Behind the door

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A.n. Firstly, Spoilers for The God Complex. Secondly, this is a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen. This is what I believe the doctor could've seen in his room. If you'll recall after he opened the door he said, "Of Course who else could it be?"


Then he saw it, room eleven. Even though he told everyone to avoid their rooms if they found them, he was drawn to it. How could he resist finding out the question that had plagued him since they had figured out what was going on? What did he fear most of all in the whole universe? He took careful steps to the door and placed his hand on the knob before he cracked the door open just enough so he could see into the room.

The sounds of many TARDISes materializing filled his ears and his eyes took in the sight of his third, fourth, tenth incarnations and a version of himself staring at a freshly dug grave and head stone. The name was too far to make out from where he was standing. The tenth's gaze flicked to his.

"Who?" He mouthed to his former self. Ten's glance shifted to the name.

"Sarah." The tenth's tears finally came as he mouthed the name back. He took a step back from the door as it washed over him. He gave a sad half smile.

"Of course, who else could it be?" He stated before shutting the door softly and resting his head just above the number. It was always Sarah Jane Smith he could never say goodbye to. The room was right, he feared the day he'd have to say it permanently.


Yes I know it's been a while since she passed away but I just rewatched the episode and the idea just hit me. Thanks for reading please reveiw!