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Chapter 2: My Baby...W-Where's Sammy?

Lights, lights? The last time I remember it was...What was? I don-I don't know, I don't remember...Where am I? Why are the light moving?...It's moving fast but not fast enough, doesn't it go by the speed of light or something? I don't know something like that, Sammy knows. Sammy?...Sammy! Where's Sam? Where am I, did a hunt go bad? Sam! I need to be with Sam, Sammy needs me. Where's Sam? What the hell is all this murmuring and mumbling, Why won't someone ans-

"Sir?...stay calm sir, you're in good hands. we'll make it all better just keep breathing and keep your eyes open"

keep breathing and keep my eyes open? I am breathing! and my eyes are open!...but I can't see...It's blurry and m-hospital? It's a Hospital!How? What happened?I don't re-Ahh...mmm, m-my ribs Oh God...Dammit this hurts, what the freak ha-Aghhhh! ahhah...M*therF*cker that hurt like a bit*h! Sammmmmmyyy!

"We're loosing him, we're losing him! Stop! Get the defibrillators!"

Loosing me? Oh now that's good ha-Ahaa! Sonovabitch! I swear i'll zap your asses when I'm up! wait...I am up? aren't I? They can't hear me? I-I'm...not awake? what the-

"Again! 360 Clear?"

"yes sir"

What? no n-


Dammit! This freaking burns...I'm fine stupid doctors, I HATE DOCTORS, I HATE HOSPITALS! WHY AM I HERE?! WHERE'S SAMMY!

"We have a pulse!"

I died? No...I'm talking, or well thinking duhh i'm alive...this is stupid and I still don't know where Sammy better be okay Sammy, you better be

"Major blood-loss, wheel him now! lets move it"

Blood-loss? Think Dean think...what happened? Okay so, Motel okay Motel. What now? Ah..Sammy asleep, rise and shine Sammy i'm going to get breakfast be back in 30. I was out to get breakfast then...than what?

"Hold switch! switch! Okay scissor'em, legs-Stop the bleeding! You, help me here"

What's with my legs? Why can't I move them? Okay this is no good, talking to myself...i'm going to be heard! I need to go to Sammy, Sammy doesn't know that I..I what? Got beaten up by a Something? Crashed myself on something or someone? Nah...i'm the best driver least better than Sam and Sam said so, I take care of my baby i'd never do that to her!

"Geez, parts of the vehicle stabbed him all over the legs, I swear there isn't a single place without a cut, I never seen anything like it- B-Sharp Scissor"

Oh no, no no Baby, I messed up my baby It can't be my poor baby i'm sorry baby I-

"Dammit...get the defibrillators!"

50 minutes later

"It does not take 2 hours to get breakfast, Dean" frustrated and worried now Sam Put the laptop on the coffee table the got up and and sat on his side of the bed grabbing his cell scrolling down to "BBDean" his abbreviation for Big Bro Dean because Dean loves being called Big Bro and Big brother, makes his feel big and awesome well he is anyways, always has been wayyy more awesome than him and he knows it and reminds dean sometimes how awesome he is. Since Dean got back with Sam and Jessica pretty much burned alive in front of Sam and once again Dean was the one to Drag/carry him outside of a burning house. Once again Sam is alone in his brother's arm breaking down, heartbroken, torn apart from his loved ones, sobbing, crying, pulling away to go back to her, but he knows she's gone just like mom, and he knows Dean won't let go of him because he never does. He's always there, he always catches him, he always takes care of him, he always looks after him, he's always got his back, he's always worrying about him, he's his Dad, he's his Mom, he's his friend, and most of all he's his Big Brother Dean.

"You better have a good excuse" saying that he pressed send and waiting, ringed once...ringed twice...ringed three times-

"Dean's in trouble" just like that Sam knew, he hanged up, got up quickly sliding the phone in his pants putting hit boots on and grabbed his jacket and was out the door in seconds.

"Please be okay...please be okay" Sam repeated to himself like a child, he looked around at the motel's parking lot for a car, since dean had the impala. Quickly jammed in a lock picker looking around and unlocked the door to a grey ford mustang, he deposited himself in the drivers seat and backed out the motel's parking lot and on the road towards the dinner they had passed last night coming here. Sam took his phone out about to call again when the phone rang.

"Oh thank god you're fine! You had me worried crazies, i am out looking for you dude.." Sam picked up and started talking to who he thought was Dean "Is this Sam? Sam Donton? Brother to Dean Donton " came the voice, very polite like a libraries or a volunteer not like some girl Dean would pick up in a second to have fun with nut like a receptionist...a nurse...Oh my god...oh my god...Dean, no, it can't be...w-what could have happened? "Sir? are you there?"

"Yes" that's all he could choke out, tearing already, knuckles white on the steering wheel, speed going higher..

"are you Sam Donton?" She nicely asked, nut I don't care anymore if she's nice or not I want to hear Dean, I need to be with him

"Yes I am, why do you have Dean's phone, where's Dean? Is he-" Sam's panicked he knows the last name "Donton" is only on their Licence and Insurance papers, something must have happened to Dean, they could only know the name if they take his licence or look in the glove compartment...he's cut off by her soft voice again...he can't figure why he cares bout how she sounds now his brother needs him!

"Sir, your brother was in a car accident and is brought in to St. Vincent's Hospital, right now he's in Operation. Do you need the direction to here?...Sir? ?"

Sam had hanged up after hearing St. Vincent Hospital, he was speeding, heart thumping like it'll come out and dance in front of him, tears flowing free, praying in his heart. He knows where the hospital is, he once brought a possessed girl in there then no longer possessed but broken and left her there for them to take care of.

"Mr. Donton you can not go in there, doctors are operating please take a seat, there isn't much long left they'll be out soon please sir sit down"

"No! That's my brother! I need to know he's alright, I-I can't..I need to kn-" Sam try to move away, not hurt her just move her aside but he wasn't getting throught her either she- Jennie kept him out

"Please sit down Sam, wait for him. Sit" Jennie put her small hands on his chest and pushed him to sit down and he did finally slummed in the chair...he gave up maybe because anyways he knew he shouldn't go in because they are helping him in there, maybe because Jennie sounded like the soft speaker in the phone, maybe because she is sitting down with him on her hand moving in smooth circles on his chest and telling him to breath in and out in and out to calm down and breath, or maybe because just so he can get rid of her already. So he sat and Jennie sat for a few minutes calming him down then she was gone and Sam sat and waited and prayed and teared and paced back and forth with his arms crossed, he waited.

Finally 4 doctors came out of where the nurse said Dean is , Sam raced towards them, three of them passed him and left and one stood. Sam thought to himself, he's Dean's doctor.

"My brother Dean, is he okay? how is he?" Sam asked waiting to hear 'he's doing good' 'he's fine now' 'he'll be okay' anything meaning Dean will be okay but what he got instead was a apologetic, sorry look.

"He was in critical condition, we had to performed an emergency operation on him after the X-Ray, we had to stop internal bleeding in multiple places, all that is stopped now but can start again, I can't say much about that right now. He took a great hit to the steering wheel and the windshield-head trauma, no internal bleeding but injury to the scalp and Temporal Lobe-part of brain that controls memory, emotions, hearing, and language. We can't know now if he'll have memory loss or any of other what the Lobe controls. Everything in his brain is absolutely fine right now, it's all normal that's why we can't tell because someone who's deaf is also completely normal but still deaf so we won't be able to tell anything till he wakes up."

"Okay. But he'll be okay right? After he wakes up, if he had anything you can fix it right?" He just wants to know already that Dean will be fine and he'll live and be the badass big brother of his, Sam can't live without him, He can't lose Dean too...Dean's his last and only family and Dean doesn't deserve to go like that. He should never be heart ever (period)

"We'll do our best, we'll know when he wakes. also has left leg in a cast and also left arm in cast and his left shoulder was dislocated and is set now, he suffered major blood-loss from all the car parts that cut him over most of both legs, right arm, chest, and his head. He had three broken and one fractured rib. He is breathing own his own but having difficulties so we put him on a ventilator for a while until the swelling from his broken ribs is down and he can breath comfortably on his own. The bones will heal with time, he's very weak right now but once he wakes up and everything's fine and is breathing on his own we'll keep him a day more after that than you may take him home but he'll have to take real easy and be off his legs and resting for a month"

"Thank you" Sam likes it when doctors already tell you that it'll be okay to take him home, because Dean hates hospitals and there is no way Sam's going to keep him in on after the necessary time he has to be there is passed. Sam thinks, this is pretty bad he's never had heard that much happen to Dean, he must be in so much pain and a lone and worried, because he always worries mostly about him even when he's asleep or knocked out. Once he finds out who did this to Dean, who crashed into Dean he'll hear that person apart with his bear hands...he is that angry, and he knows someone hit Dean because Dean's an awesome Driver, he's responsible, he loves his baby and Sammy always in the passenger seat. He keeps us safe, me and Impala.

"No problem, it's my job" the doctor- Thomson smiles and puts his hand on Sam's shoulders "he'll be alright , soon he'll be as good as new"

Sam thanks him again, he likes this hospital...the nurses are already on a first name basis with him the Doctor is nice, why the hell am I caring about that right now?

"Can I see him?" Sam asked looking up at the with his puppy eyes no one can say no to, he needs to see Dean, feel him (in brotherly way) to know he's alright, he needs physical contact to prove to himself that Dean is alive and okay.

" Ah-yeah, sure but he'll be unconscious...follow me" Dr. Thomas Puts his hands on Sam's shoulder to turn his around and lead him, Sam thinks, he might look really bad...of course he does! Hi brother's hurt and- he must look really bad 'couse the Doctor is assuring him again like Dr thinks he doesn't believe it and will break down any second. He doesn't listen to the Doctor he just keeps repeating in his heart 'please wake up soon, please don't leave me' 'please be okay' over and over and he prays and asks his mom to look over him, look after him and help him. "Now this might a bit hard to see, but remember this is only temporary and he'll be awake soon and hopefully all will be good"

"Thank you" Sam blurts out again and nodds and leaves him outside Dean's room.

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