15. I know the winds will change; together we'll be caught in the rain.

Dig a hole- William Beckett

A.N.: This chapter gets a bit gory, just a heads up.


They're going to take me; this is what you have to do…

First, you should probably take Natalie home or somewhere safe. I would steal a car, after all those explosions no one will notice.

Then I need you to go home and grab some things….

Also try not to die please.

I'm sure you'll prevail, and try to stick to the plan this time.

Uh… not sure what else to say… don't die… stick to the plan… yeah basics covered. Okay now here's what you're going to do…

Bel wondered how long Fran had been planning this. It had to have been before the crash, at the club? Maybe before that, maybe when they were at the warehouse the first time? Who the hell knew? What Bel did know that Fran knew his stuff, and he had better stick to the plan this time, the stakes were far greater this time.

The blond drew his black hood over his face walking within the shadows of the buildings. He found his way back to the warehouse from a couple nights ago. So much had happened since then…

He went back behind the building, climbed over some tin boxes, and pried a cover off a vent. He looked at the map Fran had drawn out for him one last time before heading inside.

After a series of turns he popped off another vent cover and exited into a closet. If anyone had seen him they would have mistaken him for a shadow. He pulled a device from his pocket and taped it to the wall. He entered another vent and continued in a pattern of vent, closet, device, vent, closet, etc. Only stopping once to insert another device into one of the power control units, allowing him access into the main power grid.

Finally he was above the last room. He pulled out yet another device, different from the others, a small touch screen tablet. After fiddling with the settings he engaged the first of the devices. There was no hoping for anymore, this had to work.

"Join me Fran, you're still not safe. I can protect you."

Beneath the hidden blond he could hear the nameless man from two nights ago. The one he thought Fran had killed. Apparently he hadn't He continued to listen, listen for his cue.

"What's in it for me?"

What a relief it was to hear Fran's voice again. It brought a small ache to his gut.

"I don't think you have much of a say in this boy." The man laughed. "Do you not realize the situation you are in right now?"

"Do you realize the situation you are in?" Fran retorted. "I could blow this place up in a heartbeat if I wanted to."

"But you wouldn't The man laughed. "We have him you know?" He bluffed; he pulled off a pretty good bluff. "Blowing the place up would be blowing him up as well."

Fran stopped as if considering the thought of Bel being captured. It was unlikely. Fran was too smart for his game.

"No, I'm sure you don't. I can read your face for the fat assed lie it is."

"Ay watch it kid." The man snarled.

"You know the real reason my mom didn't marry you? It's because you' were a loser dumb ass trying to use her for her money."

"You bastard!" The man grabbed the boy's neck and slammed him up against the wall.

"I'll kill you." A slick voice whispered into the man's ear, as he felt a cold sharp object at his neck. He quickly dropped the young man and stepped away from him, walking into the man who kept the knife at his throat.

Fran picked up the Hell ring from the floor and placed it back on his finger. His cuffs that held him to the cement blocks dissolving immediately. He stood up and began to walk slowly towards the man.

"I wouldn't do that." Fran said noticing the man push the panic button he had hidden on him. "They won't come. Bel made sure of that."

Bel let the man ran over to the door, he opened it to an empty hall. He looked down both ways, and continued to run down the hall ripping open one of the many doors.

The room he opened was filled with a yellow gas; he covered his mouth with his shirt. The room cleared to a good number of his men presumed dead on the floor, tables, and other furniture. He turned on his heal and went across the hall to look into another room. It was the same. Were all his men down already? That was unlikely.

He pulled out a radio from his jacket. "Ronson get your men down here now. Be wary of the smoke, hurry teams B through R are down!"

"B through R? Are you sure boss?" A voice crackled in return.

"Yes I am dammit Ronson get down here!" His voice was panicked.

"Can I just kill him now?" Bel asked Fran as the duo made their way towards the man.

Fran looked at the man, his face darkened, "No. I'm not going to let him get off that easy."

The blond nodded as he understood.

"Tie him to that chair." He instructed, as the blond dragged the man back to the room Fran was originally being kept in.

He stood at the doorway and looked down the hall for any signs of the men. He walked back to the man and took the radio from him.

"Hey." He called into it. "It's too late; we've got your boss."

No response.

"I have an offer. Well it's not an offer really, you guys have no choice, but hey if you're lucky you might make it out alive." The young assassin smiled to himself. "I want to play a game. It's kind of a twist of hide-and-seek and capture the flag. It's simple really. You guys hide and we seek. We won't kill your boss until we've killed all of you. And if you can make it to your boss before that happens you can have him. How's that sound?"

Bel liked this game, he wondered if the boy was making it up on the spot.

"How many men do you have?" A voice finally replied.

"There are only two of us."

"What about that gas?"

"No more sleepy time gas, I promise. And to make it fair we'll cut the power so we're both blind."

As he said so, Bel cut the power from the small tablet from earlier.

"Where are you keeping the boss?"

"In the room I was being held in. How many men do you have? So we know when we can kill your boss."

The person on the other side hesitated.


Bel showed him the screen of the device; it was a layout of the building with little red dots for the dead people and little green dots for those still alive.

"You're not lying, smart man. Very well let's begin." He tossed the radio back at the man in the chair frozen in sheer terror.

Bel wasn't going to lie, seeing Fran this way was scary… and kind of attractive at the same time.

He followed Fran out of the room.

"I'll take care of the first floor. You can take the second and if you have time the basement." Fran instructed. "I doubt there will be anyone down there but it wouldn't hurt to check. I'll meet you back in 15."

"Fran take it easy okay?"

The younger assassin looked back to eye the blond. Turned back and disappeared into the air. "Don't be late."

Fran was beautiful, but he was absolutely terrifying sometimes.

Bel had finished clearing the second floor only a couple minutes later.

He began to head to the basement when suddenly the floor began to shake beneath him. An explosion? More like earthquake. Fran.

"Oi Lus I think the frog died." The blond assassin said as he walked into the kitchen in search of food.

"Fran?" Lussuria was frying something, it looked like noodles. It smelled delicious.

"It's been 2 months since I've seen the stupid frog moping around the house." Bel said nonchalantly while inspecting the contents of the fridge.

"Well Fran's on a special mission hon." Lussuria didn't know that Bel wasn't aware of this.

Bel looked up at him from the fridge as he grabbed a water bottle and closed the door.

"He's not going to be back for a really long time." The flamboyant man hesitated. He wasn't sure how Bel would take it.

The blond looked at him for a second, well it seemed like it anyway. He shrugged and continued to exit the room.

"They say it could take 20 years." Luss called out barely as he left. Was Bel going to be okay?

20 years!?

What kind of bullshit was that?

The young blond flopped back onto his bed with his hands behind his head.

It was incomprehensible, why would he leave? Bel didn't know if he was too pissed to act pissed, or so pissed at not being pissed that he was pissed. Whatever.

He pulled out a knife and began to examine it and with a flick it was stuck to the ceiling of the room. The ceiling was decorated other knives the young prince had flung at it previously.

He pulled out a couple more and continued to fling them up and around the first one. He made an 'F' and tried a 'R' then the 'A' came out looking like a 'D' and he gave up.

"Fuck it." He sighed and rolled over onto his stomach burying his face in his arms. After a couple more seconds he rolled over again made a noise of frustration and sat up. "Stupid frog."

"Oh Frannie I miss you so much! I've been so lonely; you know no one else likes to keep me company." The flamboyant man paused as Bel walked past. "Bel honey its Fran do you want to say hi?" He said covering the mouthpiece of the phone.

The blond continued to walk away without answering the colorful man.

"Fran…"He returned to his conversation in a quieter tone. "I'm worried about Bel…"

'Click' was the sound the wooden door made as the lock released its hold.

The nob turned slowly. It was dark in the big mansion and rather late. There was also no noise in the mansion that night.

The door gave a muted whine as it opened and a stranger entered the room. His shadow walked across to where a bed sat empty in the center of the room. The man was a stranger to the room, haven't ever been inside it but glancing at it occasionally as he walked by or giving its owner orders.

The room hadn't been lived in for some time. There was only little evidence that someone had lived there previously like some left over clothing, or a certain sweet mint scent.

The blond walked around observing his surroundings, there was hardly any furniture. He walked over to the window and drew back the curtain a bit to look out to the dark night. Hoping that somewhere else a certain someone was looking out to the same night…

"Voi where are you going?!" The loudmouthed commander didn't bother looking up from his paperwork.

" I've given myself a vacation," The blond man said smugly. "I think I deserve one so I've taken it upon myself and gave myself a good year or so. I might return eventually, I'm leaving all my stuff here don't touch it."

"Voi brat who do you think you are?"

"I'm the prince." He smirked already heading to the door. "Ciao sharky!"

"Whatever brat it's gonna be my head, you ungrateful little…" He trailed off, in all reality he knew something was up with the blond. Bel would never admit it but something had changed him, someone had changed him and everyone knew who, so what was stopping him from doing something about it? His own damn pride! Not that Squalo could judge when it comes to the valor of pride, but still. Hopefully he would come to his senses eventually, and soon because Xanxus wouldn't take it very well it if he knew Bel went on 'vacation'.

Surely Fran had taken the earthquake into account when he was planning all this. This was all according to plan right? Don't be stupid Bel no one can predict earthquakes. He slapped himself mentally and he took cover. The building didn't seem to have a very strong foundation as it was already sinking towards the middle. Maybe it had been affected by the rain from the other night as well.

As soon as the shaking stopped he ran back up the stairs, what was left of the stairs anyway. Some debris was still falling but Bel seemed to know what he was doing, as he navigated around it well. His stomach heavy with the dread of something gone awry. He searched Fran's floor without avail. He pulled out the tablet as an aftershock began to approach. He took cover again. The only living dot on the screen aside from himself was the one in the room they had been keeping Fran in.

Panic. He took off towards the room. It couldn't end like this. Fran was above this. He was a genius wasn't he?

He burst into the room.

The man was still strapped to the chair, panicked.

Behind him the younger assassin peered over at the blond.

"Took you a bit, run into problems much?" He said simply.

Relief. It was taking a moment to shake a dread off.

"Fran…" He finally breathed.

"What's wrong? You look kind of pale sempai." His voice was still masked by his monotone.

"It's nothing." He replied returning to character.

"Very well." He continued to walk in circles around the man who was sobbing now.

"Just do it already!" The man said exasperated.

Fran stopped considerably. His response sudden as he kicked the chair back.

"You have no right to tell me that." His voice was harsh and cold. He grabbed the back of the chair and stood it back up quickly.

"That would be letting you off easy. That wouldn't be fair would it?"

The man began to sob. "Please you don't think you've taunted me enough? You've killed all my men in front of me now this."

"Those men were nothing to you; they were all pawns in your little game." Fran was almost shouting. "You killed my family."

"But I didn't kill you!"

"You might as well have." He held a hand out palm up towards Bel. "Knife."

Bel placed a knife in his palm. Would he regret this?

The man's eyes widened in horror, but Fran wasn't done.

"You're selfish, you didn't deserve my mother, I'm glad my father came along and took what was rightfully his."

The man was angered now, "Rightfully his!? You didn't know your father kid, you didn't know your real father. He was a monster. Just look what he did to you. He sold your soul to the devil! He would have gotten his dumb ass killed anyway-" Fran slapped him again.

"You were the one who didn't know my real father." He poked the man's face with the blade. "And I'm not stupid, my parents did what they did to save me. I was dying. And the fact that they were willing to sacrifice themselves for me is just more evidence that they loved me."

"You're a monster too." The man grinned, the tip of the knife piercing his skin as he did so. "You always will be, and you will never be able to run away from that. You're cursed. No," He looked over at Bel, "You are a curse. To yourself and everyone around you. It's your fault they died anyway."

Fran dug the knife deeper and twisted it. "My fault?" He ripped the knife in the direction of his mouth splitting his cheek and lip open. The man cried out in pain.

"You're trying to pin this on me?!" He stabbed the knife into the man's shoulder with a firm grasp on the other he ripped it across his chest already soaked in blood from the blood that was drooling from his mouth. His cry drowned in gurgles.

"Don't even try. You killed them, it's all on you." And with that he slit the man's throat.

Fran hadn't said a word since the warehouse. Bel found this scarier than before, which he hadn't even deemed possible. Neither said a word the whole drive home.

Home. As they entered Bel wondered if this had ever actually been 'home' to him. Had it ever been 'home' to Fran? Or was his home in those memories with his parents?

Fran walked straight to shower all the blood off without saying a word.

Bel went out to the balcony. He had felt suffocated in the car, and here in Fran's apartment it felt the same. The air was heavy with all that was Fran.

When the younger finished his shower, Bel followed. Only exiting when the water was running completely cold.

He changed and exited the bathroom to find Fran gone. He looked out the window to find him standing out in the balcony as he had before.

He approached him; he was staring off into the city playing with something in his hand. When he caught Bel looking at it he opened his palm to reveal his mother's necklace.

"Is it over?" Bel asked looking out to the city as well.

"Yeah," Fran said softly, "I almost don't believe it."


"I don't know-" His voice caught. He had been crying, Bel found it odd since it didn't seem like he had been. Probably in the shower or when Bel was in the shower. Possibly both.

Bel watched his profile. A tear slid down his cheek and he turned away. The blond reached for his hand and the younger tugged away, walking a couple steps away from him.

"I… can't believe I did that." He said finally as his knees gave in and he sunk to the floor curling up into a ball.

The blond walked over to his friend's side crouching down beside him, resting his hand on Fran's shoulder.

Was this something that could be fixed?

Moments later Fran stood up, his composure returning. The blond followed not sure if he was really okay.

The young assassin continued to look out into the night, the moon adding glow to his pale face. It gave Bel the urge to touch it, so he did, bringing Fran's attention back to himself.


"Frog." Bel didn't take his hand from his face, the tip of his thumb brushing up softly against the swollen skin around Fran's eyes from his crying.

He hovered over the younger for what felt like a minute but was probably a lot shorter, before leaning down and kissing the frog.

Fran was hesitant at first, then he let go of whatever it was that was holding him back and simply let it happen.

Then after what felt like less than a minute but was probably a lot longer he pulled back his mind wavering.

"Sempai…" His eyes reflected the lighting. The bright moon hadn't moved but the sky was lightening as the day began to near its fifth hour. He returned his attention to the city, leaning against the balcony.

"You know the story of the seven princes of Hell no?"


"I'm the soul, I'm the soul from the story." The illusionist glanced at the ring on his hand. "And you're Belphegor no? I don't know, but even if that's not the case, it's still not… I'm still… I'm still cursed."

"So?" Bel said with some disinterest, he took the younger's hand and slipped the ring off to examine it.

"I have to keep running."


"Or they'll find me."

"Well." Bel placed the ring back in his palm. "They can find us together."


"Fran, this is your story not theirs, you can do whatever the hell you want okay?"

Promise me that no matter how sad you are that you will never let your story be a sad story, okay?

"My story," The illusionist smiled, "My story's not a sad one."

The blond returned the smile, and the duo continued to watch the sunrise from the balcony.

Shit was going to happen, but for now Fran was going to enjoy every second of his life while it was still under his control.

Fran is beautiful.

He has this air in the way he carries himself. In the way he keeps a clean image during the worst of bloodshed In the way he masks his insecurity through his indifference. In the way he can be one step ahead but keeping an eye on your back at the same time.

And the way he was just so full of life.

Bel knew he didn't deserve the love of such a beautiful person.

But he was damn happy Fran thought so.

Because even if he didn't deserve to, he would always love the frog.


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