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It was 5:30 when the alarm beside Harvey's bed began to blare the series of loud, obnoxious beeping noises. He groaned, reaching over to turn it off as he slowly sat up. Running a hand through his unkempt, bed hair, he glanced around groggily. He wasn't sure why he had such a big headache, or why he felt so incredibly exhausted. He hadn't gone to bed late or anything… After a minute or so he felt more awake and climbed out of his comfortable bed, hoping a hot shower would make him feel better. Harvey stretched as he stepped toward the large glass windows, admiring the morning view of Manhattan briefly before making his way to the bathroom.

Harvey got ready slowly - he didn't like to rush, choosing one of his many suits and slicking his hair back with an incredible amount of gel. He wasn't worried about being late because even if he was, it wouldn't make much of a difference. Harvey yawned as he made his way out of his room, looking to make a pot of coffee. It wasn't until he was actually in the kitchen, pouring water into the coffee maker, that he noticed the small lump under a blue blanket on his couch. He glanced around, confused, and when the 'lump' began to squirm a little, the lawyer nearly jumped out of his skin.

The scene was vaguely familiar, like he'd seen it in a dream of some sort. Harvey's eyes widened when he caught sight of a pair of suit pants and a blue button up folded up on the coffee table. A skinny tie was on the floor beside the expensive couch, causing his brow to cinch together. He couldn't help but think the clothes looked like Mike's.

"Shit," he muttered under his breath.

That wasn't a nightmare you had, he thought as he approached the small figure. When he got closer, he saw tuffs of blonde hair sticking out from under the blanket. There was a tiny yawn, and suddenly a child's head emerged, blue eyes blinking tiredly.

The little boy looked up at the older lawyer, pushing the blanket away a little and revealing his Thomas the Train pajamas. "Hawv-" he caught his mispronunciation and frowned minutely before trying again. "Harvey?"


Harvey stared a moment, not really sure what to say. Now he remembered walking out into the kitchen last night and seeing the kid who turned out to be his associate. He recalled Mike practically having a breakdown and crying like a baby when he found out there wasn't any food for him to eat, and then calling Donna whilst attempting to keep his cool. She'd come over and given mini-Mike some clothes that fit and then he'd thrown another tantrum until his boss bought them pizza. Mike had watched TV and eaten until he passed out on Harvey's expensive couch leaving his boss to hope that he wouldn't drool or have an 'accident' like kids apparently did.

The boy cautiously sat up, though his eyes were squeezed shut and his bottom lip quivered slightly.

"I'm still little, aren't I?" he whispered. He already knew the answer but he felt the need to ask anyhow.

"Yeah…at least you haven't gotten any younger though," Harvey joked dryly. "I'm sure being a toddler can't be as bad as turning into a baby. Actually, I'd like that. Then you wouldn't be able to talk."

"Ha-ha," Mike grumbled, letting his eyes flutter open in time to see Harvey walking back to the kitchen. "You're such an ass."

"Hey, hey, watch your language or I'll have to give you a time-out." The older man smirked as he tried to focus back on his coffee. If his associate was going to be stuck like this for a while, he was at least going to have a little fun with it.

The boy rolled his eyes and stared down at his hands in his lap. He felt unbelievably tired. The only reason he was awake was because of the internal alarm clock that had formed over the past year while working at Pearson Hardman. But the new child part of him wanted to curl back up under the blanket and sleep for a few more hours. It didn't help that he'd woken up about four times in the middle of the night because he kept having nightmares about some war veteran homeless man killing him. Shouldn't have watched Criminal Minds, he thought bitterly, massaging his temples. The smell of coffee soon filled the room, helping the associate to become more alert. Sleepily, he rubbed his eyes before sliding off the sofa and heading to the kitchen and cursing his smallness again when he realized he'd need to ask for help to get onto the stool to sit at the counter. He shook his head, sighing loathingly before asking if Harvey would give him a hand. Harvey rolled his eyes and walked around the counter, reluctantly hoisting up the small child and placing him on one of the stools. Mike could only describe it as awkward; Harvey held him up as if…well, as if he'd never held a child before and was scared of doing so.

Mike stared longingly at Harvey's mug while the older man heated up some leftover pizza for the both of them.

"Can I have some too?" he asked as Harvey cut up the kid's slice like Donna had. The last thing he wanted was for his assistant to kill him for letting their puppy choke.

"Have some what?" He handed Mike his plate.

"Coffee. I'm tired."

Harvey scoffed and shook his head. "Do you think I'm stupid enough to give a toddler caffeine? Yeah, right. I'd rather you slept than destroyed my condo while on some sort of caffeine-high. You can have some orange juice. Sorry, don't have any sippy-cups."

Mike huffed in annoyance, eating his pizza in an angry silence and glaring at the glass of juice his boss set in front of him. He hated being treated like a kid when he was normal, but now it just seemed about ten times worse considering the fact he was actually a child now. He could only imagine how worse it would get while he was stuck like this. That asshole scientist better turn me back or…or…or what? He frowned to himself. Or we'll sue him. For what money though? He has nothing. Mike's frown deepened until he was practically scowling. Well Harvey will probably do something to make him regret it.

"So what are we doing today?"

"Well I was planning on working on a new case but then you had to get yourself into this mess," Harvey told him in an semi-irritated tone, gesturing toward the boy. "Now I've got to go figure out how to fix it."

"This wasn't my fault!" Mike said defensively. "Wh-why are you laughing? This isn't funny either! When are you going to see if Mark Stevens is going to change me back?"

His boss shrugged. "I think it's funny. You act like a child half of the time, and now you can look like one too. Why not just…embrace it?" he chuckled, picking up his Blackberry from where he'd left it on the counter the night before.

"Embrace it? How am I supposed to be okay with being completely disabled when it comes to almost everything! I-I can't get onto this stool without help, I can't eat food that's not cut up apparently, I can dwink coffee, and I'm weawing kiddy pajamas!" As he grew more upset, his lower lip wobbled and he sounded like an actual three-year- old. Harvey was beginning to come to the conclusion that it seemed to only happen when he got upset. Maybe it was because he wasn't really paying too much attention to his speech then since he was too busy freaking out. "You've gotta get Mawk to fix dis! I don't- I can't…. Um…Hawvey?"

Harvey pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to will his associate to shut up with his mind. If only this would work. I'd never have to listen to his rambling again. "What?"

"I uh, well I er…"

"Spit it out."

"I gotta pee."

The older man's head snapped up. Mike stared at him with wide, scared blue eyes. The kid had to climb onto the couch; there was no way he could reach the toilet on his own. Harvey suddenly realized what Mike meant when he felt the need to inform his boss.


"We're getting you a stepstool by the way," Harvey snapped as they got into the car.

"Good," Mike mumbled, blushing bright red as his boss helped him to buckle up.

After a good five minutes of arguing about how neither of them wanted Harvey to help him use the restroom, the kid basically burst into tears, practically shaking. Harvey claimed that the only reason he did it was because he didn't want Mike to have an accident on any of his furniture or anywhere in his home. The boy turned pink, his neck feeling hot. He only took small comfort in that not even Harvey would use the incident against him when he turned back since they were both embarrassed by it.

Afterwards, Harvey had ushered Mike out into the living room and turned on morning cartoons while he went to change into a suit. He was going to Pearson Hardman with Mike to try to figure out how he could talk to Dr. Stevens. Harvey wasn't sure he could last another hour with the toddler version of his employee.

Mike was reluctant to leave the privacy of Harvey's building and nearly resorted to trying to hide when he found out they were going to work where they might run into some of his fellow associates.

"Yes, Mike. They're going to assume that a little toddler is you. No one will recognize you so calm the hell down and get dressed. Pick a shirt that fits this time though, okay?" he'd said.

Mike changed as fast as he could, though he needed Harvey's help to button up his pants. "Fine," he'd grumbled as they got into the glass elevator.

It wasn't until they were nearing Pearson Hardman however that Harvey said, "We might have to tell Jessica though."

The boy groaned and slumped down in his seat, rubbing his face with his little hands. This was just getting better and better.

Mike struggled to keep up with his boss' longer strides as they walked through Pearson Hardman. Various eyes were trained on the closer and the mystery child that followed at his heels. Unfortunately for both of them, even at 7:00 AM the firm was already bustling with activity. While Mike prayed that Gregory, Kyle, or Rachel wouldn't see him, Harvey hoped for the same with Daniel and Louis.

Harvey ignored everyone, quickly making his way towards his office. If he could help it, he'd prefer to find out how to fix his and Mike's new predicament without the help of Jessica. But of course, that just couldn't happen.

"Harvey?" the managing partner's voice came from the doorway of her office as they passed.

He stopped, turning on his heels and smiling at his boss. Mike jumped behind his boss in a feeble attempt to stay out of sight.

"How can I help you, Jessica?" he asked as innocently as possible.

"Well first of all, who's that?" She nodded toward the small head peeking out from behind the older man.

"Actually, I was on my way to drop him off at my office. How about we talk later? I've got some…stuff to deal with first."

"How about we talk now?"

Jessica turned and stepped back into her office. Harvey reluctantly followed, stuffing his hands in his pockets. Mike tugged at his suit pants, mumbling something about not wanting to go inside but was ignored.

"So, would you care to explain why you have a toddler with you?" Jessica asked once they were in her office.

"Not really. What I'd like to do is speak with Mark Stevens,"

"The kid who attacked your associate… Why? How is he doing?" She would be lying if she said she wasn't a tad worried by Harvey's expression. He looked like somebody had just died for Pete's sake.

"Ask him yourself." Harvey stepped aside to reveal the little blonde boy who'd been effectively hiding behind his boss' legs. He squeaked, trying to jump back behind Harvey again, but the older man stopped him and lightly pushed him in front of him as if to present the boy to Jessica.

She gave a small laugh, tilting her head to the side. "What are you talking about? Are you trying to tell me that is your associate? Are you sure Mark Stevens didn't give you the injection?"

"No, this is Mike and why I need to talk to that guy."

Mike looked up at the woman as she stared down at him questioningly. He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose before running a hand through his hair.

"Just in case you were gonna ask me some question to see if I'm who we're saying I am; you made me reenact how I met him after deciding not to fire me 'cause you wanted to know why Harvey chose me," he grumbled, pointing his thumb at his boss who stood behind him.

"Okay, Mike. Why don't you go sit on the couch and let the grownups talk?" she suggested, causing the associate to grit his teeth in frustration before quickly obliging when the managing partner arched her eyebrows at his brief defiance.

The partners talked quietly for a while, trying to figure out what to do next. Obviously Jessica still wasn't quite sure what to make of the child that had been the man she'd tried to fire only a week ago for being a fraud. Obviously they needed to rethink the case that they'd been working on against Mark Stevens, but they also need to figure out what to do with Mike in the meantime. What would they do if the scientist couldn't or wouldn't turn him back? What would be their story for where adult-Mike was? Who would they say little-Mike was to Harvey? And who would they tell the truth?

"Can he work?"

"No, I don't think so. Mini-genius can't read."

"Can to!" Mike piped up from his seat.

"Not well enough to keep working at a law firm."

The boy groaned, folding his arms over his chest and leaning back until he was basically just laying on the couch. His lower lip quivered as he tried to imagine not being able to be a 'lawyer' anymore.

During the car ride, Harvey had given Mike a file to look at but after a few minutes the kid had grown frustrated and tossed it back to his boss. When he asked what the hell he did that for, Mike simply said he didn't understand what he was reading. He knew that he knew the bigger words, but he couldn't process it. Nothing made sense. And when Harvey tried to see if he could at least write, the kid had the penmanship of an elementary school student.

"Well who do we have here?" a voice said from the doorway.

Jessica and Harvey looked over to see Daniel Hardman standing in the office, Louis hovering slightly behind him. Mike glanced over at Harvey, appearing utterly terrified. He simply hoped that the senior and managing partner would keep their little secret.

Harvey and Jessica exchanged annoyed looks, then both turned to stare defiantly at Daniel.

"Harvey's nephew," Jessica lied with a smile. "Visiting from…Los Angeles, is it?"

The senior partner frowned at her.

"Yeah, my nephew, Michael." He turned to the little boy who sat fidgeting on the couch, giving him a stern look as if to say he'd better just go along with it. Mike nodded at Daniel and Louis, smiling weakly.

"Nice to meet you, Michael. That reminds me; Harvey, how is your associate? Mike?" Daniel stared at him questioningly, though Harvey wasn't quite sure how to read his emotions at the moment. The man always sounded like he had an agenda and as if he knew something they didn't.

"The doctors aren't sure what Mark Stevens gave him so we're just…hoping for the best." He feigned a worried smile.

Hardman nodded. "Seems like a good kid. Keep us updated. Jessica, I came to bring you these." He handed her a couple files then left as fast as he came.

Once he was gone, Louis stepped in appearing to be deep in thought. Mike stared down at his lap as if he was worried the junior partner would somehow recognize him. Louis glared at the boy for a while, scrutinizing him. Mike squirmed in his seat uncomfortably, not even wanting to look up at Harvey.

"Do you take joy in scaring children?"

Louis turned to Harvey and shrugged. "What makes you think I scare children?" Harvey opened his mouth to give the man a snarky reply but was cut off. "I just think it's strange how that scientist was ranting about a de-aging serum and suddenly you have a nephew named Michael and Mike isn't here?"

The senior partner gave a short laugh while Mike paled.

"You think this toddler is my associate, Louis?"

"No! I'm just saying -"

"Because it sounds like you're say-"

"Harvey, Louis, shut up," Jessica said, not in the mood for their petty bantering. "Just tell him."


"You said you'd only tell Jessica!" Mike gaped at them. Didn't he get in a say in this?

"You don't think he'll figure it out at some point?" the managing partner asked.

"Find out what?"


"Harvey. Tell him."

"Tell me."


Harvey rolled his eyes, finding that he was enjoying the little argument as he continued to ignore Mike attempting to give his input. "You tell him."

"Hey!" Mike's blue eyes were wide as he shook his head. He couldn't believe Harvey kept doing this. He might as well tell everyone if he was going to tell Louis. The managing partner rolled her eyes.

"I expect you to keep this quiet, Louis," Jessica said sternly, though she smiled when she glanced at Mike.

"Of course, Jessica."

"This is Mike. Mark Steven's really did create a…de-aging agent."

Louis smiled, looking semi-amused, semi-annoyed. He glanced back and forth between everyone in the room before folding his arms over his chest. "You're joking right? Am I being Punk'd?" They stared at him blankly. "Okay. So Ross is literally a child…"

"Yes, Louis. Mike is an actual child. Now, let's all get back to work-" Harvey started irritably.

"No, no, no, wait. This is just too great. First, can you believe the breakthrough this man has brought us? Think of the billable! Second, your associate is a kid, Harvey!" Louis looked about to laugh and cry at the same time and Mike was ready to throw a tantrum if he didn't leave soon. Harvey noticed and shot him a glare that said he better not scream and embarrass himself.

"Alright, Louis," Harvey said, trying to stop the junior partner.

"But I'm not done-"

"You both are done!" Jessica stepped in sternly almost feeling bad for mini-Mike.

"Louis, aren't you supposed to be calling your pretend wife-"

"Oh, don't even start that."

After about an hour of Mike's frustrated sighs an near-breakdowns, Harvey had had enough. He spent a lot of time pretending not to give a crap about the kid, but he knew how much it was getting to Mike that he couldn't work. He was terrified that to would end up getting fired and knowing that Jessica had little reason to keep him around at the moment was just adding to his stress level. Mike had spent the entire day trying to keep his cool, not wanting to have a meltdown at work (he was still paranoid that people would know who he really was). It took a good half an hour to get Mike to lie down on the couch and relax, the hopeful outcome being that he would simply fall asleep. Luckily it worked, giving Harvey the small window he needed.

"Where are you going?" Donna asked as the senior partner walked out of his office, leaving a napping Mike on the couch.

"To the police station to talk to Mark Stevens," Harvey deadpanned. "I want him to change Mike back today."