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"Oh Dean..." Was the first words Sam said, of course not what he wanted to say. He wanted to fall, cry his heart out somehow, take all the pain away, take it upon himself, pass out or throw up because Dean...Dean, he was so pale, so weak and young looking so tired and fragile...Dean-Dean

His legs swayed and he knew he'll pass out just from the sight of his big brother, but he needed to be strong for Dean like Dean always, always was for him.

The nearest thing to hold on to was Dean's bed so held on to the edge of the bed and made his way to the head of the bed. Sam thanked the hospital for keeping a chair close to the bed, he grabbed it and leaned heavily againg it. He needed to to be strong, he needed to make sure Dean know he's here, he'll always be here all the way, ever smal and big step of the way.

Sitting down he leaned close to Dean grabbing his limp soft hand in both his he squeezed it slightly assuring he was there. "Dean...you look p-pretty adorable there, all the nurses here goin' stir crazy trying to do their work and not stop by every ten minute to touch you" Dean, as expected, didn't even show a flinch or anything San would die for at the second. He continued.

"How are you doing Dean, i mean besides the obvious..." Sam waited, he knew Dean's out probably sedated and exhousted and there will be no responce but he remembered Dean would talk to him, sometimes he cound just make out Dean's voice but none of the words. It was reasuring, his brother was there and that was his home his family.

"you gave me a real scare, i mean i though...I..don't ever do this again okay? I'll die without you, we are so going to talk and it's going to be all chick-Flicky and you're going to suck it up and let me hug the crap out of you" Sam showed a smal smile and stroked Dean's hair

"You're going to be okay, i'll be here, we'll go through it together you'll never be alone...i'm on your ass 24/7 big brother" Sam thought, Dean must still be worried in his head somewhere thinking he didn't tell Sammy or what if something gets Sammy like Sammy's a 6 yearold not 24 year old.

Dean was just like that, the best, best brother ever, best gardien, best friend, best everything. Sam's hero, always there.

"You know you broke the record of most busted winchester ever? I'm gonn' get you a medol, with a small impala hanging on The ribbon, that'll be your prize" Sam was about to begin when Dean's heart moniter start to race and the beeping became fast and loud

"Dean? Dean! Help! He needs help! Someone help me here!" Sam started to yell and nurses and doctors started to pour in the room like a bunch of army people, in line pushing him out

"No no no i'm not going anywhere! dean needs me! Let me go..please" that always gets to people, the 'please' sam's 'please'

"Okay sir, but stay out of the way!" The nurse went back in and Sam followed, staying distance he prayed and watched as the doctors removed the ventilator and touched and probed Dean's skin with needles and syringes.

He noticed, why did they remove the ventilator? He had just gotten it...was he breathing on his own all of a sudden, which is a good thing but how? Whatever, Dean's fighting he's holding up, he'll be okay...please be okay, please be okay Dean please be okay.

25 minutes of just standing and watching and now Dean had a nasal cannula a blood pack to the chest more packs of liquids and IVs and old once were removed.

"Mr. Donton" the doctor began to get Sam's ful attention

Sam just looked at Dean and prayed, Doc's voice woke him noticing no one left but him Dean and the Doc who was looking at him

"Mr. Donton are you with me?" The Doctor came close to Sam and put a hand on his shoulder easily motioning to sit on the chair on Dean's bed side and Sam did, he could Use a chair in case this next info he was about to get makes him fall face first.

"Yeah...i-i'm here, my brother, what happened to him? Will he be okay?" Sam looked at Dean who looked exactly the same but just a bit better without the ventilator

"Sam, Dean's a sick young man but he's fighting which is very good. That was the ventilator actually making it hard for him to breath because the antibiotics are strong and it spread quickly getting his swelling down and fightin of any infection he might get. Good thing he's breathing just fine on his own"

"and the bad.." Sam continued

"nothing bad just that he's still Not awake and the sedative we had given him to actually keep him asleep for a while longer if he wakes up, we have stopped that, Sam it'll take time. Dean will wake up but it's up to him now, it's only if he wants to and if he dosen't he'll slip in a coma than there is no telling when he'll wake up or wake up at all.."

The doctor gave Sam a few minutes to process then proceeded. "He's on the right path, he's healing quick and right, I can confirm he has no more internal bleeding and there is little to none chances that he'd have any. His red bood cell levels are coming back to normal which will do good to everything else in the body"

"Okay, thank god, thank you" Sam thought, giving good news after bad is good idea at least he won't punch the doc for the earlier news

"That's my job, and Sam he'll wake, i'm not to ever say what I think but stil I have to say this. Dean is One hell of a strong guy, and he's gat a great brother Sam who's got his back, so Sam I'm 92% sure he'll recover fully"

"Thank you doc, i know he'll wake, i'll help him, he'll wake up for me" Sam stroked Dean's hand and stroked Dean's head with other hand.

"No problem, i'll check up on him in few hourse, call if you need anything they could bring you a more comfortable pull out chair to sleep on Dean'll be here for a while"

"Yeah, that'd be good" Sam smiled to the doc and he left

"Dean's a fighter, he's never down long" Sam said to himself thumb slowly strocking Dean's nuckles

"You gave me a scare again Dean, trying to send me to grave already? I almost face planted and ha ha I know you'd laugh...not funny"

There was a twich, Dean's finger twitched, Sam almost got up and did the happy dance if he knew how to but it could just be reflexes So he asked

"you think that's funny huh?"

An there it was, another twich, DeaN was in there! Dean was okay, his Dean, his big brother was always okay. Sam smiled wide, happy tears, Dean was there.

"Now sleep Dean, rest for when all the hot nurses will be wanting you...you wanna be ready ya know?" Sam pulled up the sheets and placed his a worm paw of a hand on Dean's chest then moving it to Dean's cheek he softly tapped his showing freckles like Dean had said thier mother used to do at night putting them to bed

"Night Dean" It was Day barely 2 pm but Sam put his head down next to Dean's hand breathing on his fingers fo he'll know his Sammy's here and kept his eyes open looking after his big brother. Lonely tear slid down his eye and landed on Dean's finger and he told himself like Dean would to him "it's okay" and put his hand on Dean's.


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