Don't Hurt My Baby

*To the friend who wanted hurt Dean and Impala(Baby) I totally don't know you name but here you go :3 hope you like it.

Sir,...Sir can you hear me?-said the man holding his hands on top of Dean's heart

Mh...ha..y..yes-said Dean opening his eyes to look at the man

Sir I need you to stay calm alright?-said the man pushing down on Dean

chest to keep him down

Dean closed his eyes for a yes

Careful careful!

The man can't move

Get the tools, remove the parts

Get him some air!

Now! Now! Now!

Men running around talking to each other, rushing

Ep Dropping! 117 116 115 114

Hurry hurry! Move the parts

Sounds of a clicking squeaks, pulling, bending, moving and pushing

Why isn't he out yet! Quick quick!

Dean tried to move and they kept him down.

Stay down, almost there

Sir, it's Major. It's going to take time

I don't care, get oxygen mask!

Stay with me, inhale exhale-said the man putting oxygen mask on Dean's mouth and nose pushing on the rubber ballon which helped Dean breath fully

Ep still dropping, 111 110 109

Parts are out! Get the helicopter ready!

Z-121 - Get down 500 yrd, left front Paramedic over-

Coming down 450 400 350

A man about 500 yards away from the scene was waving at the Helicopter giving directions

Pull that piece before you get him out

Squeaks and pulling noises

D..Don't Baby-said Dean putting every fiber together to say these words

Don't worry sir, just stay calm and don't try to move. We got you...almost there-said another man

Gurney! Gurney!

On 3...1 2 3 Pull!

They pulled a piece out of Baby

1 Men went around Dean's Baby and pushed himself in the passenger seat

Okay Sir i'm going to tilt your head to put on neck brace

Mmhh...-Dean moaned and the man put on a brace on Dean's neck

Out o Out out out...legs, crefull

They pulled Dean's legs out and himself laying him on the Gurney wrapping him tight putting plastic spaces between his legs to keep them apart

Ah..haa-Dean moaned while they put wires in him, needles, and patches on his chest ripping his shirt and seizer cutting Dean's jeans

Z-121 200 yards down in 3 copy

Down in 2 59 copy

They tightened the flat Gurney Dean was on to the Helicopters wires and waved up

Lift in 59, left paramedic copy


The paramedics last time checked everything and backed away

The man 500 yards away waved and shacked his hands up to the Helicopter

Giving direction to lift up

Within a minute Dean was up in the air

F..Flying..-said Dean and he couldn't take the pain anymore or the fact that he's flying he passed out.

H+ got Dean to the Hospital and from there on it was doctors job to fix Dean up

The End

*A short story my friend ask me to do about Dean in a major crash with of course Baby. I hope this is close to it

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