I was actually pretty impressed with Bree's resolve, she never even looked at Bella and Edward…but then again I was a little distracted by how Bella and Edward were entering the clearing…Edward carrying her because Bella was in fact unconscious.

I looked at Alice in surprise, I knew I couldn't leave Bree's side, the temptation, her newborn instincts would be too much and she would most likely attack and me kneeling next to her and Jasper's unwavering glare of authority were the only things keeping her grounded so to speak.

Even though I knew all this I couldn't help my concern for Bella, I may have disagreed with her decision to keep my brother out of the fight, but at the same time that didn't mean I wanted anything bad to happen to her.

When Alice couldn't give me an answer I went for the source, I looked at Edward hard as he gently put Bella down on the soft ground. At first he was focusing just on her, but then he seemed to notice the extra person in the area…he noticed Bree and his eyes went wide

"Chris what the hell are you thinking!?" He exclaimed and I growled at him, moving so I was right in front of Bree. "she's a newborn raised on human blood! Have you completely lost your mind!?"

Probably, I thought not that it's any concern of yours he looked ready to pound me for that thought and I gave him a look that clearly said 'go ahead, I dare you'

"Edward," Carlisle said gently "the girl is innocent, she never wanted to fight us in the first place, she's a child, she was dragged into this. Listen to their thoughts, understand son, please."

At first Edward just glared at me, standing over Bella ready to destroy Bree if she even blinked towards Bella, but then slowly his own body relaxed, he seemed to understand and accept what was going on. He had played the dangerous game before and we had all stood by him through that and now it was my turn.

"Chris?" Bree whimpered, pulling my hand, I looked down at her and gave her as comforting a smile as I could muster. It wasn't easy, I still had a pit deep in my stomach, something still wasn't right…

"It's okay Bree," I whispered,

"Who is that?" Bree managed to ask, I could hear the strain in her voice, she was really fighting her instincts, Jasper seemed to sense that too because he shot her a glare and she winced away from him.

"That's my brother Edward," I answered, knowing she wasn't talking about Edward "and that's his…girlfriend." I didn't know how else to describe Bella, fiancé, mate… "Bella."

"She's not like us?" it wasn't a question more like a statement and I nodded

"Not yet, she will be soon."

I looked up when I heard Carlisle returning, he looked at the unconscious Bella and let Edward read his mind as he walked over to me.

"He's okay," Carlisle explained before I could ask and I nodded "he's healing, I will go back to him soon and see how things are progressing. Their healing factor is amazingly quick."

To be honest I wasn't sure why Carlisle was back with us this soon in the first place, I had expected him to stay with Jacob for a little longer. Then I looked over at Alice, I had been so focused on Bree, so concerned with her wellbeing I hadn't even noticed my sister…Alice looked away from me quickly and I stood up.

"Alice?" I asked, she was trying to keep something from me and she should know better, know that it won't work.

The newborns were all destroyed, the wolves were safe, our family was safe…what else could be concerni…I stopped mid thought, my eyes going wide as I looked at Edward. No, I thought they wouldn't…

He nodded weakly

Why? I thought why the hell are they coming now? I really didn't need to ask that question, I knew the basic answer of course, it was the newborns, it was exactly as I had feared, the Volturi had hoped the newborns would take us out then they could swoop in and take out the newborns. But the newborn threat was eliminated…were they just coming to be sure or was there another reason for those dictators to be 'visiting.'

I looked down at Bree carefully then back up at Edward and Alice

Who? I thought Who is coming? I couldn't imagine Aro leaving his throne, nor Marcus or Caius, none of them would leave Volterra for just a simple "clean up", it had to be some of the guard, but who, that would determine my comfort level in this whole thing.

Felix and Demetri would be the most likely candidates, the brute force of the guard, but even so they weren't the brightest of the bunch. The true epitome of the phrase 'muscle'. If it weren't for his ability to track people, I'm sure Demetri wouldn't be able to find his way out of a paper bag. They're moronic prats in my mind…

Edward nodded, confirming those two idiots, but the look on his face sent a shiver down my spine. Alice had seen more than just Dumb and Dumber…

Oh bloody hell no, I thought please not…

Edward winced at my thoughts and nodded slowly

Jane and Alec, of course they would come, Aro would trust them above everyone else in the guard.

"Alice how long do we have?" Edward asked, his voice tense and I knelt back down to Bree, trying to focus on my profile, trying to figure out a scenario that could end positively with not only the Volturi Goon squad coming, but my self-appointed Arch Enemy and Arch Stalker coming too.

Alec has hated me for decades and it's all because of his sister. Jane has had a crush…it's not even a crush it's a full out obsession with me since we first met in 1948. Getting out of Volterra and away from her that one time was tough, then a few years later I conceded to Aro's invite and returned to Volterra for a 'visit.'

Aro I can take with a grain of salt, he's a brilliant chess master and that is the ONLY reason I accepted the invite, we enjoy the competition and match up that we each provide during a chess game. It is during that time that I can see the man my father sees as his friend.

But when it comes time for me to return home, each time I have gone to visit the Volturi Jane always throws a tantrum, a full blown foot stomping, cursing tantrum, begging me to stay. After three times in a row of this behavior, I stopped visiting. I haven't been back to Volterra since 1960ish. Each time I had gone was that much tougher to get out and Carlisle and I came to the conclusion, the next time it might not be possible to leave, I was better off not risking it.

Alec is like an open book to read, he hated my guts the first time he met me because he was afraid I was going to take his sister away from him, believe me he can have her. But now he hates me for a completely different reason, he hates me because I 'hurt' his sister, that because I do not feel the same way about Jane as she feels about me I purposely hurt her.

The two of them are insane and it is the definition of a no win situation. I would rather face a hundred newborns, listen to my brother make fun of cricket, and go clothes shopping with my sisters, all at once mind you than be within breathing distance of Jane and Alec. And now they were coming here, bloody hell could this day get any worse.

I instinctively tightened my grip, forgetting momentarily that I was holding Bree's hand. I gave her an apologetic smile which she returned weakly.

Bella's scent was clearly overwhelming and I began to wonder if Rose had been right, maybe I should have taken Bree home…but then I thought that over, no I had to stay with my family, no matter what we stick together on this, especially if the Volturi were coming, they would not divide our family.

I knew Bree was controlled, between Jasper and I she was no threat to Bella, I just hated to see her hurting like this.

Bella woke up slowly and looked around, Carlisle and Edward explained Jacob's predicament to her and she seemed to take it in stride, clearly concerned for her friend, but trusting Carlisle's prognosis.

Then…she spotted Bree, her eyes going wide with surprise as she focused on the pair of us.

Bree's breathing became quick and I could almost hear the growls deep in her throat. I put an arm around her thin shoulders and whispered to her

"Shh, it'll be okay Bree, hold your breath, it'll be okay. That's it, just hold it."

"She surrendered to Chris." Edward explained to Bella "That's one I never seen before… Chris is protecting her, Esme is sure this is his one, he's not on the same page, but he is protective of her, the potential is there…the two of them are amazed by each other and have become attached." I rolled my eyes at my brother and then at the surprised look on Bella's face "only Carlisle would think of offering. Jasper doesn't approve, but he feels Chris's emotions and feelings towards the girl and is willing to give her a chance for Chris's sake."

"Is Jasper all right?" Bella whispered

"He's fine. The venom stings."

"He was bitten?" she asked

"He was trying to be everywhere at once. Trying to make sure Alice had nothing to do, actually." Edward shook his head. "Alice doesn't need anyone's help."

That's for sure I thought and chuckled softly as Alice grimaced at Jasper, shaking her head.

"Overprotective fool" she muttered

I'm not sure what sparked it, but suddenly Bree threw her head back and wailed, I could feel her entire body tensing and shaking at the same time.

Jasper was instantly moving closer to us as I tried to calm her…

"Easy Bree…easy, hold your breath and it won't be as bad, trust me, you're doing splendid, it'll be okay." I said soothingly as Jasper growled at her.

Bree cringed and clung tighter to me, hiding her face against my body as her fingers dug into the ground like claws and her head whipped back and forth in anguish.

Jasper knelt down next to us, and Bree tensed, her fear of Jasper was an asset right now, but it would have to be rectified later on.

Carlisle put a calming hand on Jasper's arm, one that also acted as a restraint, he too knelt down next to Bree and me and made sure she was looking right at him.

"Have you changed your mind, young one?" Carlisle asked, his voice calm and collected, but I could hear the strain in it, he was afraid, afraid that we might not be able to save Bree if she threatened Bella. "We don't want to destroy you, but we will if you can't control yourself."

"Chris…" Bree wailed "how can you stand it?" she growled "I want her!"

"Bree, please," I whispered "fight it, you can fight it."

"You must stand it," Carlisle said, his rarely used authoritative voice made Bree wince. "you must exercise control. It is possible, and it is the only thing that will save you now."

Bree looked from me, to Carlisle, to Bella, then back to me, I nodded, silently begging her to fight it. She still had this wild look in her eyes, but she was calming down, sort of.

Her and Bella stared at one another and I could see the fear in Bella's eyes, not from Bree, that wasn't who she was afraid of, she was afraid of the being in front of her, almost as if she was looking into her own future.

Jasper stayed close by as the rest of the family moved into place, the Volturi were coming closer, and we could all feel it. Bella was at the center of the placement, protected by my family and I felt guilty that I wasn't standing there as well.

Normally I'd be right by Esme's side, but instead I stayed next to Bree, I had to protect her, even if that was to protect her from her own instincts.

When I looked at Bree I saw someone who was turned, brought into this life without her permission, I saw my family and those closest to us.

I saw Rose sitting here in Bree's spot, forced into this life without her consent, taking years to final forgive her creator.

I saw Alice sitting here with no memories of who she once was, no possible way of getting those memories back.

I saw Jasper's friend Charlotte, brought into this life only to fight in an army with the very real risk of being destroyed for that same reason.

I saw myself, I had been given the choice to enter this life and I had done so willingly, but Bree and I, we're roughly the same age, I could have been turned and forced to serve in an army.

Instead I was lucky, I was brought to Carlisle and saved by him. But Bree and I, our paths are only slightly different, there could have been a similar situation occurring in London, instead of nearly being killed by a gerry's bomb, I could have been attacked and changed by a vampire, set on creating an army, it is not inconceivable.

Lastly and probably most importantly, the main reason I was fighting so hard to protect Bree, I saw Marie sitting here next to me. They are the same age, this could be Marie sitting here, blood thirsty and that not only sent chills up my spin, but made me sick to my stomach, thinking of Marie in this situation.

I closed my eyes as I felt the footsteps growing closer, I hated to open my eyes, to see our visitors. I knew I would have to eventually, but I was not ready to, not ready to face them.

"Hmm," Jane's eerily gleeful voice murmured, rushing through me like a blast of cold air.

"Welcome Jane," Edward said.

I slowly opened my eyes, Jasper stood in front of Bree and I. At first I thought he was making sure he was in between Bree and Bella, but reading his body language I saw his reasoning, he knew my feelings, my fear of Jane and he was trying to block her view, trying to make me invisible to her. I couldn't be more grateful.

However, his protection didn't last, Bree, feeling the tension let out a mournful cry, which caught Jane's attention. The smirk on her face stabbed at me and I felt the whole world caving in.

"I don't understand," she said glaring at Bree

"She has surrendered," Edward explained, she turned her glare to him, her face flashing with anger


"Carlisle gave her the option,"

"There are no options for those who break the rules," Jane reminded us all, but it was mainly directed at me.

"That's in your hands. As long as she was willing to halt her attack on us, I saw no need to destroy her. She was never taught." Carlisle explained carefully.

The glare from Jane and now Alec continued and the gnawing feeling in my stomach became more present. I was starting to regret my decision to stay by Bree's side, but I couldn't leave her she needed protection…

"That is irrelevant" Jane insisted and Carlisle nodded

"As you wish,"

"Aro hoped that we would get far enough west to see you, Carlisle. He sends his regards."

"I would appreciate it if you would convey mine to him." Carlisle replied, Jane looked around Jasper and smiled at me and I took a deep calming breath, trying not to wince.

"Of course," Jane replied "and he sends his regards to you as well Christian, he insisted I mention you owe him a rematch."

I took a deep breath, I had been hoping to avoid speaking to Jane, but I nodded

"Of course, please tell him I remember and look forward to such a game, in the near future." I said, keeping my voice as calm as possible.

"It appears that you've done our work for us today…for the most part." Jane continued, her glare flickering at Bree, before looking at me for a moment. "Just out of professional curiosity, how many were there? They left quite a wake of destruction in Seattle. As well as further south our sources told us. A particular hiking trail in California was closed due to an influx in supposed lion attacks. Such amazing creatures' humans are, able to take something such as our kind and brush it off as an animal attack." Jasper and I exchanged a look, the wallets in the cave…of course the Volturi would know the source of that, and their spies were everywhere. "I'm sure you were aware of this event, it being this close to your territory?"

"Yes, we were aware." Carlisle replied. "There were eighteen, including this one."

Jane stared the fire for a moment, then she looked at me and I quickly averted my gaze. I hated to be put in my place by Jane, but this time it was necessary, this time I couldn't let my pride rule the situation.

"Eighteen?" she repeated as if she didn't believe it

"All brand-new," Carlisle explained "they were unskilled."

"All?" Jane asked, her voice was suspicious "who was their creator?"

A second passed, before Edward spoke up, he was trying to do the same thing I had been, trying to keep Jane's focus away from myself and Bree, Edward was trying to keep it off of him and Bella.

"Her name was Victoria," Edward explained.

Jane didn't miss the word 'was' her look confirmed for me that any inkling we may have had that the Volturi were pulling the strings, was not the case.

Bree whimpered next to me and I turned my attention to her, Edward explaining the events up on the mountain to Jane faded into the background. Even so, I could still feel Jane's eyes stabbing into me…she was restraining herself, but she was not pleased and it had nothing to do with my brother or the currently smoldering army of newborns.

I felt her gaze turn to Bree and I closed my eyes wincing, praying that Jane would let it go, just leave it be…even though deep in my heart I knew that would never be the case.

"You there!" she said loudly "your name,"

Bree winced back, trying to move as close to me as possible. I knew I had to protect her, but protecting her against Jane was a virtually impossible task.

I looked up at Jasper, the look in his eyes was not his determination to keep Bree under control, the look in my brother's eyes was concern…he wanted to get me away from Bree.

"Bree," I whispered, ignoring my brother's look "just your name, please, tell her your-" I was cut off mid word as Jane smiled her eerily sweet smile and Bree screamed in pain, squirming on the ground next to me as Jane's invisible attacks plagued her.

I was frozen, I couldn't move, couldn't help her. Bree's screams ripped through me and I swear I saw Jane smile even more.

Just as quickly as the screams began, they stopped, Bree pulled her knees up against her chest, making herself as small as she could, I still couldn't move, couldn't do anything to comfort her.

"Your name," Jane repeated the question

"Bree…" she whimpered and screamed again as Jane resumed her attacks.

"Jane stop!" I shouted

"She'll tell you anything you want to know!" Edward spoke up, much to my surprise he had been trying to keep Jane's attention away from him, but now he was willingly inviting it…he was trying to protect me, trying to keep Jane from focusing on me. "You do not have to do that." He added

"Oh I know," Jane replied smiling as she laughed, she looked right at me and her smile grew larger "it's fun to watch the result."

I felt sick to my stomach and knew I was putting Bree in danger, maybe if I moved…I knew she would freak out, but I also knew it was better for her…

Jasper seemed to sense that because he changed places with me, sort of. He stood nearby Bree and I moved away from her, her eyes went wide and she started to panic, but a glare from Jasper calmed her down as Jane began to integrate her. Asking how many had originally been in the army, who had created her, what they had been told and why they had attacked us in the first place.

Bree's explanation confirmed a lot for me and I kept exchanging a look with Edward who nodded indiscreetly. I had been right about the basic lies the army had been told, right about why they had left me alone until I attacked.

I was so deep in thought I almost missed where the conversation had moved too, not until Jane said


I looked up as Felix's gaze turned to Bree

"NO!" I said loudly, starting to move back towards Bree, but Edward stepped in front of me, Emmett moved as well, so he was at my side, and I knew that look, he was ready to restrain me if he had to.

"Wait," Edward said and I quickly looked at my brother… "We could explain the rules to the young one. She doesn't seem unwilling to learn. She didn't know what she was doing,"

I could hear the strain in his voice, the desperation. Was this for me, was Edward fighting this hard for me?

I looked at my family, they had closed ranks around Bree, as if they were protecting her too.

Jane glared at Edward, un-phased by his words

"Of course," Carlisle added firmly "we would be prepared to take responsibility for her."

Jane laughed loudly

"We typically don't make exceptions," she said "and we certainly do not give second chances. It is really bad for our reputation." She explained pausing looking at me carefully, "though…this is rather interesting" then she looked at Bella "which reminds me, Caius will be so interested to hear that you're still human, Bella. Perhaps he'll decide to visit."

"The date is set," Alice explained "perhaps we'll come to visit you in a few months."

Jane nodded, accepting that, she seemed to turn, as if they were preparing to leave.

Then she looked at me again, and I felt death wash over me, the look in her eyes, the evil look that had frightened me the first time Jane and I met…when I realized just how much of her humanity was gone…oh bloody hell no…

Her smile widened

"Take care of that Felix." She said, "I want to go home."

"NO!" I shouted

"our laws are clear Christian, you know that." Jane replied, nodding at Felix sending him towards Bree.

"No, Jane…listen to me!" I yelled. I started to run towards Bree, but Emmett had anticipated this, he held me tight, his large arms wrapped securely around my thin chest. "She can be taught…she's not a danger, Please!"

"She violated our laws Christian, just by existing she violates our laws." Jane said, her voice cold and uncaring. Her eyes on the other hand I could see the hatred and the satisfaction fighting for first place. She was happy to be causing such pain, to see me withering around, to her this was better than any pain or torment she could inflict on me.

She was fully prepared to watch and enjoy me groveling and begging. Normally I wouldn't give her the satisfaction, but if I could save Bree's life I would do whatever I had to…

"No!" I exclaimed, struggling to get out of Emmett's grasp, I could feel Jasper trying to calm me with his abilities, but I ignored it and more importantly I fought it. "No Jane, she was an innocent victim! The one who is at fault, who did violate our laws, she has already been destroyed along with her right hand! It was Victoria that instigated the killings in Seattle; this girl was an innocent bystander who was forced to join this fight! She was drafted without consent!"

"Regardless," Jane replied, her eyes narrowing. "No one is above the laws, she may be a newborn, but she still has a mind. It was her choice to be a part of the army, she could have walked away."

"They couldn't!" Edward spoke up "none of them had a choice in the matter. They were all promised their lives back if they cooperated. And they were terrified into submission, told lies to keep them in check."

Jane's eyes narrowed at Edward, before she looked at Bree, she seemed to hesitate on her earlier order.

"Is that true?" she asked Bree. I could see it on Bree's face, she knew she was in danger and that she had to choose her words carefully.

Unfortunately she had decided that after the first attack, it was better to not speak at all…this lasted a second as she screamed in agony as Jane began her invisible assault.

Bree's screams hit me like a brick and I pulled and struggled to get away from Emmett more than before, trying to get to Bree. I felt if I could just get to Bree, get my arms around her, I could protect her, I alone could stop the Volturi's goon squad, what the hell was my mind thinking?

"You do not have to do that! She'll tell you it's true! You're scaring her into silence!" Esme called and Jane laughed at that, she looked over at me and saw the pain on my own face, which seemed to amuse her more than torturing Bree had.

"I've had enough of this toy!" Jane commanded and Felix moved closer to Bree, I knew I had to do something, anything to protect her.

But Emmett is stronger than I am, no matter what I will never be stronger than my brother. I couldn't get loose he wouldn't let me go and believe me I tried like hell.

"Jane leave her be! Take me!"

Esme and Carlisle shot a look at me,

"Christian!" Esme cried "no!"

I knew what I was saying, I knew what I was doing, but I didn't care.

"I'll go back to Volterra with you! I'll join the guard! One year for every person Bree herself has killed! And Aro himself can confirm how many! Killed not drank from!" I specified.

I knew if I wasn't specific, Jane would warp my words, morph them so that every person who had died either directly or indirectly because of Bree would be counted just to keep me with the guard for as long as possible.

I knew Bree had killed and she had certainly drank, but I could see that the numbers for the latter were higher than the first.

Now Felix seemed hesitant, he glanced at Jane both knowing what I have known for decades, this was what Aro had dreamed of, the chance to get me or Alice, or Edward especially all three to join the guard, and now here was Jane's chance to not only be number one in Aro's eyes for bringing me willingly to the Volturi, but her one chance to convince me of our connection to one another.

"Christian," Esme pleaded, she reached over and grabbed my arm, but I ignored it…I ignored my mother's touch, what the hell was wrong with me, what was I doing?

"Do you hear me Jane? I swear, you let Bree stay with my family and I will go back with you tonight to Volterra."

I could see Jane considering this. She looked at Felix and slowly walked over to me, I felt Emmett's grip tighten, but I stayed still, my blue eyes and her red ones staring into each other.

Jane was barely two inches from me, she reached up and stroked my cheek, almost lovingly and if I had been blind I wouldn't have guessed it was Jane.

"Oh my little Christian, how foolishly in love you are. But as usual you fail to see what is right in front of you, so aware, yet so blind. She is not the one for you, it is a projection, that is all, not your true happiness." She patted my cheek hard enough that I felt it, but I didn't wince, instead I growled at her and she slapped it harder "be careful my sweet, listen to your family." She paused glaring up at Emmett, before snapping her finger.

It took me a second to realize what that gesture meant. I looked up at Bree and watched as Felix made his way closer to her and I realized instantly what was about to happen.

"No, No! Noooooo!" I screamed at the top of my lungs "leave her alone Felix! You can't!"

I broke away from Emmett, though I'm not sure how, but Rosalie reached out and grabbed me as I ran past, she tried to pull me down to the ground to hold me better.

"Chrissy no," she murmured

"This is unnecessary!" Jasper defended, I could see him standing near Bree "she can be taught!"

Felix made no sign that he even heard Jasper, an order had been given and Felix was the last one to question that order.

I could hear Bella sniffing as she cried into Edward's shoulder, he told her not to watch… but all I focused on was Bree's rapid breathing, the fear at realization she was about to die was pouring off her.

"no bloody bastard let her go!" My shouts were falling on deaf ears and despite that I continued to shout and plead.

Esme and Rosalie held onto me, hugging me close to their bodies. I felt both quivering with sorrow and fear as Esme tried to cover my ears so I wouldn't hear what was about to happen.

Both were practically on top of me, holding me down partially because I was still fighting to get to Bree and partially so they could remind me that they were there for me.

"Chris," Esme said softly "I'm sorry, sweetie I'm so sorry, don't listen, please don't listen."

"No…please, no. Jane no…please stop! I'll do anything, stop!"

I heard Jane laugh at me and at the situation. Esme pulled me closer to her body and Rosalie leaned over me, shielding me.

"Chris…Chris help…I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I heard Bree scream out "no please… I, I didn't mean it. I'm sorry."

"Bree!" I yelled back "please leave her-" I heard Bree's screams cut short. I heard the sickening snapping and breaking of her bones as Felix tore her apart. I heard the cackling and popping as the fire devoured her.

I slumped completely to the ground, my knees buckling out from under me, I was unable to support my weight, Rosalie tried to hold me up, but it was like I had left my body and therefore couldn't control it, dead weight.

"Chris," Rosalie called to me, she lowered herself to the ground with me, holding me close, "oh Chris…I'm so sorry"

"…no…" I murmured "she didn't do…anything…she didn't ask for this…any of it. She was innocent…she was a kid…just a kid…they stole her life…"

I leaned closer to my sister, burying my face in her shirt. Rosalie and I have always been pretty close…but never to this extent… for the first time in my vampire life I felt safer and more at ease with Rosalie holding me than anyone else, but it didn't change the anger, the pain, the numbness that I felt coursing through my body…

Both Esme and Rosalie exchanged a look and stayed on the ground, holding me tight. I could still hear Bella and I could hear Edward trying to comfort her, I could feel Alice moving to stand closer to Jasper as he held her tight.

I felt Carlisle lean down and put a hand on Esme's shoulders, he whispered something to her that I didn't hear…

I don't even know if the Volturi had left at this point…and I frankly I didn't care if they had…I would have my revenge I would find a way, I didn't care how, Jane may have brought me down, but I fully believe in karma, what goes around always comes around. But at this point, I was so numb with emotions I felt physically drained.

I felt an arm under my own, and suddenly I was lifted up, my first instinct usually is to struggle, especially if I know it is Emmett picking me up, but I didn't fight my brother, I didn't even jump.

Emmett was carrying me…not slumped over his shoulder like he does when we're wrestling or goofing. He took my arms and put them around his neck and held me tight…protecting me, cradling me.

"You have him?" I heard Rosalie ask softly

"I've got him." Emmett replied

"let's just get him home." I heard Esme say, her hand slid from my arm as I felt Emmett start running.

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