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"Okay lucy, i'm going i guess...long night I seriously thought my shift won't end ever for some reason" The 6 foot tall Doctor, light green eyes, brown blondish shiny hair wearing a light blue top with white knee down skirt and a white Coat with her name on it, stetpscope arend the neck a clip board in hand looking ohbso tired but the smile it can fool many.

"Aw Jen, you look so tired I'll drive you if you want and pick you up tomorrow your car will be here for a day, really look sleepy you shouldn't drive" said Lucy, the nurse that talked to Sam over the phone and calmed his at the arrival, also very tall blond, hazel eyed, very generous- Jen's best friend.

"Naw i'm good, i'll be quick thanks lucy i'll see you tomorrow" She took of her coat and put on the hanndly or the door

"bye Jen" Lucy hugged her and got back to checking up on patients

Lucy entered Dean's room first, since Dean's check up was early 7 am, she really didn't wanted to wake Sam but he was in her way to Dean's monitor in the back.

"Sam, Sam?" She called softly coming to Dean's bedside where Sam was asleep with his head next to Dean's hand

"Sam?" She called again looking over to Dean making sure she didn't wake the patient.

"Hm..mmghh, whe- Dean?!" Sam moved and stretched then finally fixed his eyes on Dean because Dean had just called him! He's awake!

"It's okay, it's okay, Dean's okay i'm sorry to wake you Sam but I need to get to the heart monitor" Lucy put her hand on Sam's back, Sam thought to himself...these people are really nice but really don't be false alarming, I like to see my brother talk now.

"I'll be out of your way then" Sam got up putting a hand through his hair and went to the opposite side, finally realizing how Dean's condition been and sat down holding Dean's hand with both his, Dean was worm Sam realized

lucy moved around monitoring jotting down notes and setting the monitor levels when she noticed Sam reach and push back Dean's spiky brown blondish hair sticking to his sweaty forehead then feeling his head for fever

"He has a bit of a temperature and it's one down from yesterday. That tells us there are no infections happening or trying to happen" Lucy said as she listened to Dean breath through then stethoscope and noted down something then checked on his Casts

"Is he better, he'll wake up soon?" Sam felt like a child, he knew Dean'll wake up it'll take time and his brother has been through a lot, he needs all the sleep he can get but still...just once, just one time if he could see those eyes, those heroic eyes of his Big brother. He'll kill to see them, please god please let Dean be in less pain and wake up soon please.

Like always, even to god. Sam's please gets to many.

Dean fingers closed on Sam's hand. Sam, at lost of words just stares at his and Dean's twinned hands. Lucy kept checking his cast on his leg not noticing anything.

Dean's eyes moved under his eye lids, Sam, so so happy so on the edge to a full outburst of tears easily put his hand on his brother chest. Touch, and words were what what Dean used, it always helped Sam know he was home, close to his Big Brother, that he was protected and safe and loved.

"Dean, hey Dean you with me?" Dean slowly opened his eyes, green orbs staring straight up at the ceiling then at Lucy on opposite side to Sam looking for Sam his little brother must be worried sick, Sam must be looking "S'm"

"I..I-ne..d t- S'm" Dean slurred, all incomplete words. he felt Dead, and sore and Like...like he had slept for 40 years and the pain in his head and from the light or son he couldn't tell. His mouth was dry and his breaths weren't as full, his chest felt tight and he felt numb "Sa'mm" more like a plea, a beg a long call to Sam looking who knows where, he felt like crying, and oh well Sam won't be here to tease him so lets Tear it out. Dean cried, slow tears made their way down his eyes to his ears then the pillow. "Sam'y"

Till he realized the weight on his chest moved, he looked down trying to pass the pain from movement and saw a hand, A giant paw he called it, his Sammy- he followed the hand and it led to a face, a familiar little brother's face, a tired, he thought...a speechless, or in shock, tired little brother's face. His Sammy was here! and he'd so get him for not saying anything while he cried...Dean doesn't cry He told himself.

They both stared at each other, like seeing each other the first time after Sam had come back from Stanford and They've been apart for 4 years.

"Um..." Lucy finally noticed and stood awkwardly looking at Dean then back at Sam "I'll.."

"Ah here it is! nope, i'm not back on my shift or anything don't catch me people just forgot my coat- Oh hey again Lu-" Jen, came in the room with her coat in her hand and stood by the bed "Hey there handsome, you're finally awake!" She showed a big heart worming smile, and Lucy thanked god that she had broken the awkward silence and minor shock.

Sam finally blinked then smiled big at Dean "he's awake" sam looked back at Jen and Lucy still so surprised.

"I see, I operated on your brother" Jen said smiling and Lucy checkedblood pressure and monitors again for any changes since Dean was awake now

"Oh" was all Sam said his eyes still glued on Dean's eyes, saying it all through just eyes, and oh so Happy it made Dean wonder if Sammy's mouth will be stuck that way one day. Open wide with the award wining heart melting smile

"He is one mm-handsome fella' oh boy before i melt here i'm going to leave you guys alone" she took her coat and jokingly made a run for it. Lucy left too giving brothers some lone time

Damn these people were good, Sam though...by the time Dean'll be discharged he'l have 16 girls coming home with him.

Dean showed a smile finally and laughed softly, ignoring the pain but really who was he kidding...it was pain he was facing and no one can defeat pain.

"Awo.." Dean coughed which made his jerk his head back and send signal pain wave down his spine and his chest ached.

"Easy there" Sam stroked Dean's hair and rubbed his chest till the coughing died with in seconds. "Some water" he took the glass with a straw from the table and held it Dean's lip and Dean drank some water slowly liking the satisfied feeling and reducing the dryness of his tongue and throat. Sam took back the glass not letting Dean drink too much too fast.

He leaned close "How are you feeling?" He asked putting back the glass and stroking Dean's hair.

"m'hot" Dean leaned in the touch, his brother was alright and he was here.

"Well nothing new there, you're that Hottest brother ever and the hottest man anyone probably ever met...and I mean that in a very brotherly way" Sam smiled and squeezed Dean's shoulder, for assurance, to himself and his brother. Dean's going to be okay.

"Gay..sound'd v'ry G'y.." Dean blinked and closed his eyes, exhaustion taking over.

"I thought...I thought- you..." all of a sudden Sam was crying, one hand holding Dean the other hiding the tears "you...you wouldn't wa-wake up.." He looked like a child, to Dean he always was his little Sammy even if he was 24 years old and a giant, it broke his heart in millions seeing his little brother cry and knowing that he's the reason why

"S'mmy, m' alright 'm sorry sammy...m' s'rry" his words were becoming less and less like words, either the nurse had morphed him or he was really really tired probably both And of course he had just...what? What had he done?...hmm ghost? Spirit? some hunt gone skew?

"It's not your fault, rest now Dean you're safe...Sleep" Sam noticed Dean's eyes were even less open now, a bit swollen like the rest of his face from the cuts and bruises, he must have used all his energy just opening his eyes and talking "i'll be right here when you wake up"

"ok s'my" and he slept knowing his Sammy was alright, his Sammy was okay. He'd upset his little brother and he'll make it up to him but as long as Sammy was okay and with him. He held on to Sam's hand as he slept on

"Sleep well" Sam kept massaging his head with one hand and watched as Dean leaned in to the touch, it melt his heart how fragile and child like he looked. At least he was alright


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