger now rising as I look to the man I had in my noose. He looked so utterly pathetic, like a worm trying to escape the bird.

He was my prey.

And I would make him pay.

He tried to get away but to no avail. "Don't...don't kill me."

"Would you have show her the same courtesy?!" I demand of him my raised voice echoed around us, yet, I already knew his answer. He was worse than a worm, he was scum, a man who would harm a woman simply because of the fact that she was a woman. Seen and perceived to be weaker than him.

He was gasping for air as the nose all but tightened around his pencil thin neck. I couldn't help but laugh at his weakened attempts to stay alive. "You will be dead in a matter of minutes. Now you shall suffer just as she has." I turn to walk away to find her, hoping she was alive.

Samantha lay as still as the dead, she was not moving. Her breathing was so soft one could barely see it. A black gloved hand reached forth touching her cheek in a soft delicate manner. Slowly, gently before cupping her face turning her head softly. Erik's heart shuddered seeing her pale face. Yet beneath his fingers he felt a pulse.

Carefully he gathered her body in his arms cradling her to him. He carried her down, far down, down to the depths of the Opera House. He reached the water there he gently placed Samantha's body on the gondola his black cloak laying over her to keep her warm. Erik then took his place and began to push them along. His mind kept playing over and over the look on her face as she fell. He felt that pang in his chest once more. 'I let her fall...' His mind muttered to him. He tried to shake the voice but it kept pestering.

'I let her fall...'

Finally he reached the rocking shore of his private home. He lept off and secured the boat before plucking her body from the Gondola. Carefully he laid her body on his bed. There he checked over her once more to see if she held any injury. The only one he could find was a large bump on her head where she hit it when she fell. It had already begun to swell which worried him, yet, he kept hope that she would be alright.

"Alphonse." He called softly before a small 12 year old boy came running. His cloths were slightly tattered and his hair fluffed and wild. "Alphonse chercher le docteur Bayard. Soyez rapide." ((Alphonse fetch Doctor Bayard. Be quick.))

"Oui, monsieur." He said before quickly running off into a secret tunnel. He watched the boy run off before taking a quick breath.

"Please, be alright..." He sat by her side his gloved hand hesitantly reached out. Brushing up against her hand that stuck out from under his cape.

"Monsieur!" He looked up as Alphonse came running in with the old doctor.

"Slow down lad, I am not as spry as I once was." The man said as he came down the rocks. "Ah Erik, Alphonse told me of the woman. Pray tell what happened?" He said as he began his examination.

Over the course of several minutes Erik told the story of how he came to be friends with the unconscious woman. How she had told him of the abusive man in her life. Then to the man he had just killed for threatening and almost harming her.

"Oh good gracious..." The doctor said "You poor woman. Most would have given up..." He muttered mainly to himself before he put his things away. "Well she does have a nasty bump to her head but other than that I can't seem to find any other injuries." Erik sighed before shaking his hand.

"Thank you again my friend."

The old doctor pulled him into an embrace "I don't know what hardships you have faced, or why you have been tormented to live as long as you have. But, God, works in mysterious ways. Everything becomes clear eventually." He pat Erik on his shoulder before walking away.

'God...' Erik scoffed in his mind, 'When has God ever helped me.'