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Chapter 13:

This wasn't how her day was supposed to go hell this wasn't the way her life was meant to go standing there in an abandoned hotel kitchen grasping a grenade in her right hand.

She didn't have any other choice though as soon as she found Hannah all her maternal instincts rushed to the surface. The girl was innocent, she had her whole life in front of her time to gush over boys, decide what career she wanted to have and rebel against her parents but the young girls life could be over before she had chance to live. So Andy did what she hoped somebody would do for her own child; she took the bomb from her allowing the girl to have her chance at life.

The sound of loud footsteps echoed in the empty room, sudden movements could mean the choice between life and death and the person who was coming obliviously knew that.

Dov, Nick and Sam came into view as Andy turned around.

'McNally?' Sam asked.

'He went that way' Andy returned using her free hand to point in the direction she was telling.

Dov was ordered to go after the suspect as the dreaded words fell from Andy's lips 'You guys you've got to get Katie out of here clear the building.'

It was then that Andy felt Sam really look at the situation she was in.

'Collins? Collins? Any thoughts?' Sam voice rang out as Collins tried to user the young girl out of the building.

'M-57 4.5 second delay after release, do not release that in here, I'll sent ETF in' he finished as he hurried away. If it was any other situation Andy would have voiced a sarcastic comment at how he finished the sentence like she wanted to release a bomb in a hotel kitchen what was she stupid? But this time it was held back all thoughts currently revolving around the bomb she was holding.

Now all that was left was her and Sam.

'Sam you don't have to be here, Go' Andy said as he holstered him weapon and walked closer to her. He didn't have to stay he didn't owe her anything okay she was carrying his child but they had hardly spoken a word to each other than the night at the penny and relating to work.

'No' Sam replied causing Andy to look at him and he said she was stubborn.

'How many bones are in a human body?'

'Okay Andy...' Sam tried to intervene but Andy cut him off 'No, no, no do you know or not?'


'206 I thought it was more like a 150 but I guess I hadn't thought about before.' She was rambling a true McNally trait but thinking about something so insignificant was fighting the fear running though her and it worked for Katie until she got here.

'First time you held a grenade?'

'Yes...' Andy breathed out 'I mean it wasn't really a goal of mine but hey at least if it the last thing I do it's a first so'

'I wish I was more like you' Sam spoke.

'What are you..?' Andy whispered breaking off at the end.

'I wish you were in my head I wish you could read my mind' Sam returned.

'What are you talking about?' Andy asked, when Sam hesitated breathing deeply as in to some up courage to reply she threw him a look of get on with it.

'I love you Andy... I do' he said.

Of all the times he could have said it he decided this moment to be truthful about his feelings he surely only meant it because it was a life of death situation or was it because of the baby?

'Sam... .' Andy brokenly said back 'I'm holding a bomb'

Sam's own hands came around hers 'So am I.'

Moments after that everything passed in a blur she remembered asking Sam to give her some room as the ETF had guy come in and calmly spoke her through what was he was doing trying to get her not to think about it and then she was free.

That was two hours ago but it still felt like she couldn't breathe her every move was being watched by Sam who sat on the bench across from her locker.

It was silent between them both of them not commenting on the tense atmosphere between them. Sam was the first to break it.

'You were brave back there' Sam said while rubbing his hands together to get rid of some of the nervous energy he had.

'No Katie was brave'

'Andy what I said to you...' Sam began looking up at her.

'It's okay heat of the moment I get it' Andy replied taking stuff from her locker and putting it into her bag. She should have got used to this by now but the hurt had come back and all she wanted to do was go home and while taking it easy and booking a doctor's appointment to make sure the stress of today was not damaging for the baby.

'No I meant it' Sam finally finished.

A bit of hope surfaced in Andy as she turned to look at him only for it to be crushed moments later.

'It's true there are 206 bones in the human body I saw it on Grey's Anatomy'

That was it the final straw for Andy. After all that had happened all that they had gone through together he was now making a joke at this crucial point in time.

Stuffing the remaining items into her bag she grabbed it a pushed past Sam to exit the locker room and go home. She was officially done last night he had seen him playing pool with Ollie and a girl from 15th division and although she denied to her mother she was jealous of seeing them together. Andy thought to herself she had become that girl, the one her mother told her not to become. Asking for the taskforce had been a complete fail and now here she was striding away pregnant from the father of her child who made the complete mistake of making a joke after all this time.

'I'm going home'

'What come on, Mcnally' Sam shouted out causing her to wipe round and face him.

He was annoyed after what he had done he was the one annoyed.

'You don't get to do this anymore okay, I don't if you're serious, I don't care if you're joking, I don't care anymore. So just leave me alone'

'I'm not gonna leave you alone, I screwed up things got tough and I walked away, I thought I was doing the right thing' Sam matched he stride for stride.

'Do you have any idea what you put me through? you broke up with me in a parking lot and for six weeks I tried to contact you, you didn't answer one of my calls'


'No Sam it's too late, I'm sorry I can't do this anymore' Sam eyes widened after her heard that leave her mouth.

'Okay you don't have to do anything, I gonna do it all, I'm gonna do everything' Sam hastily said a shaky smile going across his face.

'I'm going to show you every single day until you say yes, I'm gonna make you dinner, I'm gonna take out your garbage and I'll walk your dog'

'I don't have a dog'

'Then let's get a dog labradoodle mutt from the pound I don't care, let's bring him home and call him Boo. Boo Radley I've always loved that for a dog.

'Boo Radley' Andy sounded the name out loud. If that's what he wants to call a dog what name would he give their child?

Andy looked down it was all too much for her to go from not talking to today where he was finally putting up a fight for her lowering her head her mind went off in a thousand directions.

Sam must have seen this on Andy face 'Okay can we just start with a drink? Just a drink? Please Andy just give me a chance'

Andy shrugged her mind was weighing up how truthful he was being and was she likely to get hurt again it wasn't just her anymore she was going to be a mother priorities change.

'I'll be at the penny' Sam stated walking away leaving it up to Andy to decide.

Right now Andy wished she could drink liquor would be a god send to how she was feeling but of course she was restricted if she went to the penny tonight it was simply soft drinks.

Rounding the corner she was met by Luke.

'Can we talk?' Luke asked.

Curious to find out what he was referring to Andy followed him into his office her mind still weighing the decision to meet Sam.